Ya’ll’ve been waiting so patiently (or forgot. I forgive you). Here’s my mega-thread about stuff I found interesting about Twitch Affiliate (TA)/Partner (TP) and the YouTube Partner Program (YPP)

I spent all weekend reading the fine print, so feel free to ask questions as I go~ Image
To keep it organized, I’m just gonna go thru my notes since it’s all chronological. After I list my notes and comments down, I’ll answer the burning question about which program a content creator or #Vtuber should opt for
Twitch Affiliate (TA) fine print I found interesting

1) Application rejection: yes. Your application for Affiliate can be rejected (even if you qualify) IF you’ve violated ToS and Community Guidelines or just ANY violation or abuse in general

Interesting fact to keep in mind
2) Live Content Exclusivity

This is a common concern I see often.

Your recent stream as an Affiliate must remain on Twitch for only 24 hours.

THAT DOES NOT MEAN YOU ARE LOCKED INTO JUST TWITCH. You may make content elsewhere—just keep recent streams on Twitch for 24 hours
3) Compliance Requirements & Violations

TL;DR: don’t be an asshole, use common sense, and whatever you do: DO.NOT.HAGGLE.WITH.BITS. Think of Bits s a microtransaction rather than an actual 💰 . You will get rekt by Twitch if you try bargaining (like $) for Bits for any reason
4) If you fuck up with Bits, you may risk losing out on money earned from Cheers

1 Bit = $0.01 USD

Your share: 80%

Twitch’s share: 20%

Bits are optional to use. You don’t have to use it. As for how effective Bits and Cheering are for a channel from a data perspective, idk yet
This is something I want to look into. I want to figure out how effective Bits/Cheers are for channel growth. If an Affiliate gets more Cheers and Bits payouts, does it help growth? If so, how much does it help? Is it marginal or significant enough to warrant focus on it? Idk rn
5) “Qualifying Purchases”

This is a section describing the ability for Twitch Prime/Prime Gaming subscribers to sub to your channel for free, which gives the lowest tier sub to you. It also allows you to make money from Amazon Associates Program as an Affiliate ImageImage
From a pure marketing perspective, Amazon Associates extension and promoting Prime sub sign ups is overkill for your streaming needs as an Affiliate/Partner. It’s a small side hustle compared to subscriptions.

Idk of the data that suggests if this method helps channel growth
This also includes things like in-game purchases that are made on your channel. When a sale is made, you earn a mere 5% of that sale. For most people, this is meaningless. However, I never discount an individual’s speciality and audience needs. It depends on what you’re doing
6) Advertisement (lots to go over)

I’ll save the legal talk and advertising jargon for elaboration. You make 10% made from ads (whatever that may add up to on a given day based on an ad metric).

Sometimes Twitch will be nice and multiply that ad metric to help you earn more
Curious enough, Twitch admits that ad breaks are more effective for maintaining viewers than pre-roll ads are and sort of answered questions I had last week about preferable ad placement twitch.tv/creatorcamp/en…
5 tips given:

1) Announce your ad breaks

2) Don’t run all of your ads at the start or end. Spread it out.

3) Start with 1 min of ads/hour, then increase ad time as you go

4) Run multiple ad breaks per break (pssst just like cable TV)

5) Wait at least 15 min between breaks
B) I looked into this as much as I could, but it seems to check out. Whether or not they enforce this on you for sponsorships you hold or not is probably not worth the risk.

“Twitch has the exclusive right to sell and/or display advertisements of any nature (“Advertisements”)”
I would personally play it safe by contacting Twitch and saving the emails that you have a back and forth with Twitch staff with.

It’s better to be safe than sorry. Probably the biggest downside to Twitch’s Affiliate program by far
7) Payment Terms - Maintenance Fee

Last thing that caught my eye was that if you’re inactive for long enough (~12 months), $25 will be taken from your remaining payout.

So basically if you’re going to stop streaming as an Affiliate, then get a final payout and peace out
8) Most of the contract is standard legal stuff to get Twitch away with liability stuff (e.g. Arbitration, am not a lawyer, but it reads like it’s playing safe)

If you’re privacy conscious like I am, then their Data Policy is worth reading #privacymatters
9) Channel Points

“For channels with large audiences, we’ve seen up to:
•An 18% increase in time spent by viewers on their channel.
•A 13% lift in chat participation among their viewers.”

*large audience is the key word here (and how big?)

Need more data for small channels
10) Twitch Affiliate vs Partner

These are the listed differences between Affiliate and Partner

I do not have the data to say with confidence that being a Partner grants you more traffic than being an Affiliate does or have data to prove preferential treatment Image
I read all this out of professional curiosity as well as to do better as a social media marketer and brand manager/consultant for communities and clients that I help.

That kind of profession comes with a demand for data-driven decision making, which is why I admit my ignorance
That disclaimer being said, that about concludes what I found interesting about Twitch’s Affiliate and Partner legal documents. As for DMCA, ToS, and etc, it’s pretty standard stuff for all social media sites nowadays. YouTube is the elephant in the room with attention to detail.
Gonna take a break for dinner, but will be back to discuss YPP in equal detail. Everything can be found in the link below. The main things I’ll be focusing on are “Advertiser-friendly content guidelines” and “Monetization Policies” and YPP requirements support.google.com/youtube/answer…
Alrighty! Back and ready to finish off Part 2 of this mega-thread!!
✨💪🏼🤩🔥 ✨
YouTube Partner Program (YPP) things I found interesting and noted down for ya’ll

1) Requirements

⭐️Have at least 1,000 subscribers
⭐️4,000 valid public watch hours*

*Only PUBLIC videos on your channel count towards this

Then a review process assesses your channel
Once you meet the threshold for consideration, signed the Partner ToS, made and connected an AdSense account, your application is out into a queue that actual human beings review. This queue usually takes a month.

If you fall below the threshold during the wait, you’ll be okay
If you’re rejected for YPP, you can apply again a month from the rejection

They’re transparent with what they mainly look at:

•Main theme
•Most viewed videos
•Newest videos
•Biggest proportion of watch time
•Video metadata (including titles, thumbnails, and descriptions)”
According to their AdSense Policies, they basically are looking for the following in addition to what was listed previously:

1) Original content made by you (fair use for things like critique, education and parody should be fine)

2) Unique and non-repetitious content
2) Advertiser-Friendly Content (also a requirement)

There is a feature called “self-certification” that allows creators to check if their content follows Ad-Friendly guidelines

There’s a lot, it’s overwhelming, but damn necessary to learn and bookmark support.google.com/youtube/answer…
If you are caught abusing Self-Certification (preferable to avoid the automized system), penalties will be dealt. So it’s best to be honest and earnest to follow these guidelines to the best of your ability
3) Copyright

This is where YPP beats Twitch’s programs. Your content is yours and YouTube’s. The caveat is letting YouTube use your content for advertising purposes and whatnot royalty-free.

When you upload your content under YouTube Standard, other users get some rights too
The caveat to YouTube Standard License (which is something that applies to all users who sign the ToS to use the service) is that despite everybody having the right to use each other’s content, only as long as it stays within YouTube (e.g. playback and embedded)
4) Payment

The revenue split is a huge edge to YouTube being preferable:

YT: 45%

You: 55%
Superchats, Memberships, Merch, Stickers

YT: 30%

You: 70%
5) Advertisement/AdSense, Community Guidelines, rest of ToS

ToS and Community Guidelines are, like mentioned, standard, but for YouTube, very attention to detail. If you can use common sense and basically more or less learn Ad-Friendly Guidelines, the rest really does follow
I’m certified to handle AdSense, so the policies were a nice refresher for me. All that you as a creator have to know about that is, again, listed in Ad-Friendly Guidelines. The moment you decide to spend money on ads is the moment we need to have a sit down. It’s messy and a lot Actually
There are more interesting things in Community Guidelines, but what’s interesting to me is more for reporting other accounts for cyber-bullying and harassment, which is a useful thing to know what words mods respond to since most videos taken down are auto-flagged (99.6%)
6) COPPA (Kid-friendly guidelines and content)

I remember this being controversial. Now that I’ve read the policies, it’s really not that big of a deal it seems. I could be wrong if auto-flagging has screwed people over. But if you don’t make content for kids, you should be fine
As far as the sheer volume of policies being overwhelming from YouTube, this is all that really stood out to me as being worthy of pointing out for this thread 💜
It’s time for me to reveal what my professional thoughts are for making a decision on which program is worth your time as a content creator

Depends on your needs, you as a person, your schedule, your time, your environment, and more

Not a satisfying answer I know
Each programs have their merits and both have their utility. If possible, I wouldn’t make it an “either/or” dichotomy and just use both YPP and TA/TP

Not everyone can stream a steady few hours uninterrupted (bad internet, kids, tiredness, etc), so YouTube might be right for them
I want to use both because it fits what I do best

For TA, it’s going to help me with ASMR, marketing, and collab streams. Keeping a Twitch channel is a good way to separate my content effectively

For YPP, it’ll help me with my #BookTube #AuthorTube videos, streams and podcast
If I *had* to make a decision to dedicate what little time I had to one thing, knowing the revenue split and tools available to us all even as is, let alone when eligibility is met, I’d bite the bullet for YPP. If I had that little time, it’s just more convenient tbh
YPP is the more difficult program to get into than TA is, but the work you do to find out what works for you and find an audience that actually likes you is well worth the pay off (literally). YPP is enhanced even more if you know what you’re doing with Google products too.
Well. That about does it for this mega-thread.

If anybody has any questions for me, answer where you need to and I’ll respond when I can to answer to the best of my ability.

I hope ya’ll found this insightful and reassuring knowing that all this stuff is right out in the open! umu

• • •

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