Zodiac Weekly Forecast
02/15/21 - 02/21/21

Apply to your SUN, MOON, and/or RISING sign!
(Scorpio - Pisces - Cancer)

Soooo heyyyy water signs...idk what y’all got going on this week, but Spirit really wanted me to choose those alarm emojis and I was hearing “Ring the Alarm By Beyoncé” playing in my head so I guess that’s the vibe (1)
🚨 - for this reading. Someone has had ENOUGH and I’m hearing the lyric “I been through this too long”. Someone is tired of the “restlessness” they’re saying. They’re tired of the lies, the sneaky behaviors and immature coming from someone they have love for (2)
🚨 - if this is you, I feel like this is someone you’ve been trying to be patient with, hoping they would change but all faith of that happening is gone. There’s no offer or really no apology this person can give that could change your mind at this point (3)
🚨 - they would just be sounding like a broken record and as I type this it’s 11:11 so I do feel your energy leaving this situation energetically finally and ALL this abundance suddenly falling into your life (4)
🚨 - sometimes the things we desperately hold on to can block or blessings and I feel like that’s the case with this. Yes you loved this person and probably still do, but you deserve better and now that you’re DONE, you will be receiving better in MUlTIPLE forms (5)
🚨 - this person may try to rush in passionately to swoon you and get you back but I want you to seriously ask yourself; “do I wanna go back to the old? Or do I want to see what new for me?”. The decision is yours at the end of the day however based off this person’s energy (6)
🚨 - yes they love you too, but they’re so immature...I don’t know if they know HOW to be a good person to you. (7)
-•- Added Signs -•-

•Orange peels
•swollen lips this week
•busted lower lip (busted on the right side)
• love languages
• Big Bird (Sesame Street)

Song: pick up the phone By Travis Scott & Young Thug
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(Sagittarius - Leo - Aries)

WHEW okayyy fire signs 🔥 y’all are STANDING in your power this week!! And as I type that, “Formation” by Beyoncé starts playing, okayyy pop yo shit thennnn (1)
🌹 - a lot of y’all are finally getting a grasp on duality and how DEEP you are as a being; how you can’t be placed in just one box. How your “shadow side” isn’t some repulsive thing you should shove away. This energy feels so strong and confident (2)
🌹 - you’re still having some issues on second guessing yourself especially when it comes to decision making. Don’t beat yourself over it too hard, you’ll get the hang of it; everyone starts somewhere and you’re already making such impactful growth so PLEASE (3)
🌹 - commend yourself and pat yourself on the back. I heard “we did it”. I feel like a lot of y’all have had to recently pull yourself out of a deep hole of depression and this is so blissful for y’all. (4)
🌹 - Spirit has one thing to ask of y’all though. Work on how guarded you are. Y’all have built up a lot of walls due to all the pain and turmoil you’ve had to go through but you gotta let down those walls (especially concerning your heart space) so you can attract (5)
🌹 - and welcome in abundances meant for you. Now this isn’t something easy to do, I know. Like with the other thing, don’t beat yourself up if you don’t get it done immediately. Stuff like this takes time, patience, and CONSISTENCY. (6)
-•- Added Signs -•-

• bare feet on grass with morning dew
• “what the fuck I’m gonna do?”
• hotbox the living room
• Apple Bottoms (clothing brand)
• Baby Phat puffer jacket
• sensitive front teeth

Song: Gleesh Place By King Von
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(Gemini - Aquarius - Libra)

Okay, hey air signs. This week, there’s a handful of you that will be having a realization of all the “burdens” and “extra weight” you’ve been carrying around. A lot of this is emotional baggage that’s been weighing (1)
🔑 - down your mental specifically. You’ve realize that in order to bring more stability and balance into your life, you gotta “throw that weight into the sea” they’re saying. So maybe incorporating some sort of “water healing” could help (2)
🔑 - and when I say “water healing”, that can be multiple things. It could be you going to bodies of water like the beach or a local lake to chill and rest, that could be spiritual bath/shower, that could be incorporating more water to drink in a day or a water cleanse (3)
🔑 - so if you’ve been feeling pulled to do something water related, listen. You just wanna grow and level up mentally and emotionally but you can’t AVOID going into “hermit mode” IF that’s what Spirit is calling you to do!! (4)
🔑 - for those that don’t know, hermit mode = a period of seclusion. But it’s for YOUR betterment, keep that in mind. You won’t miss out on anything that’s meant for you. Take care of your MENTAL! (5)
🔑 - either way, I think this will hit you fast so I guess you don’t have much of a choice, still wanna warn you though. Don’t prolong this. (6)
-•- Added Signs -•-

• Cheeto puffs
• raw lips?
• fish eyes
• lip injections
• mortar (from mortar and pestle set)
• hot pink

Song: Swervo - G Herbo & Southside
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(Taurus - Virgo - Capricorn)

Off the bat, some of you are trying to kick a drinking problem or you’re finally realizing this week that you have a problem with overly drinking especially trying to drink to numb emotional feelings. This is only (1)
🌳 - for a few!! Overall with this energy, there’s someone who has come to the conclusion that they’ve fucked yo a connection for good and/or there’s someone who feels like this is close to happening yet they’re still moving slow to change (2)
🌳 - and they know what they need to work on, they’re just moving so slow to do it. This person could have some sort of influential Taurus placement, specifically in their big 3 (sun, moon, or rising sign). I’m here to tell you (3)
🌳 - that this is your last second chance to flip this. This connection is on the EDGE of a cliff getting ready to fall off at any second. You’ve already waited so long.. some of you it truly is too late but that doesn’t excuse you (4)
🌳 - from still working on yourself. Work on yourself for you and for your future lover. Use this situation as a life lesson; absorb every ounce of wisdom you can take from this. “You live and you learn”. (5)
🌳 - especially if you’re young because I’m picking up on a lot of folks that are in their 20s and specifically 25 for some but of course that doesn’t have to be! (6)
-•- Added Signs -•-

• bruises
• broken glass (from alcohol bottles?)
• blue lights
• house party
• leopard print

Song: All There By Jeezy ft. Bankroll Fresh
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• • •

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17 Feb
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02/15/21 - 02/21/21

Please apply towards your MOON and/or VENUS sign! For “couples part”, roles can be reversed!
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I’m so so tired of explaining this I wanna rip my tongue out.

Im not a tarot reader. I’m a medium. Tarot is simply a tool like every other form of divination that I use. I do not attach so much power to cards because it’s ME channeling the messages at the end of the day
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