As you brush your teeth today:
DO NOT rinse your mouth.
Just spit out the excess toothpaste-
But DO NOT rinse your mouth.

It gives the fluoride time to work on your teeth.

Do it for just 3months:
Your teeth will be cleaner, stronger with zero mouth odour.

Please RT for others.
So when do I rinse my mouth?
NO. You do NOT need to.

Simply brush your teeth.
Spit out the excess toothpaste.
And do NOT rinse your mouth.

At first it would feel a little awkward,
But you will get used to it.

And give it about 30minutes before you go and eat or drink anything.
“Oh but it will take over the taste of the food when I eat after except i rinse my mouth”

NO. It does NOT.
As a matter of fact, within about 15minutes, your mouth is back to normal like nothing happened.

And you know what?
Your breath is fresher,
And your teeth feels better.
Toothpaste is a form of tooth treatment. It needs time to work on your teeth and bring out sparkling results

Almost like putting relaxer to your hair and washing it off immediately with water. It would not do anything.

Same way after brushing your teeth,
Don’t rinse your mouth.
Should I shock you?

You MUST brush your teeth at night.
You MUST brush your teeth twice a day.
But you do NOT have to brush in the morning.

Brush your teeth for 2minutes at least.
Brush twice a day- at night and at any other time (maybe morning).

And NEVER rinse your mouth.
It’s important to brush your teeth at night everyday because after eating at night- food can get stuck to your teeth and between your teeth all night long.

And the hours of the night is so much time for bacteria to act on that food and destroy your teeth.

So pls brush at night.
What kind of toothbrush should you use?

To be frank it doesn’t matter if you use electric or manual toothbrush. As long as you brush all your tooth surfaces.

Just make sure it is a SOFT toothbrush.
AVOID “hard” toothbrush- it ruins your teeth and makes it sensitive over time.
What kind of toothpaste should you use?

Any toothpaste that contains fluoride is fine. Check on the label: once it contains at least 1350 ppm of fluoride, it’s okay.

Children do NOT need any special “children’s toothpaste”- they can use the same one as the rest of the family.
Thanks for reading.
I hope you have learnt something this morning.

Help us share it on Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram and everywhere else it may benefit as many people as possible.

Feel free to share your thoughts and ideas about the topic.

Thanks a lot. Have an awesome day!

• • •

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15 Feb
Do you know “pull out” is the worst method of pregnancy prevention?

If 1,000 ladies have sex using pull-out,
200 will get pregnant.

If you had unprotected sex yesterday,
And you do not want to be pregnant,
Please use Postinor today.

Postinor is better and safer than abortion.
Postinor2/PostPill is safe.
In cases of an unplanned/unprotected sex, and you don’t want to be pregnant- pls immediately use it.

If you use it within 24 hours of sex it prevents pregnancy in 95% of cases.
It is that effective.

If you had sex yesterday,
This is the best advice.
Postinor/PostPill does NOT cause an abortion. It PREVENTS a pregnancy from happening- it does NOT stop it once it has happened.

How does it do that?
It stops a woman from releasing her egg, so the man’s sperm inside her has nothing to fertilise.

The sperm becomes free protein.
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31 Jan
Reddington Hospital has confirmed on the night of October 20, 2020 they attended to so many patients with gunshot wounds from #EndSARS Lekki Toll Gate.

They said the victims were so many it was a “crowd” that overwhelmed both their Lekki and VI hospitals.

Big shame on the govt.
That’s not even the craziest part of the news. The surgeon speaking on behalf of Reddington hospital said more victims kept coming to the hospital the next day and even the days after.

He called it a “mass gathering” at the hospital by the victims.

Again, big shame on the govt.
That same night, Jide Sanwoolu was at Reddington and other hospitals in Lekki where victims were rushed to in floods.

It’s completely insane the horrific massacre and shooting that happened that night- over 100 days now- and nobody has been punished for it.

Nigeria is a jungle.
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9 Jan
Many nigerians who are ambidextrous were initially left-handed but were beaten black and blue to use their right hand.

We also beat people for giving/taking things with left hand.

One day we will discuss how tyranny, abuse and oppression is carried out in the name of “culture”.
Until you start to talking to lefties and ambidextrous people in Nigeria, you will never know their pains.

Many of these people were badly traumatised and tyrannised as children SIMPLY FOR BEING LEFT HANDED.

And till today, many families and schools still continue this madness.
How does giving/taking things with left hand equal to “disrespect”? It’s insane. And it’s funny how some deranged people use this “culture” and they will get a ruler/cane to beat a child silly for this.

But offer same people a huge cheque with left hand, they collect it.
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8 Jan
If you recently had sex and
You have:
•foul vagina discharge
•vagina/anus itching
•lower tummy pain
•vagina blisters/rashes
•anus/vagina lumps
•vagina bleeding
•pain when you pee

You have an STD.

If you ignore it,
It can make you infertile later in life.

Pls pass it on.
Examples of STDs causing all these symptoms are:

•Genital warts
•Genital herpes
•Pubic lice

This is why you must speak with a health professional- for tests, advice and to get treatment.

Your future is at risk.
And as a woman, apart from difficulty getting pregnant later in life;

If you get pregnant,
You may have an abnormal pregnancy called ectopic pregnancy- which is a pregnancy in the tubes, not the womb.

This can lead to tube rupture, sudden bleeding, and death. This is no jokes.
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7 Jan
Semen does NOT cure pimples.
Semen does NOT cure pimples.
Semen does NOT cure pimples.

Semen does NOT cure pimples.
Semen does NOT cure pimples.
Semen does NOT cure pimples.

Don’t let anybody turn your face to billboard and spray you cum like fire extinguisher.

It is a scam o.
There are claims that semen contains something called spermine which is believed to give smooth skin and cure pimples. To be frank, this claims have NO scientific basis whatsoever in any serious medical research.

It’s a myth. It’s a scam.
And no doctor ever advises such a thing.
Don’t get me wrong.
There are people who are very convinced that “it works” “I know someone it works for” blah blah blah.

Feel free to try it if you want.

But let’s be clear on something:
There is NO medical basis for that wild claim. It is absolutely baseless.
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7 Jan
“Yoruba Demons” is an ethnic slur.
It is a very derogatory and pejorative generalising jibe stamped on men simply due to their ethnic group.

It is tribalistic.

If it is never ok to say “igbo ritualists” or “hausa illiterates”, why do people feel it’s ok to say “yoruba demons”?
As usual, the comprehension challenge crew are struggling to understand.

The last paragraph is NOT saying it is okay to say “igbo ritualists” or “hausa illiterates”.

I’m saying the same way you don’t make derogatory comments like that based on tribe, don’t say “yoruba demons”.
“Oh but ‘yoruba demons’ is a joke”
Well it is a stupid joke.
A very stupid tribalistic joke.

There’s nothing positive about being a demon. Absolute nothing positive.

You can’t make a generalising negative comment and force people to take it as a “joke” compulsorily. It is daft.
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