❤️ Zodiac Love Messages ❤️
02/15/21 - 02/21/21

Please apply towards your MOON and/or VENUS sign! For “couples part”, roles can be reversed!
( Pisces - Scorpio - Cancer )

💙 SINGLES 💙 - So for some of you, there is someone in your vicinity energy wise that wants to DEVOUR you but either you truly don’t know who OR your ignoring their advances (1)
💙 SINGLES 💙 - because for a few, I’m sensing friend energy so you’re probably concerned about preserving the friendship and not ruining it by sleeping with this person or trying to date them.

Some of you are being guided to do a spiritual bath if you’re in (2)
💙 SINGLES 💙 - the position to do so. Specifically a spiritual bath aimed towards ingredients that will help with self-love. This is going to have your energy SHINING and sooo attractive on a romantic level. You’ll be like the honey to bees (3)
💙 SINGLES 💙 - some of you need to prioritize making sure you’re pleased sexually if you feel...backed up. I’m specifically seeing with self pleasuring, not necessarily going to sleep with someone if you don’t want to. This self-pleasuring is tied to that self-love energy (4)
~+~ Added Signs ~+~

• Pumpkin guys
• tongue-tied
• “Speechless” the song being played at a wedding you went to
• barn house party
• black lingerie (specifically the “cheeky” panties from Victoria’s Secret)

Song: Two Weeks By FKA Twigs
TW: domestic violence

so I feel like I’m suffocating and I see “1:11” on my clock right now so you’ve definitely been seeing “111” a lot recently in the past two weeks? The suffocating feels figurative for most but for like two people, this feels (1)
💙 COUPLES 💙 - literal. I keep getting a vision of a man on top of a woman in bed choking her. If this is you, I’m sorry that you’re wrapped up in a situation like this. I will be leaving resources and hotlines at the end of this collective message (2)
💙 COUPLES 💙 - For the folks that the suffocating feeling was merely figurative, I feel like you’re being smothered by your lover. Some of you may be in Texas right now and snowed in so that’s why you feel suffocated (3)
💙 COUPLES 💙 - please express to your partner how you’re feeling to see if y’all can come to some sort of compromise to combat that although if you’re a part of the Texas situation, I understand that’s not much you can do right now, you just have to be patient (4)
💙 COUPLES 💙 - some of you have been dealing with insecurity in your relationship due to your significant other indulging in a lot of porn? And the women in the porn they watch dont resemble you so it has you nitpicking your body and worth. (5)
💙 COUPLES 💙 - please consider having a conversation with your partner voicing how you feel completely. I also want you to dedicate incorporating some things into your lifestyle that will have you FEELING more confident about your being (6)
💙 COUPLE 💙 - that could be discovering new hobbies or starting to workout or whatever you feel led to do. When you focus on incorporating healthy things that make you feel good, that does start to show outwardly and energetically. (7)
💙 COUPLE 💙 - and I feel like if the connection has been lackluster lately, you pouring more into your well-being will have you glowing like never before. You’ll become energetically more attractive to your partner causing them to thirst over you more (8)
~+~ Added Signs ~+~

• Lioness
• portraits
• Watching Bridgerton together
• Monstera deliciosa plant in living room
• picky when it comes to food texture

Song: Detroit to Inglewood By Ice Burgandy, Drego & Beno Ft. VVSBeezy, Lonnie Bands, & Bandgang Masoe
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The National Domestic Violence Hotline
1-800-799-7233 (SAFE)

National Dating Abuse Hotline

National Sexual Assault Hotline
1-800-656-4673 (HOPE)
( Aries - Leo - Sagittarius )

🧡 SINGLES 🧡 - okay yall...first off y’all need to slowwww down. Not in anything specific, just in general. Some of y’all are expecting this “world wind romance” to fall out of thin air and (1)
🧡 SINGLE 🧡 - land in your laps with no effort put in by you. I’m getting a lot of intense “hot and cold” action too. Remember, it’s okay to have standards but don’t expect something from someone that you can’t bring to the table yourself (2)
🧡 SINGLES 🧡 - I keep getting visions of love aspects coming in you judging too hard and being unnecessary cold to them. No need to settle of course but be mindful of not coming off...too cold? Step out of that cold and into a more warm pleasant energy (3)
~+~ Added Signs ~+~

•orange tabby cat (could possibly be named “Moon” but not necessarily)
• cat’s mane
• shedding
• green snakes
• NBA YoungBoy

Song: Needed By Brent Faiyaz
🧡 COUPLES 🧡 - okay...strong energy this week. There’s some song from Donna Summers Spirit is saying you should listen to or it’s a song you do listen to or you have a vinyl. Lemme go see if I can find what I’m talking about real quick (1)
🧡 COUPLES 🧡 - yea I saw this photo in my vision just now, idk what that had to do with this but it’ll resonate for at least one person

I keep hearing someone saying “where’s the love, where’s the love??”, that’ll resonate for someone (2)
🧡 COUPLES 🧡 - there’s someone in the relationship that feels like the love that was present in the beginning of the relationship is no longer present. They feel like the other person has gotten too lax with demonstrating love (3)
🧡 COUPLES 🧡 - the other person could have a tendency of being hardheaded and not a good listener so I’m guessing that’s why you haven’t tried talking about this to them but the other choice is just ignoring it and then there’s an elephant in the room (4)
🧡 COUPLES 🧡 - and that doesn’t sound too healthy. Please attempt to talk to them. Spirit is saying set up a space where things environment is calm and relaxed before having the convo (5)
🧡 COUPLES 🧡 - and DONT come at them hostile or in an accusatory tone because they’ll just tune that out. Stick to explaining primarily on how you FEEL, they may be more receptive to that (6)
~+~ Added Signs ~+~

• HUGE blueberry muffins
• Machine Gun Kelly
• Candy Canes
• black ink in someone’s mouth?
• bedazzled green apple charm
• old baby phat flip phone
• 222

Song: Armed & Dangerous By King Von
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💚 SINGLES 💚 - so this energy is pretty specific. There’s someone here who is soooo frustrated, wow. I keep getting a vision of a tea kettle screaming. Whoever this is, I’m feeling a big energy of self-sabotaging (1)
💚 SINGLES 💚 - and you know. You know you self-sabotaged something romantically but you feel like you found out too late and it’s eating you up on the inside. There’s a big constant energy of you feeling like this person has officially casted you out in (2)
💚 SINGLES 💚 - the cold for good and you FEEL them or see them moving on. Wow, I’m crying a little so you could definitely be crying over this. Yea out of sadness but more so frustration too at yourself (3)
💚 SINGLES 💚 - I just heard “why am I so hardheaded??”. You still feel so connected to this person; you feel like you’re destined to be with this person and I hear some of y’all praying that some miracle happens to fix this (4)
💚 SINGLES 💚 - what I’m not understanding is why you haven’t reached out to this person. Like I do feel that you struggle to form into words how you feel and you’re nervous but it’s either settling with letting this person go or fighting for love (5)
💚 SINGLES 💚 - if words aren’t your thing, what are some other ways you’re good at communicating? Have you tried maybe writing a letter? Get creative. And no this connection isn’t one sided, they feel it strong like you do but like you know (6)
💚 SINGLES 💚 - you did hurt them and they feel like YOU don’t care. Both of y’all sitting there thinking the love you feel for one another is one sided when that’s not the case at all... follow your heart with this, not your head (7)
~+~ Added Signs ~+~

• yellow bird
• magic 8 ball
• 555 & 333 & 777
• blueish grey?
• Army

Song: Mercedez By Toosii
💚 COUPLES 💚 - okay, this message is gonna be short. Someone in this connection needs to watch their mouth. Your mouth is recking havoc on this connection. I’m seeing everything turn from colorful to grey. Your partner is miserable. (1)
💚 COUPLES 💚 - please just watch your mouth and what you say to your partner. I heard “slick comments”, so if you’re belittling your partner and/or constantly making slick comments (they’re saying specifically about cleaning?) chill out. (2)
💚 COUPLES 💚 - if you can’t sit down to have a mature conversations about your worries, then stop. Snarky comments are never helpful nor productive. (3)
~+~ Added Signs ~+~

• money tree plant in office
• sticky island in kitchen (from spilled apple juice)
• Barbie or baby pink lipstick
• gold compact mirror
• red nails
• 555

Song: Until it Rot By Young Dolph
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🤍 SINGLES 🤍 - someone is feeling lonely when they’re not so alone. Somehow this is being hidden from you, but if you open your eyes, you’ll see someone may be in your life that wants to take you out of that (1)
🤍 SINGLES 🤍 - loneliness. Specifically a close friend. They’re upset that you can’t tell their feelings for you and you’re upset about being lonely romantically. They’re saying “if I had the chance, I would give you the world” (2)
🤍 SINGLES 🤍 - but you’re genuinely not noticing their small advances. They may have had to watch as you try with others and it hurt watching you try with others and not with them especially when at the end, those folks would break your heart (3)
🤍 SINGLES 🤍 - and they’re saying “I would never do something like that to you”. Please use discernment with this. If it’s not for you, it’s not for you because I just got a vision of someone commenting under this that “well I do notice I just ignore the advances” (4)
🤍 SINGLES 🤍 - no, this message isnt for you then. This is for someone that GENUINELY hasn’t noticed their friend’s advances or feelings for them. (5)
~+~ Added Signs ~+~

• Lil Baby’s live performance at the BET Awards last year
• Cocomelon
• Foreign
• lemongrass
• brownies

Song: Detroit to Inglewood By Ice Burgandy, Drego, & Beno Ft. VVSBeezy, Lonnie Bands, Bandgang Masoe
🤍 COUPLES 🤍 - well someone is pregnant. I feel so sick and I keep hearing “morning sickness”. This isn’t for everyone though, use discernment. Whew this is...a lot. I keep hearing “lies! Lies!” Someone is cheating on someone and I keep hearing “with a black man” (1)
🤍 COUPLES 🤍 - erm, okay. Someone feels like this connection is on the edge of just tipping over and they’re wondering if they should let it. Someone found out about the cheating by smelling your hair or neck? (2)
🤍 COUPLES 🤍 - this energy is so chaotic and toxic it’s hurting me head. I think this connection is at its wits end, why keep pushing it. Maybe it’s best to separate, but that’s up to you at the end of the day. Just be safe, don’t do anything stupid or anything you’ll regret (3)
~+~ Added Signs ~+~

• Friends By dvsn ft PARTYNEXTDOOR playing during sex
• Apple Orchard that makes apple cider
• licking stamps
• baby pink baby clothes
• always in Walmart baby section

Song: All the Stars By Kendrick Lamar, SZA
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I’m so so tired of explaining this I wanna rip my tongue out.

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