If someone is commenting about content on a US-based social media platform and they start mixing in something about Free Speech, The First Amendment, etc... they don't know what they are talking about and you should immediately brand them as an idiot in your mind.
The First Amendment to the US Constitution guaranteeing the right to freedom of speech does not apply to non-government-owned spaces. Twitter and Facebook are not bound by the First Amendment and are not required to recognize free speech of anyone. That's the bottom line.
However- If Twitter or Facebook engages in the quieting of certain content or amplification of some messages above others in a *deceptive* or *wrongful* way resulting in harm, or if they act in reprehensible ways without informing shareholders of plans to do monstrous things...
...then Twitter or Facebook would have violated many other laws and would face a variety of punishments and liability for having done so.

But no matter how you slice it, First Amendment and "freedom of speech" do not apply to Twitter, Facebook, or other non-government platforms.

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17 Feb
Received a piece of mail today in response to my “grievance”.

The criminals over at Kaiser Permanente seem to be doubling down on their provably false claims. What a bunch of absolutely reprehensible filth. These monsters kidnapped and abused me. @kpnorcal
Kaiser Permanente may be a titan of the medical industry, but I’ve taken down Titans twice as large and will not hesitate to do what is necessary (within legally permissible boundaries).
I will be made whole. There are no two ways about this.
Hey @KPMemberService - Would you care to comment?
Is it delusional of me to be a bit concerned when Russian state-funded media (e.g. RT) are literally calling me out, specifically, by name?

I ask, because that actually happened. It’s a real thing. It’s not a delusion.
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16 Feb
This is huge. Brent Bozell III runs the organization known as “For America”.
For America is one of the early Cambridge Analytica clients and has been extensively supported by the work of AggregateIQ.
Brent Bozell IV (son) has been charged for his part in the Jan 6th insurrection.
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15 Feb
Shadowbans will continue to be a thing until attorneys realize it’s actually a tortious wrong under the well established harm of “detrimental reliance”.
Social platforms often tout the legitimacy of aggressive data collection as due to necessity in making their product so widely available and “free of charge” to the masses.
However, this entire proposition crumbles the moment a social platform engages in the practice of covertly silencing accounts it deems undesirable (“shadow banning”).
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10 Feb
Been listening in on the currently-live panel broadcast here: homeland.house.gov/activities/hea…
These experts have occasional points worth hearing, but overall the entire group is severely lacking in understanding the problem. It's a great example of why things seem to never improve.
Example- One guy is asked, "Well, if ransomware has become an elevated threat to our national security, what should we do to combat it?"

You know what the "expert" suggested as a way to fight back against the scourge of ransomware??
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10 Feb
Credit card companies have a golden opportunity to takeover another industry- the two-factor authentication industry.
Explanation of why and how:
-Two factor authentication requires something the user knows (e.g. password) and something they have (e.g. phone to receive a code).
-The problem with using a phone number (for a text msg) or an app on your phone in order to receive the second factor element of 2-factor auth is that you are placing trust in the phone device to not be compromised itself or stolen by a third party or transmission intercepted.
-That last part is very nearly impossible to fully protect against due to the very complex nature of any device allowing a wide variety of software to be run on it (apps apps apps).
-Text messaging is not secure enough for 2-factor. This has been well documented. (SS7 related)
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9 Feb
microtargeted advertising = marketing via stereotype

If a platform enables a company to avoid showing ads to anyone who has purchased Manischewitz Passover Matzo Bread in the past, it's not a step forward in marketing technology. Rather, that's a step toward enabling bigotism.
You can make all the arguments you want about how advertisers should be able to optimize their spend or be more effective in promoting their product, but that does not overcome the...
...inevitable truth: collecting intense details, at the individual level, will result in targeting and causing harm to people who have traits which others disapprove of.
When profiling is allowed widely, you can't avoid this outcome. Too many humans *will* use it to inflict harm.
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