Gujars have claimed every living species in this galaxy to be their own, be it Attila Hun or Mihirkula, Parmars, Pratihars, Chauhans, Pulkeshin Chalukya, Shivaji Bhonsle, Bhatis and what not.

It's high time that the verity of their claims needs to be checked.
When Thomas Twining traveled in 1794 in Doab he found 3 tribes of robbers- Pindaris, Mewatis, and Gujjars. "Goujer on contrary implies nothing but craftiness and unsparing barbarity and communicates nothing but terror and dismay
Hari Ram Gupta an eminent historian describes Gujars as 'a tribe of thieves'.
When Babur first came to India he saw Gujjars coming from the mountains and stealing away the cattle and buffaloes. They looted Indians and foreigners alike.
Historian HR Gupta while talking about Gujars says:
"they oppressed poor grass cutters and extorted money from them, those who did not pay it were beaten by them".
Basically Gujars who now claim every dynasty to be their own, were always a nomadic pastoral tribe and even now in JK. However, they took to stealing as their main profession. Proverb was 'dog, rangar, cat and gujjar, without these 4 everybody could sleep with doors open'.
Gujars became so famous for their notorious activities that several proverbs got popularised on their behavior in western India.
Some of them are like this: 'Yar Dom re Kina Gujjar, Chura Chura Ghar Kardiya Ujjar' meaning dome made friends with Gujar and he robbed him instead.
Historians about the Gujjars of Kangra Hills, HP:
'Gujjars of hills are known as Idle, worthless and thieving race, Buffaloes are their only wealth'.
One has to wonder that if these people ruled all over the world based on their martial capabilities what has reduced them to this?
Roy Maconachie talks about the character of a Gujar:

Though the Gujar possesses a constant desire for other people's cattle, he never seems to have had the love of fighting and the character for manly independence. It's amazing that how everyone became martial in 21st century.
The affidavit submitted by Gujar leaders where they claim that Gujars live in extreme poverty, hunger, meekness.
"It's a historical fact that Gujars are nomadic tribe and animal husbandry is their traditional business".
The same people boast about ruling entire world.
Some of the famous personalities they claim to be Gujars:
Raja Bhoj Parmar, Attila Hun, Shivaji Bhosle, Kanishk, Maharana Pratap and the bollocks even call Ravindra Singh Bhati, the current JNVU President as a Gujjar.

Basically, koi bhi famous ho, use baap bana lenge.
Whereas, here are two famous Gujjars of the present time, that these wankers should happily endorse as they are their greatest poster boys:
1. Hafeez Said
2. Joginder Singh Gujjar, SFJ Khalistani
Few anecdotes from the past, that how this community has shamelessly claimed to be the illegitimate progenies of Rajputs for centuries.
Even during the British era, the most common consensus was that the epithet Gujjar is derived from 'Gaur and Char' and not from Gurjara region.
Till last 4-5 yrs, before the advent of Historical revisionism of RSS BJP, Gujjars proudly showcased their Rajput ancestry, one such case is of Bhati Gujjars of west UP who claim to be the progenies of Rao Kasal Bhati, the rajput ruler of Jaisalmer, and look at these idiots now.
Lastly, the verity of the word 'Gurjara', found in several inscriptions needs to be checked.
Gujar revisionists and RSS has exploited words like Gurjara, Gurjareshwar and Gurjar Naresh beyond imagination. First, Aihole inscription of Pulkeshi II mentions Gurjara as a region.
Sravana Belagola epigraph states that Ganga Dynasty's Satyavakya Kongunivarman became known as Gurjara_adhiraja" by conquering the northern region for Rashtrakuta King Krishna III.

'Gurjara' denoted geographic area consisting southern Rajasthan & northern Gujarat.
Prabhavaka_Charita (13th cen CE), a Jaina text clearly says that the word "Gurjara" represents a region:

अस्ति स्वस्तिनिधिः श्रीमान् देशो गुर्जरसंज्ञया।

"The country (देशः) by the name #Gurjara (गुर्जर), which is the abode (निधिः) of wealth and auspiciousness."
Even the ruler of princely state of Baroda “Pratap Rao Gaekwad” came to be known as GurjarNaresh just because he ruled that territory, so the epithet Gurjar-Naresh was used to signify superiority over the region of Gurjara Desha. and have no relation with Gujar community.
Rajor inscription, 960 AD of Manthandev a feudatory of Imperial Pratihars is the only inscription where any Pratihar identified himself with the word “Gurjara”, which as per all historians represents "BarGujar Rajput clan" signifying political superiority over Gurjara region.
Thanks to @Lost_History1 and Chandrapida.

For further reading:
Further, people may also check, the following NDTV video shot by Ravish Kumar, where the Bhaat geneology discusses the origin of Baisoya gujjars from Saroya rajputs.

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2 Jan
So the barometer to judge rajput history is "jauhars & Sakas".
RSS writer @Satyanveshan ie Omendra Ratnu even says these things about Kachwahas & don't be surprised, if he would soon spew nonsense against all Rajput community.
This is how RSS spreads antiRajput hate.
Let's try answering his rhetoric question that what "Kachwahas did", from beginning...bcz that's what @RSSorg hides.

Kachwahas or Kacchapghatas were founders of Gwalior and able vassals of another Rajput clan Imperial Pratihars/Parihars.
— as Parihars declined, they displaced Kachwahas to Rohilkhand (Rampur branch),Awadh (Bandhalgotis) & predominantly to Dhundhar.

Dhundhar Kachwahas served as able & loyal vassals to both Imperial Chauhans & later Mewar State. bore most brunt of Delhi Sultanates.—
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