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18 Feb, 10 tweets, 9 min read
THREAT THREAD: Today @United Airlines shared the travel itinerary of Senator @tedcruz with members of the media and as a result, the public at large. His flight information is being included in tweets to/from mainstream media including @CNN and @Acosta.
2/ MSNBC's @JakeSherman also shared @tedcruz flight upgrade status on Twitter so that anyone who plans to stalk to senator will know whether or not he got upgraded to first-class (evidently he did not).
3/ When Democrats call for the death of senators like @tedcruz they don't realize that they're putting the lives of @SecretService, Police, and airport employees at risk too.
4/ Remember, just four years ago a Democratic campaign worker read a tweet from @BernieSanders suggesting that Republicans in Congress wanted to kill Americans and as a result, he went to the Republican softball practice injuring five and almost killing @SteveScalise.
5/ If I were @United I'd be very concerned. Imagine a major US airline DOXXING a member of the Senate Subcommittee on Aviation Operations, Safety, and Security. My advice? Change the arrival gate at the last minute and don't announce it publicly.
7/ Sadly Heidi Cruz is literally on the phone trying to get protection from HPD when Ted lands in Houston. His family is terrified. If you needed any more proof that the Democratic Party is the party of hate, look no further. Pray for Ted, his family, and the police.
8/ United offered refunds to customers unwilling to fly given the security threat caused by the DOXXING of Senator Cruz. Here is a picture of Ted in Mexico arriving at the airport:
9/ UPDATE: Sources at the FAA report that there have been more than a dozen bomb threats for the flight Senator Cruz is reportedly booked on.
10/ The good news is that Cruz will exit behind customs and they have alternative exits for VIPs. The only concern is that some Twitter threads have noted this and suggested cheap flights $140 so that people can get to Ted's gate as he exits. Hopefully, the police are prepared.

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20 Feb
COVID-19 DEATH THREAD: It is important for all Americans to remember just how many of our fellow citizens have died from the pandemic since President Biden took office. This thread will remind us just how many lives have been lost as a result of his failed leadership.
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20 Feb
ANTI-CENSORSHIP PROPOSAL: More than 180 million Americans live in the so-called Red States like Texas and Florida. IMHO, we should stop calling these states 'red' and start calling them 'free'. If the 'Free States' would band together they could end political censorship.
2/ Each 'Free State' could pass anti-censorship legislation that would make it very expensive for #BigTech to censor political speech on their platforms. Free states could fine social media companies $100,000 for each post they censored.
3/ The fines could be shared 25% to the reporting party, 50% to the censored party, and 25% to the free states. Social media companies would be given 'safe harbor' from lawsuits for political speech they allowed to be posted on their platforms.
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20 Feb
1/ The mainstream media would have us believe that President Trump has a blood feud with his former vice president. It turns out their 'anonymous sources' were wrong yet again.
2/ Marc Short, Pence's chief of staff revealed, "The reality is that they’ve had multiple conversations before [they] departed. The president thanked the VP for his service, told him he did a great job, and they’ve even had conservations since then, including this week.” Image
3/ Despite CNN's Ana Navarro's claim that Trump wanted to "literally, literally!" have Mike Pence killed he did not. Image
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20 Feb
BLACK THREAD: It is revealing just how differently Republicans and Democrats view blacks in America. Imagine an alien visiting the earth for the first time and sitting down with Biden and Trump to learn about blacks in the United States. Image
2/ President Biden might explain that most blacks are poor, unable to get a picture ID, and they're unable to use the internet. Of course, President Trump would argue that Biden was completely wrong and he'd be correct.
3/ Let's start with poverty. Democrats claim that poverty is a matter of race and is a generational curse for blacks. The truth is the opposite. It turns out that individuals have great agency when it comes to determining their own economic fate.
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20 Feb
CAPITOL INVESTIGATION THREAD: Speaker Pelosi has hired former general Russel L. Honore' to lead her in-house investigation into the Capitol Hill protests where an unarmed protester was shot and killed by Capitol police. Just who is Honore'? Image
2/ The first thing you should know about Russel Honore' is that he is not unbiased when it comes to the events of January 6th. He has already made up his mind making it clear that he believes that the Capitol Police were complicit and that Trump and his son should be arrested.
3/ Since Jan. 6, Honoré has depicted the Capitol Police’s 2,300 officers and civilians as corrupt.
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19 Feb
BREAKING: The Congressional Democrats are demanding that all 482 confederate soldiers buried at Arlington National Cemetary be disinterred and the Confederate Memorial demolished. ImageImageImageImage
2/ Democrats want the bodies of confederate soldiers from Arlington (and all other cemeteries in the US) to be dumped into international waters in disgrace. Image
3/ Finally, Congressional Democrats are considering legislation that would require that President Trump's remains be treated similarly to Osama Bin Laden's and buried at sea amid high secrecy. Democrats don't want there to be a memorial to the 'insurrectionist-in-chief'.
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