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19 Feb, 5 tweets, 2 min read
Events in the last 24-hours are the culmination of @M_Farmaajo’s decade long lust for power. Those that imported this lunatic, campaigned for him, switched sides the last minutes of the 2017 elections — giving him unlikely win
And those that aided him during the past 4-years, as he created the foundations of his dictatorships, share the responsibility of this ignominy.
The irony of former PM @HassanAKhaire —a man who has legitimized @M_Farmaajo’s power grab and abetted him in his extrajudicial & criminal schemes to take down independent media & opposition — ducking desperately from hail of bullets fired by his ex associates, not lost on anyone.
Like any despot, @M_Farmaajo has no regard for friendship or honor, he sees people as a means to an end. Those that aid in his lunacy, are given cheap positions or money. Those that clinch to him today for petty reasons will ultimately meet the same fate as @HassanAKhaire
The IC, which funds and protects this lunatic, has lost all pretenses. Events during the past 24-hours require a change of strategy. The dictator has to be resisted regardless of the cost.

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20 Feb
More disingenuous statements from Qatar. In fact, it’s well aware that the gov’t it funds is planning more audacious attacks within the next few days in Mogadishu.
The upcoming attacks are meant to eliminate the space for political opposition in Mogadishu & to give @M_Farmaajo breathing space, as the election dispute spirals out of control.
The Turkish trained & Qatari funded paramilitary units that attacked the hotel hosting the former presidents on Friday were given ‘shoot to kill orders’. Plot was foiled due to the stiff resistance by the security details of the former presidents.
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19 Feb
Per videos being shared on social media, artillery shells have hit Mogadishu International Airport. Smoke can be seen billowing from the compound

Few minutes ago, pro @M_Farmaajo paramilitary units started firing indiscriminately protestors led by @AAbdishakur & @HassanAKhaire
@M_Farmaajo has been grossly unnerved by today’s protestors. This is the Mogadishu’s International Airport hit by an artillery shell fired by gov’t forces.
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19 Feb
In politics, context is king. Hours before @M_Farmaajo’s attack on the opposition, @MohamedHRoble suggested @TheVillaSomalia issue a statement supporting the constitutional rights of protestors & to provide security to them. @M_Farmaajo rejected proposal…
Paramilitary units loyal to the @HSNQ_NISA director were then deployed precariously close to the security details of former presidents. When that failed to triggered a response, @M_Farmaajo ordered his troops to attempt a breach on the defense lines of the opposition.
The dictator @M_Farmaajo has a history of executing assassination attempts on his opposition. In December 2017, without provocation and without warning, in the middle of the night, he ordered a predawn raid on residence @AAbdishakur killing number of non-combatants.
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18 Feb
This is nothing short of an assassination attempt by @M_Farmaajo. The world must condemn this deranged dictator before it’s too late. Attempting assassination on former presidents & other leaders in the midst of heightened political tensions is nothing short of lunacy.
In the lead up to this confrontation, @M_Farmaajo has provocatively deployed security forces precariously close to security details of former presidents. @M_Farmaajo has been itching to provoke a fight & looked for any pretext to trigger a confrontation.
When all of that failed to trigger a response, the deranged dictator ordered his troops to wage a full frontal assault on the hotel the former presidents were staying. New statement issued by @TheVillaSomalia that it repulsed an attack is comical way to describe what transpired
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14 Feb
#MustRead Article by @Abukar_Arman: “@M_Farmaajo will be leaving behind a gridlock of false narratives, a country that is bitterly polarized and dangerously exposed for exploitation and perpetual division.”…
Because @Abukar_Arman approaches his analysis and critique from an impartial & informed position, his articles are always insightful & important barometer of discerning the facts from the fictions & phony narratives spewed by partisan hacks.
“Four years later, @M_Farmaajo presidency would probably be remembered as one of the worst.  Security has never been worse and al-Shabaab has never been deadlier.”…
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10 Feb
Per sources, the original statement from the UNSC was intended to be much more critical of @M_Farmaajo than the bland statement below. @UNSomalia’s James Swan personally coordinated with @TheVillaSomalia to call for new round of talks, thereby preempting the UNSC.
James Swan who has provided a diplomatic cushion to @M_Farmaajo’s belligerence is partly responsible for the current constitutional crisis. Him & the AU’s Madeira are both in bed with Farmaajo.
Both Madeira & James Swan have undermined the political opposition and the federal member states standing up to @M_Farmaajo’s election rigging.
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