First of all, I went out of my way to talk to that page because I thought maybe for a second it would be nice to treat natural disasters similar to how anime fans put aside our differences during the KyoAni fire a few years ago

Second, what money do I have to give? I’m poor af Image
I’m being transparent when I say I can’t personally help financially. Besides cash I got set aside for healthcare reasons, I have zero cash to spend on anything. I’m poor like many I’m trying to help rn
Despite my own constant predicament of being poor, I know that I have the know-how and influence to make a difference and bring people together. So quite frankly, yeah. I won’t be unblocking you people.

This kind of shit is why you were blocked to begin with lol
I got them to delete that callout because I know I don’t need to be the center of this. It’s not about me. I don’t need any of your approval or need credit for doing mutual aid. I help others all of the time and don’t brag about because I’m not that kind of person
If I got that page to agree with me not needing to be the center of this and me not needing to be the messenger that their own audience will always reject, then that should say something

There’ll be other creators and vtubers helping me with this effort when the time comes
I’m also being honest when I say I don’t need ya’ll haters to join in. I came to ya’ll with an opportunity to not be petty for just a moment to do something decent.

I’ve been helping people my entire life, especially through charity. It’s a fact that I don’t need you.
Now for context, since ya’ll can’t piece it together. If I indeed don’t need you, and if I went out of my way to try to include you, logic would dictate and deduce that, wow, maybe I’m just attempting to mend bridges by including ya’ll in something bigger than daily drama
It’s your choice to burn bridges. If you do decide to burn bridges, then you can’t blame minorities who, quite frankly, are everywhere in vtuber circles, distrust you even more

It reminds us of gamers like OAG and Quartering who seethe daily for lucrative culture war clicks
As I’ve said quite clearly in my debut stream, I want to be left alone. I want my friends to be left alone. I realize if I want to accomplish this, then I should at least try to mend bridges and maybe, for a moment, not assume the worst.

This is not a good way of responding
FYI and massive life hack tip: the people you SHOULD be most skeptical of when it comes to charity are the ones who brag about it the most. The people who do this the most are famous celebrities and politicians. It’s always for a PR purpose to buy goodwill from the public
Think logically. If goodwill was something I wanted, would I talk shit about you and talk to you in general the way that I do? No.

What goodwill do I need from ego-centric folks who think I’m a “supervillain”? Hard pass.

I don’t need to be your friend to want to mend bridges Image

• • •

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22 Feb
Have you ever felt exhausted and lost your appetite for something you’re passionate about like content creation, writing, art, etc? When you work harder and you keep at it without the results that you expect, this “wtf is wrong with me” intrusiveness occurs?

You’re burned out
One of the main reasons why I despise hustle culture is not just because of the surface layer advice that’s given without context to an individual’s success, but because those unrealistic expectations under modern life actually IS harmful for us…
Say you take the advice of “if you love what you do, then you’ll never work a day in your life”.

You go in not understanding what makes successful people successful, and you’re met with the reality that YOU are not THEM

Expectations don’t meet Reality here
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20 Feb
I’ve said this in private, but I’ll say this once. If you’re some leftist, liberal, or some passerby that is taking joy out of what’s happening to people in Texas bc reasons, I want you to know that not only are you a despicable human being, but I also want nothing to do with you
The way in which your supposed righteousness and capacity to give a shit about others becomes selective with who you perceive is suffering is beyond me. I cannot fathom thinking that just because people live in a Red State, that means everyone there deserves to perish
I remember the feigned outrage liberals had with Trump abandoning New York at the height of COVID early on and expressed similar concerns or when Trump abandoned California during the fires half a year ago. Now that you’re in power and are at brunch, you’re no different tbh
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16 Feb
Ya’ll’ve been waiting so patiently (or forgot. I forgive you). Here’s my mega-thread about stuff I found interesting about Twitch Affiliate (TA)/Partner (TP) and the YouTube Partner Program (YPP)

I spent all weekend reading the fine print, so feel free to ask questions as I go~ Image
To keep it organized, I’m just gonna go thru my notes since it’s all chronological. After I list my notes and comments down, I’ll answer the burning question about which program a content creator or #Vtuber should opt for
Twitch Affiliate (TA) fine print I found interesting

1) Application rejection: yes. Your application for Affiliate can be rejected (even if you qualify) IF you’ve violated ToS and Community Guidelines or just ANY violation or abuse in general

Interesting fact to keep in mind
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16 Feb
Gatekeeping, especially for consumer mediums, occupations and consumer identities, is interesting. Gatekeeping, in of itself, to me, is not “good” or “bad”. Gatekeeping is a matter of ability and power to restrict access and another’s willingness to perceive restricted access.
The attempt in question has a clear political objective with the history of this individual’s politics (as well, consistently so, with this general audience’s politics).

This loose, decentralized collection of losers can be called “Anime Right” if you need a label to distinguish
The general motto is “Gatekeep your hobbies” omitting who they mean. Some in the “Anime Right” mean it in an anti-semitic way, some insert “degenerates” as a slur to mean anybody LGBTQIA+ or BIPOC and proud of it, and also some mean it to gatekeep people who stigmatize pedophilia
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15 Feb
Is there, like, a list of unproblematic charities? It's really hard to think of a short list of possible charities I can stream for since mutual aid networks aren't available with streaming tools

The only non-problematic charity I can think of is the Bail Fund
I mean, an alternative is just using Twitch Hype Train and then send proceedings over to a mutual aid network

That could work. I'd have to work on branding for that without sounding like a total bitch explaining why I don't trust charities and love mutual aid.
"Hey Rei, why don't you do charity streams or Extra Life?"

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15 Feb
Before I make my Twitch Affiliate/Partner Program vs YouTube Partner Program mega thread, I wanna take some time to thank everyone, friends, mutuals, and fans included, for wishing me a Happy Birthday this weekend even if belated and congrats for me reaching Twitch Affiliate!
It means a lot that ya’ll would just wish me a Happy Birthday or wish me a congrats (I was expecting Affiliate to be achieved quick when I broke my hiatus) when you really didn’t have to. My success is your success.

I, just like any other influencer, can’t do this alone
I said this before and I’ll say it again because it’s not an unpopular opinion, but fact: not a single influencer, content creator, vtuber, etc can’t succeed and make progress as creators and influencers without the people who support them

I may work my ass off, but ya’ll help
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