bro have you even read Old Testament, it has pages and pages of God cancelling Bible characters
Ezekiel 28 is literally about how God cancelled Lucifer
God even cancelled all but one couple from every species of animal
If God was willing to cancel all humans except one family, he'd totally cancel this Lot, I mean lot.
Look, as Christians, just accept that sometimes cancellation is your Lot in wife
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18 Feb
Serena Williams is so great she has a sister who was once the single greatest prospect tennis had seen since Martina Hingis, who won 5 Wimbledons, 2 US Opens, a Grand Slam Cup, a WTA Tour Finals, 4 Olympic medals, has a 76% career win record-& we don't even talk about her
In any other family maybe ever Venus Williams would be the superstar athlete who was the cynosure of all eyes and he no. 1 topic of conversation and centre of attention at every holiday gathering- but in the Williams home she's the other kid who also played tennis.

Lets be clear, Venus Williams has had one of the greatest tennis careers in the history of the sport. She's a lock for the HOF. She was a lock by the time she was 24. It just so happens she's in a house with the greatest career maybe in all sports. What are the odds
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18 Feb
This entire poll is flawed because the actual correct option, Ekalavya, isnt even on here.
Ekalavya was attacked by hunting dogs and shot their mouths full of an interlocked mesh of arrows so they couldnt bite down- without hurting the dogs at all- while they ran at him. FOH with the Hawkeye Legolas crap
Ekalavya practiced archery by driving an arrowhead into a tree and then hitting it dead on with each arrow splitting the last so the entire quiver was exhausted and the only mark left on the tree was the indentation from the first arrowhead
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18 Feb
The fact that a public official can afford to flee a state with his family to a private resort while his electorate freezes and starves to death should tell you that winning by election is not actually a consideration he thinks is relevant.
This is how officials in false democracies with sham elections act, not actual ones because in a real democracy, this would be a career death sentence. that Cruz knows it isnt should tell you all you need to know about the state of gerrymandering and democracy in Texas
Think about the fact that not only did he flee, he also didn't care if people knew he did. That is the level of contempt for both the voter & the vote because the guy knows his wins will come via rigging(yes gerrymandering is rigging) and popularity isnt remotely a consideration
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14 Feb
A tweet that encapsulates the BS of cricket commentary from certain countries. When it bounces and seams about & the WACA has cracks so deep you could fall into one and end up in Satan's parlour, it's a "sporting" wicket but the moment it turns, it's a "doctored" pitch.
Mitch Starc hits one of those cracks & the ball shoots through at ankle height & it's "devastating bowling", but Ashwin turns one and its all about the pitch being iffy. But when Shane Warne played alongside this guy and did the same it was just him being a "genius" FOH with this
It also does not escape me that literally every country accused of having "doctored" pitches is a traditional non-white cricketing country, funny how that happens, huh?
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14 Feb
For about 10 years, if you were captaining your country in cricket, this was the most terrifying sight in your life.
Clive Lloyd took over a friendly, flawed team known as "Calypso Cricketers", rebuilt it into the most terrifying, physically intimidating force cricket has ever seen, led it to 3 consecutive World Cup finals and 2 titles in his 11 year run & thats not even the peak of his run
Also if you aren't familiar with the story of one of the greatest Black Pride stories in the history of all sports, please do yourself a favour and watch this:
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13 Feb
So there's a school somewhere in Jalandhar that has now sent me a third email about the academic performance of my son and somewhere out there are a really relieved kid and a really confused principal but mostly there's a very conflicted me STOP TEMPTING ME PLEASE MR PRINCIPAL
"Yes, I know Ravinder has failed in maths but thats because we insist he does. I too always failed in maths. I don't want him to think he's better than me. Please just give him extra marks in physical education to compensate, thank you."
"Also I just want to check, in order to not hurt his mothers feelings he is also supposed to fail in Physics. We however suspect he may be lying and has secretly got good marks. Can you confirm? Have you seen any warning signs we should worry about, like smiling after exams?"
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