I'm going to continue to wait until Sunday to discuss the latest Wandavision.

I'm not shaming those of you who only give it a day. You're not being asshats, IMHO. But I like to err on the side of letting everyone catch up.

Also that midnight Disney glitch was something the fuck else.

I ended up having to get my own Disney+ over it
AND I didn't get the free week because someone was using my email for a Disney account.

Now here's the weird part.

There's a woman in another country that speaks another language who thinks my email is hers.

But, she uses it as a master email for so much fucking shit.

Whereas it's for me a master email and a personal email for family and such. Everything else goes into folders and ignored.
Anyhoo she set it up as a backup for her normal email or whatever.

So I unhooked it and did some stuff so she can't do that again lol

But she clearly thinks it's a master email for her. Which is wild. I should use a translation program and email her on the backup email and
ask her what the fuck is up.

I'm not even mad. Tho having to clear her out of multiple accounts has been a pain in the ass because she dicks with tons of settings, plus the foreign language aspect.

• • •

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21 Feb
Give all politicians who qualify to run a set amount. Set campaign limitations to a six week time period. Offer equal access for TV/radio ads for free as PSAs divided equally to qualified candidates.

Let politicians focus on doing their jobs.

Why don't politicians want to do this since it seems a no-brainer?

Many reasons here's a couple. They get to keep money they raise and don't use under some circumstances, so it's literally self enrichment. Plus perks like biz flying them to islands to pitch them.
And because money gives established politicians a giant edge.

That's why the guy AOC shoved out was such a shock, he was comfy oh so comfy in his established seat and she wore out shoes.

But normally the money wins.
Read 4 tweets
21 Feb
So this is what money apps do to sex workers all the time.

I have friends who've lost thousands.

So I would bet you money tht she got flagged...as a sex worker because her name indicates she's a female and because of her writing on twitter, she probably got a lot of tips in a day with 'love you' or hearts.

So they nuked her and stole her money.

I know ppl lost thousands.
And when paypal did this to me, with similar language, no ability to appeal and a dark dept. that handles it that I was told I could not speak to directly in any way for REASONS

I only lost a penny bc I transfered money out all the time.
Read 8 tweets
20 Feb
Also please understand something about what I'm calling SOUTHERN SLANDER.

It's not right, I'm not defending it. But let me explain something while some Southerners are suffering now.
A lot of that suffering is because of deregulation, specifically for profits and benefits most Southerners are never seeing, of course.

But...being part of the UNITED States means that some STATES and some PEOPLE are paying more ...for you.
People in New York are paying more, and people in the Southern States...

are taking more.

Thems the facts, so your Bootstrappy bullshit is just that.
Read 11 tweets
20 Feb
The corollary would be other countries mocking our suffering and deaths...because of Trump.

Many people suffering didn't "vote for this". There are voter suppression issues. Dark money issues. Propaganda issues.

And even those not innocent?

Those with the means, who are the most likely shitbags...can hop a plane to Cancun.
There's absolutely a better way to point the finger of blame SQUARELY where it belongs, with GOP lies, GOP deregulations, GOP greed, etc.

without mocking those who are suffering most, which are generally people on the lowest income scales already suffering most.
Read 4 tweets
19 Feb
This isn't a dunk on Ted Cruz.

I have a VERY clear recollection of who I was as a child. I would have been devastated as a ten year old if my father used me in a lie. I would have understood the desire to get out of trouble, but it would have CRUSHED me.

He's a piece of shit.
Because they're going to be aware of it. And he knew that.
And actually here's the big difference because I've been thinking about WHY this bothers me so much.

It's that he basically blamed them. That's what's atrocious. My parents did involve us in fibs...like children's menu fibs. And we understood why. I'm sure most parents bend
Read 6 tweets
19 Feb
So seriously and I'm asking this in good faith and so don't be dicks or snarky in the replies please.

But why DID so many Texans vote for Ted Cruz? Why did Beto lose?
Because Ted Cruz is an unlikeable motherfucker. Even his supporters seemed well aware of that fact.
So the main answer I'm hearing, which ofc makes total sense, is that people vote party. And as long as it's not a democrat/lib...they'll vote for them.

With a sprinkle of 'they also like that Ted Cruz pisses other people off'
Read 5 tweets

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