Wow, Morgan McSweeney again, Rachel Riley, SFFN, Center for Countering Digital Hate, Imran Ahmed, JLM, BoD, Angela Eagle, Tracy-Ann Oberman, Lisa Nandy, Steve Reed, Jon Cruddas, Trevor Chinn, Martin Taylor, Lord Ian Austin and Mark Lewis. #LabourLeaks #StarmerOut 24 tweet🧵
Morgan McSweeney, Keir Starmer’s chief of staff, launched the organisation that now runs SFFN.
The CEO Imran Ahmed worked closely with a number of Labour figures involved in the campaign to remove Jeremy as leader.

Rachel Riley is listed as patron.…
SFFN claims that it has been “a project of the Center For Countering Digital Hate” since 4 May 2020. The relationship between the two organisations, however, appears to date back far longer. And crucially, CCDH is linked to a number of figures on the Labour right. #LabourLeaks
Center for Countering Digital Hate registered at Companies House on 19 Oct 2018, the organisation’s only director was Morgan McSweeney – Labour leader Keir Starmer’s chief of staff. McSweeney was also the campaign manager for Liz Kendall’s leadership bid. #LabourLeaks #StarmerOut
Sir Keir - along with his chief of staff, Morgan McSweeney - held his first meeting with the Jewish Labour Movement (JLM). Deliberately used the “anti-Semitism” crisis as a pretext to vilify and then expel a leading pro-Corbyn activist in Brighton and Hove…
With Sir Keir meeting JLM representatives and with the BoD end-of-May deadline getting nearer, the Labour Party apparatchiks were under pressure. Something had to be done to meet the demands of both the BoD and the JLM. The purge began. #LabourLeaks
Imran Ahmed, according to his Twitter profile, is the “founding CEO of CCDH & SFFN” – thus suggesting his involvement in SFFN since it was first launched in early 2019.

Ahmed also admitted that “SFFN… was one of our earlier projects”. #LabourLeaks #ChickenCoup #StarmerOut
Ahmed, as CEO of an organisation whose director was McSweeney, thus appears to have been operating SFFN long before both organisations have been willing to openly admit.

He is also connected to a number of Labour figures involved in the campaign to remove Jeremy Corbyn
Ahmed worked as special advisor to Hilary Benn, encouraged a vote of “no confidence” against Corbyn in 2016. Was head of communications for Angela #Brickgate Eagle, who launched a leadership challenge the same year. Benn and Eagle “consistently voted” for the Iraq War.
Imran “Imi” Ahmed……reputed to be the source of a prominent #FakeNews storyline which occupied the mainstream media all through the summer of 2016. It concerned #Brickgate – or the trivial matter of a smashed communal stairwell window in Wallasey…
#Brickgate didn’t really achieve a great deal ultimately because Jeremy Corbyn was re-elected as Labour leader with an increased majority, despite the mendacious slurs crayoned in banner headlines across the newspapers #LabourLeaks #ChickenCoup #StarmerOut…
Ahmed now also sits on the steering committee of Sir Keir Starmer's colleague Theresa May’s Commission for Countering Extremism, where he advises on “conspiracist “news” sites”. #LabourLeaks #ChickenCoup #StarmerOut
Sep 2018 - Angela Eagle and Imran Ahmed worked closely and wrote a book together.

Mark D'Arcy in conversation with Labour MP Angela Eagle and Imran Ahmed, discussing their new book The New Serfdom. #StarmerOut #ChickenCoup #LabourLeaks…
Imran Ahmed can’t quite believe it, his Centre for Countering Digital Hate (CCDH) is now playing with the big boys.

That week working with Tracy-Ann Oberman. #StarmerOut #ChickenCoup #LabourLeaks…
In 2009 he offered to work for free. That got him into Parliament and a career as Special Adviser to Hilary Benn & Alan Johnson. His core mission is to stop bullies. Scratch a racist, Ahmed says, and there is almost always antisemitism underneath. #LabourLeaks #StarmerOut
CCDH lists Countdown figure Rachel Riley as its only patron, adding that it receives additional funds from “Philanthropic trusts and members of the public”. During its effort to demonetise The Canary, SFFN did not publish its own sources of funding. #LabourLeaks #StarmerOut
In Jacobin Magazine's scathing article about CCDH, journalist Branko Marcetic warned: “They’ll Come For Us [the left] Next”.

It seems they already have.

The Canary contacted Imran Ahmed, CCDH, SFFN, and Rachel Riley for comment. None had responded at the time of publication.
CCDH also shares its address with “Blue Labour” campaign group Labour Together, formerly directed by McSweeney, and now co-directed by Labour shadow foreign secretary Lisa Nandy. #StarmerOut #ChickenCoup #LabourLeaks
Companies House records for the company behind Labour Together show McSweeney was also secretary from July 2017 to April 2020, when Starmer became leader of the Labour Party and is being investigated for failing to declare financial backers. #StarmerOut…
The investigation was opened in December 2020. Current directors are Lisa Nandy, Steve Reed, Jon Cruddas and Sir Trevor Chinn, who also donated £50,000 to Keir Starmer.

Sir Trevor Chinn has given the group £225,500. He funded other too, all anti-Corbyn MP's. #StarmerOut
Chinn has also funded both Labour Friends of Israel & Conservative Friends of Israel. He also plays a leading role in the Israel lobby groups BICOM & the Jewish Leadership Council. Trevor Chinn (left) Mark Regev (2nd left). Chinn for years funded anti-Corbyn efforts. #ChickenCoup
Labour Together's most significant donor to date is Martin Taylor, who was revealed in 2015 to be a Mayfair hedge fund manager having then given £600,000 to the party under the leadership of Ed Miliband. Taylor has given the group over £700,000. #StarmerOut #LabourLeaks
Labour Together is under investigation by the UK's Electoral Commission after allegedly failing to declare over £800,000 in donations within the time required under law. Potential failures would be breaches of the Political Parties, Elections and Referendums Act 2000 #LabourLeaks
Rachel Riley & Ian Austin are involved in another organisation, Mainstream, although there is no mention on their Wikepedia pages & the website link is dead. Austin is now the Prime Ministerial Trade Envoy to Israel & Johnson has given a life time peerage…
Coincidently Rachel Riley and Mr Oberman share the same Lawyer, Mark Lewis who is ALSO now acting on behalf of Jon Ashworth's wife Emilie Oldknow in an attempt to reveal the whistleblower of #LabourLeaks next week.…

• • •

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22 Feb
Coincidence?, Labour Together is under investigation by the Electoral Commission. A Director involved funded Lord Ian Austin & others. Austin & others were involved with 'Mainstream'. Mainstream Network are being investigated #StarmerOut #LabourLeaks 1/7🧵… Image
2/7. A group fronted by former Labour MP Ian Austin spent more than £134,000. Mainstream UK, which hired PR firm Public First, ran polls as well as Facebook ads targeting Labour. Its last post was on election day #LabourLeaks

They did not return any spending declaration at all. Image
3/7. All involved were anti-Corbyn. There are other connections too. Some of the names have been mentioned in multiple investigations, ( SFFN, CCDH etc ) they include past and present Company Directors of Labour Together and others👇. #Labourleaks #StarmerOut Image
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21 Feb
Lord Waheed Alli gave Sir Keir Starmer £100,000, he worked with David Cameron at Carlton Communications and as part of Tony Blair’s election team. He co-founded Shine Limited with Elisabeth Murdoch daughter of Rupert Murdoch. #StarmerOut #LabourLeaks
2011. Elisabeth Murdoch to join board of News Corp after £415m buyout of Shine
Shine Television's founder will have similar status in her father's company to her brother James Murdoch when deal is complete. #LabourLeaks…
Elisabeth & Rupert.
As well as Keir Starmer & the Labour Party Alli has donated directly to anti - Corbyn MP's Jess Phillips, Owen Smith, Angela Eagle and Liz Kendall. Lord Alli's TV production company Silvergate Media sold to Sony Pictures Television in a £148million deal…
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21 Feb
A death threat, another confession, Board of Deputies, Tony Blair, James O'Brien, Mark Regev, Spy Shai Masot, Spy Assaf Kaplan, Unit 8200, Campaign Against Antisemitism, Keir Starmer, Trevor Chinn, Tories and Netanyahu. 23 Tweets🧵4 videos. #LabourLeaks #StarmerOut #ChickenCoup
In 2019 the former President of the Board of Deputies called for Jeremy Corbyn to be '‘Sacrificed’'. Then in 2020 Israel lobbyist, Joe Glasman delighted. We “Slaughtered” Jeremy Corbyn “The Beast is Slain”. 2 Videos. #LabourLeaks…
Lionel Kopelowitz, of the Board of Deputies of British Jews, appeared at a BOD meeting to congratulate departing president Jonathan Arkush on a letter he had written about antisemitism in the Labour Party – and to call for Corbyn to be ‘Sacrificed’.
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19 Feb
Former managing director of Labour Together is Morgan McSweeney, Keir Starmer's chief of staff. Companies House records for Labour Together show HE was secretary from July 2017 to April 2020, when Starmer became leader. McSweeney is friends with Anne Marie Waters. #LabourLeaks
JAN 2020; We can reveal that far-right extremist group For Britain has deployed an activist in Scotland to try to develop links among serving and retired forces personnel.

Our probe also revealed soldiers with links to Nazi thugs’ group Combat 18. #LabourLeaks #StarmerOut
Far-right activist sent to Scotland to infiltrate army as veterans targeted by race hate group. An investigation has discovered For Britain – headed by ­Islamophobe Anne Marie Waters – has targeted the Forces. #LabourLeaks #StarmerOut…
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19 Feb
Recall is used to describe a process where the electorate in an area can trigger a special election to remove an elected representative before the end of their term. A recall procedure was introduced in the UK in 2015. #LabourLeaks #ChickenCoup #LFI…
A recall procedure was introduced in the UK in 2015. It only applies to Members of Parliament and was a response to the MPs’ expenses scandal that occurred in the run up to the 2010 General Election. #LabourLeaks #ChickenCoup
MPs can be recalled only under certain circumstances:

1. If they are convicted in the UK of an offence and sentenced or ordered to be imprisoned or detained and all appeals have been exhausted (and the sentence does not lead to automatic disqualification from being an MP)
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19 Feb
#ChickenCoup There are plenty of confessions including one from a Labour front bencher, an ex Labour MP, a Labor Israel MP, an executive of JLM, spies etc, including video, audio and transcripts plus the 851 page #LabourLeaks report, just waiting for the Forde Inquiry Report.🧵👇
Front bencher Jon Ashworth “No because we f***ed it up; we f***ed it up in 2016 when we went too early. People like me were internally saying ‘this isn’t the right moment’ but I got kind of ignored, we went too early.” #LabourLeaks #ChickenCoup #StarmerOut
Joan Ryan became infamous in 2017, when an undercover Al Jazeera investigation exposed her close relationship with the Israeli embassy, shows Ryan fabricating a charge of anti-Semitism against a Labour member who challenged her anti-Palestinian stance.
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