Thank you for being patient with me while I learn to respect what has occurred, rather than just scream and yell and hate it.

Shout out to the cast and crew of @MagiciansSYFY

If this relates, it'll be at Lake Tahoe circa winter 1982-3.…
I now have deeper understanding of the context surrounding this event. Honestly, I'm not sure I would have made a different decision. Then again, I'm not stuck in your time loops or fighting with Ai. So....

A 4 for 4.


Baby, it's cold outside.

Parent Hoods
The body at large is definitely reviewing events associated with that "Professor Fog got left behind in the ether" episode today...

Near an Alabama air port

1 dear An
all am 1
Heir port

1 Trump AR Ana Lab AM ba, I report.

It was precisely 3:33am.

Recognize how Josh & Tarah got into the moon rock room to beging with. Realize it was Andy C's shade.

Why do you think Marina had a blonde pixie cut & red lips?

Do you know who your greatest Scott is? Describe the quality of the shower you need most. 🙏🏻

Also congratulations on all your success. Super lawyers.

BTW, Hale, any relation to the A in BAL?
Fascinating typo...

"To beging with"

To be ginger with...

That makes perfect sense to me. I accidentally walked out with ginger I didn't pay for. I walked back in to pay, but then I was behind a version of Melissa. Y'all didn't now about their smalls. I knew all their names.
God willing, some day, we will be together in the same space and time, and I can look each of you in the face and say, "What up homie?"

Also, stop playing God and start praying to Jesus. You know full well why you find yourselves in this predicament.

(Pre dick 1 mind. Get it?)
Also, yes, it's all true, it all happened and is happening, and I'm definitely experiencing it on this side of things. The time loops themselves are a curse and a condemnation and I pray you all are freed from them quickly. It's absolute psychological torture to hear them.
Perhaps to shoot down falling moon rocks, or to fend off dark matter thrown into our dimension, or to send signals far out into space where your teammates are now cohabiting with actual grey aliens, arcturians and pleiadians. My eyes have seen... My body has FELT. ask Katherine.
Purple Selfie Stick
Master, not guest.
Eau de toilette
Pas un douche cendrée
Get it?

Sever Al Cam eras on Bored
Several 3am erase on OORed
S Eve R 1 ABC 113 ⭐ aha's

Implicitly and explicitly, no questions asked.
Do you
Know how
2 make back
Yeard fee ding
Safe 4
Bird S

Sa fe RDB
We're not running. This is where we stand our ground. I know she went through BAL. AFTER I started working there. You all realize what that means, right?

Oh, the vanity ...

Word 2
Ur Mother
This catch phrase definitely made its way into episode 6 of season 5.

On tape

Again, this most definitely relates to Fog and Katie. Right, Alicia?

It was me. I was there. So we're y'all. I wore a black peacock feather print dress with lace collar and grey suede Fergie brand knee high boots. It was Caleb's apartment. This recording is from my phone.

Villa Low Blows

If only I had understood that I was meeting a backwards Goldy who didn't know me, despite being acquainted with forward Godly fairly well. It wouldn't be until after Gainesville and the nuclear annihilation that I would even realize I had met multiple versions of y'all.
This also correlates to Bill Funk getting hypothermia while camping sometime between 1986 and 1988.
Hen 8
85 1 Date
I'm glad you all recognize that many different teams are working together to arrive at the truth.

Roger's tone
The Alex jones
LOOP Capital 1 tryouts
Par D's nuts.

1 story (ranch)
2 tell (OR knot toot hell)

Back up and let God show you that your "fix" is the problem, his plan was the solution already.

Psalm 31:7-8

I will rejoice & be glad in your faithful love because you have seen my affliction. You know the troubles of my soul, & have not handed me over to the enemy. You have set my feet in a spacious place.

My face
Cow boy
Sand Mary
Night sis AAA 512 4
S par 11 + An 11
S park T. (H)ank(s)
Spar 11, tan 11

Ai pare 44, TAP
Emergency protocols are in effect

Emergeing C pro taw
calls Erin without cause

Beckoning of the Besht
Baal Shem Tov
Thank you Atlanta 🙏🏻
Sarah (lives on) Roberts (Lane)

1 bike it
Love It
Got +1
Have IT

Az iz anzer I
OS tin

No, there is no daily spending limit on THAT card in fact, it's totally the other way around. WTAH?
Covenant life

• • •

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Thank you for turning the light on at that exact moment. Please review the audio with everyone involved.
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Dear @FBI @DHSgov @NSAGov,

It is not entirely clear that this man killed this woman (other post mortem crimes notwithstanding). Please consider Jeremiah 9:20-22.

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