Some serious Political theatre went down today.

How many people worked out what was portrayed right in-front of them?

Watch how this plays out.
(2-6) MP Catherine Cummings booed off stage.
Good luck getting any Dr’s on board.
(3-6) And the show continues to launch the Reignite Democracy Political Party.
(4-6) What a setup. Love the glove prop just ready to go.
(5-6) And here it is. We are coming for all the marginal seats.

How much is Jim Penman still involved behind the scenes?
(6-6) Penman seems to be a common thread. Even Lachie Kavanagh owns a Jim’s Mowing. ImageImageImage
What is not so apparent is RDA’s links with the conservative wing of the Liberal party...

theguardian.com/australia-news… ImageImageImageImage
Who is behind Reignite? “Sack Dan” was not Smit’s first foray into campaigning against Andrews. May 2020 she and “freelance journalist”, Stephanie Bastiaan, worked on videos for Victoria Forward. Bastiaan is married to the former Vic Liberal party operative Marcus Bastiaan.
Bastiaan was employed in federal MP Michael Sukkar’s office as an electorate officer. Smit has been interviewed on Goodsauce News, a Christian media site established by David Pellow. A digital marketing strategist and conservative Christian, who worked campaigns for the Liberals.
Completely staged. Cummins said she was just in the area dropping her son off at the cricket. Righto.. How many times have you worked with Monica? Image
Here Catherine Cummins 5 months ago sprucing Reignite Democracy.

These people are scamming there own supporters. Monica will fit right in with the politicians.

When I said a Psyop was going to take place I didn’t think it would be this sad.

And by the looks everyone fell for it hook line and sinker.

Here is Catherine Cummins talking up Avi Yemini and Monica in parliament. If you think Yemini is a real journalist god help you.
Great to see Jacquie Dundee raising concerns re: Agent Provocateurs.

Jacquie I hope you didn’t fall for Monica’a theatre production.

• • •

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21 Feb
I’m actually really shocked. I wasn’t expecting this. People are really waking up.
Daniel Andrews pay attention. No amount of brainwashing with the media is going to work any longer.
MSM is already in overdrive trying to discredit the right for the crowd to express how they feel.

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21 Feb
Bit of photoshop action on the orange perhaps?

Make your own mind up. I think I can see a syringe here.

I don’t believe they would give an experimental vaccine to the prime minister. Imagine the fallout if this went bad.
For the sake of clarity.
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19 Feb
Cmon no way! Honestly not even trying.
Probably just the mask pulling down his ear.
No way this fraud took the shot. No chance
William Gates, Sr. served on the national board of Planned Parenthood and remained committed to the eugenics agenda for many decades.

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18 Feb
Facebook originally a CIA program called "LifeLog".
LifeLog, via DARPA, terminated on Feb 4th, 2004.
Facebook was launched on Feb 4th, 2004.
Many of the LifeLog team became execs at FB.
Zuckerberg is a figurehead.
CIA allowed Cambridge to help Trump win

Pentagon Kills LifeLog Project

Facebook is a CIA operation. key investor in Parler, the Mercers, who ran Cambridge Analytica, hoovered up millions of FB users' data in elaborate personality test app. Mercer donated $15-25M Trumps 2016 campaign


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18 Feb
How’s this for a joke:

The Victorian government has signed a deal with Microsoft, for an undisclosed amount, to provide a management platform to co-ordinate the logistics and scheduled delivery of the vaccines at clinics. smh.com.au/technology/cov…
But here is the kicker.

Microsoft’s Azure has been given ‘Protected’ status by the Australian Signals Directorate.

Australian signals decorate funding by Palantir.
Jane Haton’s Vault has all of Australia’s cloud contract.


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16 Feb
Daniel Andrews scored a leadership nomination. Interestingly Julia Gillard is on the selection committee. #mckinnonprize
Gillard is a fabian as is Andrews. Penny Wong won this in 2018, Wong is a fabian.

Gillard is chair of Wellcome trust.
Id say Daniel Andrews wins this!
George Bernard Shaw Fabian Socialist

“.. If it were discovered that you had not character enough to be worth all this trouble, you might possibly be executed in a kindly manner; but whilst you were permitted to live you would have to live well.”

Margaret Sanger, George Bernard Shaw, eugenicists that all supported not only Hitler's methods but a call for a humane gas to kill thousands of undesirables.
While most labor leaders are Fabians and Gillard is chair of Margaret Sanger’s Wellcome trust. threadreaderapp.com/thread/1331065…
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