If you're a political party with really thin skin and can't handle a single word of criticism from anyone local or international, how do you go about achieving that goal? Simple! You find something that has a great historical reputation and you hide behind it. In this case...
...thing you hide behind is the country. That way, whenever someone throws some criticism in the general direction of your governance, your policies, and your propaganda-powered way of life, you can just claim that it is not you that is being insulted, it is the country. You...
...hope that people will not be able to tell the difference between you and the nation. But they can and they will. Because try as you might, history is not so easily erased. People remember that the nation is older than you and greater than you and that there is much more to...
...it than your sorry little presence. The weak and spineless always try to hide in the shadow of that which is greater than them. This is because they know they deserve all the ridicule coming their way. They know they can't say "you can't insult our party". So they hide...
...behind the country and say "you should stop insulting the country". In truth, as far as this country is concerned, the only thing still holding up our global reputation is the loud voices of dissent that echo in our streets. Had our reputation lived in the corridors of...
...power alone, it would've turned to dust long ago. The country's honour lies in the actions of those who are speaking up and those who are fighting against divisive forces. They're the ones making efforts to save the country's reputation in the world and to protect our honour.

• • •

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21 Feb
The Indian Prime Minister travelling to USA and saying "ab kii baar Trump sarkaar" is exactly like a sitting American President travelling to India and saying "ab kii baar Congress sarkaar". You can't be okay with one and not okay with the other. If maligning India's image is...
...a matter that we're going to discuss in the year 2021, then let us at least put blame where it squarely belongs. To not do so is entitlement plain and simple. It's saying we will do what we want but others can't. No number of "this India fights back" rhetoric can justify this.
In the MCU, the nation of Wakanda chose to actively stay out of the world's line of sight. It was an isolationist culture that didn't want to be spoken of. But in order to achieve that goal, it also kept quiet about the world. It goes both ways. India can't be a half-Wakanda.
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19 Feb
Art is a human impulse. It is a very fundamental expression of being human. We see beauty and ugliness and pain and joy and we express these things and the form our expression takes comes to be known as art. But art is also an occupation and the people who make art need to eat.
So throughout human history, people who make art have sought to find ways with which to sustain themselves. In another age, some artists went to royal courts to entertain kings and made their living that way. Some artists travelled all over the place and sought to make a...
...living from those who listened to them sing, dance, and tell stories. Some artists even sought the patronage of religious institutions of their day, choosing to become monks and priests in order to be able to do art. This is why we find a lot of medieval art created by...
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18 Feb
Is the BJP having to do more mehnat in Bengal than you thought it would?
I ask because if you remember, the Bihar election too was touted to be a cakewalk for them. And we all saw what happened. Though they win, they didn't end up being the single largest party and now are facing much internal squabbling. The margin of error between presumed ease...
...and actual ease makes for interesting watching. Because it seems that a significant part of their campaign strategy is "aayega toh Noddy hii". The bold assertive confidence and the chest-thumping. It's a way to enthuse their cadre sure, but it's also a way of demoralising...
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16 Feb
Since some people seem to be under the impression that fearing UAPA is a surefire sign of guilt, here is a thread full of articles showing what this so-called law actually entails. In short. In short, it goes against "innocent until proven guilty" maxim. It's a torture tool.
How UAPA curtails personal liberty, undermines fair trial hindustantimes.com/opinion/how-ua…
Branding Innocent Citizens As Terrorists: UAPA, A Law On Loose
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16 Feb
Ambedkar said "educate, agitate, organise". All three have been attacked. Education was attacked when Jamia and JNU were assaulted. Attempts are being made to make agitation look like a crime. As for organise, young people organising themselves is being discouraged through fear.
The intent is to devalue education so that people can never learn about the issues that matter - massive wealth gaps, systemic discrimination, and bigotry. So that people never even know what there is to get angry about. Many middle-class upper caste Indians do ask exactly that.
This is because the education they have received leaves them little more than trained workers who think the greatest compliment anyone can pay them is that they are "employable". They spend time on social media innocently wondering why people are so angry. They just can't relate.
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15 Feb
We have all heard stories about ambitious rakshasas meditating for thousands of years in order to gain immortality. And we have all seen them being refused, because Brahma would not grant actual immortality to them. So what does the ambitious rakshasa do? Simple, he asks for a...
...boon that grants him practical immortality. This means that though he can still die, the conditions that must come into being in order for him to die are so unlikely that he may as well be immortal. Ravana asked for the boon that no god, rakshasa, gandharva, or any...
...celestial being would be able to kill him. Hiranyakashyap asked that he may be killed neither outside nor inside, neither on the ground, nor the sky, neither by man nor animal. These were the ways in which these fine intellects sought to evade one of the fundamental truths...
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