ok but what if xl saves hc by pushing him out of the way of an incoming car, loses his eye from injury, and gets an emergency surgery from a mystery eye donor (fudging the medical details here) and wakes up with one red eye?
they don't even know each other yet, hc just is grateful/hs seen xl helping many a old person across the street and felt it'd be of better use to xl than to him, so it was a no brainer. he begins wearing an eyepatch then. and years later (xl leaves town for 10 years)
when xl is just a memory from hc's youth and he dreams about his face sometimes, then one day, xl returns and hc runs into him at the local farmer's market. his hair is pulled out of his face and his one red eye is startling in the day light and so beautiful and hc recognizes him
instantly. of course. that's his eye! and he's like, "Oh. Gege, are you good at picking out vegetables? Can you tell me which melon is riper?" and xl smiles and hc thought it was love at first sight when he was a teen, but his heart runs into overdrive now and he practically-
-squashes the melons in his hands. Xl helps him and hc can't help but mention how pretty his eys are and xl smiles softly but sadly and says, "Well, one isn't mine. I got into an accident a long time ago and some good Samaritan offered me their eye. I wish i could thank them."
"But, after the incident, I never saw them again, and well, then I left town, but the city's changed so much since I've gone, and I don't remember the way any longer."

The fox fafa's inside hc's head are YIPPING in delight. "I can show gege around, we can look together."
Anyway they fall in love like they were meant to be (bc they are, and they're soulmates) and after they get together xl lets himself into hc's apartment (bf spare key) to surprise him one afternoon, and he's just getting out of the shower and his eyepatch is off!
And he looks up at xl in sheer surprise and eyes WIDE OPEN and xl realizes, he's MISSING his left eye!!!!! And hc immediately shucks his hair in front of his face and tries to distract xl but xl is curious and asks what's happened.
Upon further inspection xl's brain is yelling at him that something seems familiar about him, something has since they first ran into each other and then hc can't bear to lie to gege so he says, "Gege, I meant to tell you from the beginning but....well...I thought you may be-

"Mad?? San Lang, you can tell me anything. Why would I be mad at you?" xl asks and closes the distance between them to run his palm along hc's jawline.

So hc tells xl the story and xl goes quiet and still and hc wants to touch him but keeps his arms at his side.
"I didn't need it," xl finally says and hc's face falls, but xl brings his hand back up. "But if you've given it to me, I will keep it safe for you." And xl kisses him and then yeah. Happily ever after.

Yeehaw. I just think xl with red eye BRRRRR

• • •

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21 Feb
modern au where extremely near sighted wwx accidentally sits on his glasses (bc he leaves them on his black-sheeted bed and they disappear) and crushes his glasses. He goes to check his contact inventory and realizes they're all expired. No choice but to rely on his roommate lwj!
You may be thinking, would these things happen? I absolutely did not sit on my glasses 4 minutes ago. ANYWAY.

Wwx is shite as checking up on expiration dates, he's usually too lazy for contacts bc who enjoys poking their eyeballs anyway. So! he is not seein much rn!
Making his way into the living room where lwj is doing some work on his laptop, or rather, the fuzzy outline of lwj is doing some work on....his....probably laptop? Not their cat. Probably.

"Hey, Lan Zhan you won't believe what I've just done."
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12 Feb
I am all for shape shifter bunnyxian who gets injured and found by the great hgj, and this is right after cloud recesses lessons, lwj is still, "I can't deal w these feelings about wwx" and wwx thinks lwj hates him, but lwj cares for his bunny form and wwx is in love instantly
bunnyxian gets to do everything he never got to do in human form around lwj. Hop into lwj's lap, give him little bunny kisses, sleep in lwj's bed, get his undivided attention and lwj doesn't even get mad at him! or push him away! it's absolute bliss, wwx never wants to return-
-to human form if this is how it is as a bunny!!!! But unfortunately, the first time lwj returns a bunny kiss (!!!!) wwx gets so flustered he POOFS back into human form (naked) and is like 😳😳"I can explain lan zhan..."

and lwj is like "???????" Bichen is drawn.
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8 Feb
single dad lwj brings ayuan to the library where wwx is a librarian, ayuan takes out books often. One day, ayuan forgets to return a book (he's 7)and it's past due. He panics, so he hides it until it's deemed missing and accrues A LOT of fees, wwx has to call the guardian on file
When wwx calls, a very deep voice answers and for a second wwx is like, oh wowza, but he's at work! So he says, "Hi, I'm calling in regards to Wen Yuan, is this Lan Wangji?"

Lwj instantly is worried his son is hurt, or in trouble (it's school hours so ayuan isn't home)
"Yes," lwj responds, pressing his phone closer to his face.

There's shuffling of papers on the other end of the line. "Hi, I'm Wei Ying, I work at the public library. We're calling about the fees accrued on Wen Yuan's account."

Lwj scrunches his brow. Fees?
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12 Jan
wangxian as ways i met folks i hooked up with (idea from @/varnesbutworse) :
wwx is a local delinquent failing out of HS, taking night classes and lwj is the volleyball captain who runs drills in the school hallways during night classes.
wwx and lwj meet at a cultural festival and wwx makes a joke about "laughing his contact out of his eye" they exchange numbers and start texting before they've even separated
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10 Jan
tw // alcohol

modern raver wwx who after a few unfortunate bad experiences at a rave has his best friend lwj tag along as his emotional support barricade from unwanted touches/interactions
Lwj isn't the rave type, but after a call from wwx at 3:46 a.m. (wwx is one of two numbers that bypass his do not disturb setting on his phone) from a sobbing wwx who didn't know where he was, or how he got there, lwj makes it his personal duty to go with wwx to every rave.
So that this kind of thing doesn't happen again.

Lwj deserves to be inducted into sainthood with how well he maintains his restraint when wwx shows up in the tiniest rave outfits, all crisscrossing straps, and pieces of fabric that barely constitute as clothing.
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9 Jan
Who would be polite to the roomba?
Who would say "thank you" to Alexa after asking a question?
Who would get jealous of the other being extra nice to the AI and showering it in compliments?
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