I am open to receive the love for me💫
❤️dealing with a Scorpio❤️

Reconciliation...this is heavy on their mind. They will like to come speak or see you. This person really misses you. They dream about you a lot, like everything is reminding them of you. They replay a lot of your guys conversation in their head.
They know the time is not right to rush in. Communication will be light and playful. Your told to trust the flow and give thanks for blessing that are coming.
You/them are being remind of the fun y’all shared together. The space made y’all closer in a way
❤️dealing with a sagittarius ❤️

An ego death is happening right now. They are doing heavy reflecting on their lives. You/them could had reached out or reconnected in some way but it didn’t go how you/them expected. Don’t take it personal, they weren’t ready.
Forgiveness is still need, you both have been triggered by the past. You/them question can you truly move on and heal. They want to ask for you to give them time, but they know it’s selfish. They need to go through a transformation, so are some of you.
Your being called to trust, only time will tell. Small group of you will get a text/call -1 week. Small group with be in and out communication but you will notice the changes. Rebuilding this foundation
❤️dealing with a libra❤️

There is some heavy projecting going on between this connection. You both are heavy mirroring each other. Spirit saying it time to own you part too. Accountability for yourself is need right now.
You are being show this, heal and mend this relationship with in yourself. You both are needing to know that you are worth of the love you truly want.
❤️dealing with a leo❤️

A fresh new start is here. They are heavily wanting to be vulnerable and rebuild with you. They have been healing, but also seeing how bad they hurt themselves not loving you correctly. I feel this connection is strong high level soulmate.
Some of you could’ve been separation for 6 months or more. While other of you, are in communication. The question on their mind lately, will this person truly accept me and rebuild with me. Trust this transformation was needed, by you guys accepting how
things where and focusing on you. You both grown so much. This new start will be a lot of passion and fun. I’m hearing trips
❤️dealing with a gemini❤️

Space is need right now. You/them could have been criticizing or being remind of old wounds and through it in each other face. You/them are judging the other for the pain they caused. You care for each other, but in your heart you know what is need.
It’s time to heal and address these old wounds. A cycle is being repeated right now cause your not take the time to understand and heal. Deep reflection is need
❤️dealing with a cancer❤️
This person is think of you a lot! They wake up with you on their mind. They have been getting hit with a lot of memories you guys shared together. You can be separated or barely to no communication. They can be pulling on you energetically and sending
You signs through music. A lot of you are confused by this person actions, it’s cause they are confused on how to take the next step. Spirit say some thing you might not understand, but things happen for a reason. The truth will be given soon.
❤️dealing with a Virgo❤️
Time to say hello to a new beginning. They are in love and ready to honor their true selves and feeling. They have really been healing. Addressing certain patterns within themselves and their environment. This union is strong, you both love each other.
Heavy sexual energy. “Best i ever had” type vibes. Yall nasty 🤣. Some of you, could had recent reconciliation. This time around is now, how can you work to grow, rebuild and deepen your bond together. Being Vulnerable and honest is what this new start consist of.
Not just to each other, but yourselves. Very strong best friend type of vibe. You can be separated from this person right now. This isn’t over, they are coming back. Different this time, you both
tips are not required but are greatly appreciated, thank you all for the constant support💫

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21 Feb
❤️ dealing with a Capricorn ❤️

They/you are missing the other a lot right now. Timing just doesn’t seem right now. You/them are trying to hard and adding to much pressure on this person and causing them to run from you. They don’t want you to see that they are going through it.
Huge ego death in both/ healing from abandonment wound. They are depressed. There barely any communication between you and them. A lot of 5d actions though. You are being told to embrace the memories that you have but you/ them need to focus on your own healing right now
Things seem cloud, cause your not suppose to know what happening but understand things happen for a reason. Stop chasing and face yourself. That why they run, cause you/them are running from you own pain.
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21 Feb
💕Love Message💕 Part 2

Love is within me, love is alway around me 🧿
❤️ dealing with a Taurus❤️

This person is watching you from a distance. They want to make a move, but the timing isn’t right. A karmic cycle is needing to be completed before this person full takes action. Things are balancing out not just in the connection, but in this person
Too. Small group of you will hear from this person soon, you are being told keep your boundaries up and don’t agree to things you know you don’t want cause you missed true. The past will be addressed but you need to be ready and open to know you might not
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20 Feb
Message - Water 💦 sign

Self sacrifice!

Channel song: how do u want by 2pac

You are at a stand still, and it feels like you been taking trip down memory lane a lot. Some of you, will be revisiting a past situation.
Spirit says it’s time to close this chapter or approach it from a different angle. Which means, what did you learn from separation. Cause it’s time to apply it. Small group of you will be leaving the past in the past. You had enough and choosing you.
This will cause your heart charka to open up, cause this will be painful but it will be healing. Cause your letting go and forgiving yourself and others. Others will be pushed to let go and surrender to this transformation that is happening around you.
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20 Feb
Message - Air 💨 sign

Key word : TESTED

Right now, you are being tested on, will keep your faith on the path spirit is taking you. Someone of you could’ve went through a really tough Mercury retrograde, that trigger you emotionally and mentally. It was a big wake up call.
Cause spirit said it was time for you to stop running from your feelings and own those bitches. You guys are really pushing through, and are starting to understand why things happen the way they did. It wasn’t happening to you, it was happening for you.
For the next few days, are important for a few of you. Pay attention to your feeling that are coming up. They need to be address. Call on your spiritual team, they are will to help and assist
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20 Feb
Message -Fire 🔥

You have all 1s here! New beginnings in love and stability. The seed you have planted, are ready to be picked. Small group of you have already started to see these manifestations come. Other I’m hearing first two weeks of March.
You have been balancing out your energy and you are now noticing the changes around you. 808 as i type, so unexpect money will be falling in people’s laps this week. Others are receiving their taxes. Save some for a rain day. There is a new start in love here.
I do see someone is wanting to pour equal amount of love back into you. Small group this is someone you have history with and your relationship is balancing out. You guys are being offer to try again, but from a healthier space and heart. Keep your boundaries up
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20 Feb
Message- Earth signs 🌍

Congratulation, your hard work from mercury retrograde is about to be rewarded. You have been really doing the work. Something you been working on is almost complete. A group of you, been working on new projects or making business and it will bring
financial gain for you. Other of you, will be granted a wish cause you are now getting out your own way. Mercury retrograde made of a lot of you realize that it’s been you stoping, you. I do see some of you needing to isolate yourself from others right now while this comes in.
You being told to be still and rest cause your body is a temple. Can’t go 100% all the time. Others will receive help from those close to you. You need to be open to receive. We all need help sometimes, you are given this support for a reason
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