a gentle reminder that congresscritters who think their entire job is tweeting WANT you to dunk on them because any quote RT is a good quote RT and the best thing you can do is block/mute
like a lob is a lob and I absolutely get how tempting it is to throw down but you're just doing exactly what they want
these people don't want to be effective, they don't want to be right, they just want to be famous, please don't help them
if i may make a suburban comparison, think of them as dandelions: fun to kick and watch the fluff fly but the end result is more dandelions all over the fucking lawn

• • •

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22 Feb
this is all going to be fine and good i'm sure
it is amazing that this is not an Onion article. and like yes, I get it, I'm old and I'm missing out and whatnot, but jfc.
even the names don't seem real. and selling a digital edition of the first Vine ever is just...yeah I dunno, end-stage capitalism is wild shit.
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20 Feb
this whole country has run against an iceberg and punctured too many compartments and now we're in the between time when things still seem kinda normal and most people don't realize the wounds are mortal and the shit is sinking
meanwhile the rich people are eyeing the lifeboats and convincing the people in steerage to give them whatever they have left
and there DEFINITELY aren't enough lifeboats
Read 4 tweets
15 Feb
the whole point of Dunks was you could go cop them at VIM whenever you wanted for $65. this shit is like having to enter a raffle to buy milk.
like seriously why not make a ton more of them if they're gonna be so sought-after? they land at outlets? so? nike still makes money off that.
the only reason to keep making them so limited is that they KNOW all that matters is the profit on the flip and if they were readily available FEWER people would want them, not more
Read 13 tweets
13 Feb
(six more tweets left to end on the perfect number so I suppose I should make them count)
i just don't have anything to say anymore. about anything, it feels like.
nothing is going to change. nothing i can say will ever make a difference.
Read 7 tweets
20 Dec 20
Kind of dig the Jazz locking in Gobert and Mitchell even though I don't know if that's a championship core. There's a lot to be said just for competitiveness and continuity. Fanbases need that too.
Stockton and Malone got statues in Utah and remain beloved despite not winning a championship. You don't always need to blow it up and chase rings every year. Because then you risk no continuity AND no championships (cough, Rockets, cough).
Maybe the Jazz put the right pieces around Rudy and Donovan and win. Maybe they don't. But at the very least a fan can root for a guy knowing he'll be there, can buy a jersey and watch him for years. There's value in that.
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20 Dec 20
surely having to plan every trip to a store like it's a trip behind enemy lines for a year straight won't affect how i shop for the rest of my life
we are never going back to any kind of pre-pandemic normal. we could have! some semblance of it anyway. if there was any sort of central response to this. there wasn't. we won't.
there is zero chance even when I get a vaccine that I go back to a mall, or a restaurant, or a sporting event, or an indoor concert, or a movie theater, without thinking long and hard about it. and even being in the position to make that decision seems a long way off.
Read 8 tweets

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