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20 Feb, 6 tweets, 2 min read
Why retired military personnel especially Retired Generals are invited in talk shows where the topic of discussion is purely political?? Why can't they just stick to their domain of security analyst? Ask them next time about annexation of Kashmir & what our armed forces have
done to counter that? Ask them about increasing attacks on convoys? Ask them about tactical deployment of our nukes to counter aggressive hostile designs of our neighbors especially India and Iran? Ask them about how PAF would respond to tactically deployed S400 along Pak-India
border? Ask them that apart from threatening political leaders, what have our intelligence agencies have done to counter increasing number of terrorist attacks (& please don't listen to their bullshit of its classified)? Ask them that apart from releasing songs for every occasion
what are tactical strategies to counter fast pace changing geopolitical situation (sticking to their domain of security) where there are interests of bigger powers like US & China & what our armed forces are doing to counter Indo-Pacific policy of US? Once fully operational
what are future plans of PAF to deter multi role threats posed by combo of SU30MKI & Rafael? Please ask them some questions related to their field or domain rather than listening to their bullshit on politics

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17 Feb
@MaryamNSharif has completely changed the dynamics of Pakistani politics by aggressively taking on issues that were considered "hush hush" & were normally either not talked about or if they were, they were talked with back doors, in evenings inside the drawing rooms because
the risk factors were too high, loosing of vote bank, establishment getting annoyed, and much of politics at stake, leaders normally weighing all such scenarios & then decided to keep such sensitive issues like that of missing persons, out of main agenda of their politics
but Maryam Nawaz decided to alter the course & chose to go down the path which lies much outside the comfort zone of her & her party & she knows that it might cost her & party heavily politically but then leaders are those who make such difficult decisions which alter the
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14 Feb
I remember to be strongly against Valentine's day even immediately after my marriage, I remember going out with my wife for grocery shopping on Valentine's day and how we were discussing the negative impacts of this day on our society and younger generation. After our shopping
of grocery, we unintentionally went inside on the shop and there my wife like one of the sweater for me and she thought of gifting it, so it was all unintentional that she gifted me something on Valentine's day despite we both not a staunch supporter of it. Very next day my mom
called me and asked me some general questions like yesterday where you went, and stuff like that, knowing that my mom being aggressively against Valentine's day especially PDA shown by "couples", she asked me did your wife gift you something yesterday? Now I thought that perhaps
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14 Feb
While doing research on beliefs of devotees and followers of Hindutva Ideology in India and that of Pan Islamic in Pakistan, there are stark similarities between both. Some of which are:
1. Both negate the borders as they believe religion has nothing to do with borders
2. Both negate democracy (Pan Islamists even going a step further and calling modern democracy as form of Shirk)
3. Both negate constitution of their respective countries (Followers of Hindutva Ideology saying "Manosmarti" while Pan Islamists saying "Quran" is enough)
4. Both negate modern medicine (Ayuvedic in Hindutva while طب نبوی in Pan Islamists)
5. Both believe in sort of final war in which they'll emerge victorious (Ghazwa Hind vs Yudh)

And there's plenty more
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10 Feb
اگر ایک جگہ کچھ لڑکیاں بیٹھی ہوں
اور کسی کا بھائی وہاں سے گزرے
تو کوئی ایک لڑکی اچانک بول اٹھتی ہے
’’شازیہ ! تمہارا بھائی کتنا ہینڈ سم ہے‘
یہ تو ایک دم ہیرو ہے‘‘۔
لیکن اگر ایک جگہ کچھ لڑکے بیٹھے ہوں
اور کسی کی بہن وہاں سے گذرے
تو کیا کوئی لڑکا ایسا جملہ کہنے کی جرات کر سکتا
نہیں کر سکتا ناں!

اس لیے کہ سوسائٹی نے طے کردیا ہے
کہ ایسے جملے صرف لڑکیاں کہہ سکیں گی‘ لڑکے نہیں

میں بھی یہی کہنا چاہتا ہوں کہ
ہمارے نہ چاہتے ہوئے بھی
مذہب سے کہیں زیادہ طاقتور سوسائٹی ہوچکی ہے۔
دوسری شادی کرنا کوئی جرم نہیں‘
لیکن بیوی جتنی مرضی مذہبی ہو,
وہ ہر گز
ہرگز اِس چیز کو تسلیم نہیں کرتی
اور سوتن کے نام پر خونخوار ہوجاتی ہے۔

اسی طرح مذہب میں شادی کے لیے بالغ مرد و عورت کے لیے عمر کی کوئی قید نہیں‘
90 سال کا بابا20 سال کی لڑکی سے شادی کرسکتاہے
اور 80 سال کی مائی کسی 25 سالہ جوان لڑکے سے شادی کر سکتی ہے‘
لیکن دیکھ لیجئے‘
ایسا جب
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4 Feb
Let's for a second assume that Farmers (those currently protesting against controversial bills passed in Lok Sabha in India) are protesting in Pakistan (against controversial bills passed in National Assembly). What difference would it had here? Do you think our own media
Wouldn't have brandished them as anti nationals? Our government supporters wouldn't have hurled the worse of the worst abuse against them? Our so called "patriotic" journalists wouldn't have written columns in print media depicting them as foreign agents, our national TV channels
Wouldn't have done programs against them, our national heroes would have done the same as being done currently on the other side of the border, above all would Imran had taken back his government's bill? The answer is a big NO. Reason because fascists leaders across the globe
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2 Feb
خواتین سے معذرت کے ساتھ😌
فیس بک نے جن خواتین کو گھر بیٹھے شاعرہ بنا دیا ہے ان کی پوسٹ پڑھنے لائق ہوتی ہے۔ ایک محترمہ نے شعر لکھا

'کاش میں آسمان بن جائوں...
اور کاش تم پرندے بن کر میری طرف اڑتے ہوئے فوراً چلے آئو‘۔
نیچے واہ واہ کی لائن لگ گئی‘ ایک صاحب نے فرطِ جذبات سے مغلوب ہو کر لکھا 'بانو قدسیہ کے بعد آپ ہی عظیم شاعرہ ہیں‘۔

ایک اور فین کا تبصرہ تھا 'سویٹ آپی! آپ کے اشعار بھی آپ ہی کی طرح خوبصورت ہیں اور اِن میں کہیں کہیں میر تقی میر کا رنگ جھلکتا ہے‘۔
خاتون نے دل کی اتھاہ گہرائیوں سے سب نقادوں کا شکریہ ادا کیا اور یہ ہولناک خوشخبری سنائی کہ اب وہ ہر ہفتے ایک غزل لکھا کریں گی۔ آج کل نہ صرف وہ باقاعدگی سے غزلیں لکھ رہی ہیں بلکہ گزشتہ دنوں موصوفہ نے اپنے متوالوں سے ایک سوال بھی پوچھا کہ شاعری کی کتاب چھپوانے کے
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