Dear @SenSchumer : I know that our party is a “big tent” party that tolerates a lot of different opinions. But there has to be ONE thing that ANYONE who claims to be a Democrat must embrace, and that is the right to vote in free, fair, secure & unencumbered elections.

It looks
like Sinema & Manchin are going to oppose pretty much everything we want to do.

But if they refuse to help protect us from the RABID and out of control anti-Black GOP voter suppression measures, they should be kicked out of the caucus & stripped of their committee assignments
If they won’t protect voting rights, they are Republicans. Worse actually.

We need to cut our losses and do everything in our power to replace them. If they won’t do the bare minimum to protect the right to vote, cut them loose. It does too much damage to stick with them.

• • •

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21 Feb
Excellent question! Thanks for asking Jenny. They are all pernicious propaganda, but CM is far the most dangerous because of its reach.

It is also by far the most profitable because of its fee arrangement with cable providers. Cable companies put FN in their basic cable package
which means the overwhelming majority of people get it, even if they would never watch it. About $2.50 a month goes to FN from every subscription.

The providers then won’t let customers opt out of FN because it’s in a “bundle.”

That was effective when we had no alternatives.
Now, we have streaming which competes directly with and cannibalizes cable revenue.

So we TELL cable they will drop FN from our basic package and STOP charging us for it, or we drop cable altogether and go to streaming.

If enough of us do it, the other networks will chime in
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21 Feb
One of the things the GOP has embraced is using class or race grievances to support their policy agenda (as if they give a damn about the rights of minorities or the poor).🤨

So now, the idea of making gun ownership more costly through taxes, licensing or other measures becomes
discriminating against the poor.


First of all, a gun is NOT a necessity in any way. The Constitution may guarantee a right to bear one, but it does NOT guarantee that all guns or any guns will be at a price point that all can afford.

Nor does to guarantee
that basic measures to ensure public safety, such as licensing, come in at a price point everyone can afford. Many states have license fees in excess of $200.

If you cannot afford to pay for the things that mitigate the risk of your gun ownership, you cannot afford a gun.
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21 Feb
I love NCAA sports.

I do NOT love the NCAA.

I think the draconian rules curtailing what athletes can earn from their own talent & hard work is complete BULLSHIT!

I have listened to &heard arguments about amateurism & the value of a free education etc..but I am NOT persuaded
In what way does it make sense that Simone Biles can’t be a college gymnast because she made money after the Olympics?

This entire concept evolved from a time when amateurism was “gentlemanly,” and only the poor made money off of sport.

As I’m sure you can guess, that worked
out great for rich kids. Not so much for those who had to earn to support their families.

Nowadays, it’s a way of making sure that the athlete is loyal to the monetary interests of the institution, rather than developing revenue elsewhere from his/her talent.

If you got a full
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20 Feb
Dear Black People: In this critical time, it is VERY important that you NOT fall for the dangerous chicanery of « Black Voices for White Supremacy. »

It may not be labeled exactly that way, but that’s what it is.

It starts with a recitation of all the frustration &
disappointment with Democrats and the Dem party. It makes valid, cogent points about how Black people voting for Democrats hasn’t materially changed our struggles & communities.

It points out inequities in how Black issues and Black candidates have been treated on the left, and
can quickly garner agreement, because a lot of that is just true.

But then it flips to, «and that’s why I support Trump, » or « that’s why I’m not voting » or « that’s why I vote Republican. »

THAT is the switch that lets you know the speaker is not serious.

Or, is serious
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20 Feb
I hope you are grasping the concerted, tactical, aggressive approach that the GOP takes to winning elections. They are single-minded in it,and NOTHING is a bridge too far.

So here is a bold declaration: DEMS have to view EVERY component of winning elections as a critical mission
that requires total, thoughtful, coordinated, focused, tactical and aggressive action.

We can take NOTHING for granted. We can be passive about NOTHING!

We are STILL, in fact even more so, in a war to defend democracy, the Constitution, and the rule of law.

We do NOT need
to be like Republicans to win.

We cannot and need not turn into evil-doers to win. And we don’t have to.

But we do NEED to be as ruthless and relentless as they are. MORE SO!

And we sure as heck need to fully understand what we are up against.

I’m fine that some of us will
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20 Feb
THIS is why I consider the GOP San enemy combatant. Not because I advocate violence or am even discussing violence.

I’m NOT.

I’m talking about understanding and framing the threat. This is NOT about a difference of opinion. This about encumbering the citizenship rights
of Black people with impunity.

The instinct and justification to do this is EXACTLY the same as for every other Jim Crow law.

Anyone who votes for this is telegraphing naked ANIMUS towards Black people that cannot &MUST NOT ever be ignored.

There is ZERO examples of ANY Dems
anywhere trying to do this to Republicans.

What they don’t understand is the more they come at us, the more we push back.

We’ve been here before. Hell, we’ve been here all along.

We’re WAY better at navigating the clap back than they can comprehend.

What they do to Black
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