1./ Kids play a game where they shut their eyes. They can’t see you and they ask if you can see them, you say, “No child. You’re invisible.” They usually believe this.

Nigerian leaders know that national insecurity is at unprecedented levels.
2./ For a plethora of reasons ranging from ethnic interests, personal gain, fear of loss of favour, lack of courage and more than any of us can think of, they engage in sophistry and double-speak.

The entire country is made a joke of, monies are moved and shared,
3./ the pretence continues.

One can only conclude that when some leaders began to dine with the devil, they approached the table with the proverbial long spoon thinking they were safe. But you can’t negotiate with the devil.

He wants your scalp.
4./ The meal has run through all the courses, the devil now wants to dine on them. In a bid to avoid being the next tasty morsel, they are now offering their own flesh and blood to the devil.

That will soon run out. The devil will come back for their scalps.
5./ What will they give in exchange when there is nothing left to bargain with?

This should worry every Nigerian.

• • •

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20 Feb
1./ The Journey So Far

Dear Ifeatu,

I decided to write this to you, but really to us. I wanted to remind us that we are where we are because we paid the price.

Both of us.

Nwunyem, as we celebrate our 15th anniversary, I can’t help but look back on our journey
2./ and be thankful to God.

It has been a journey fraught with ups and downs but through it all, one factor remains constant; on a final balance, you are the one I would choose again and again to make this journey with me.

When we began,
3./ I laughingly asked you how many children we would have. In our youthful idealism, we agreed that we wanted 4 children. 2 sets of twins.

I chuckle when I remember how cut and dried we thought it would be. We thought the kids would come in the order and manner we desired.
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15 Feb
The Cycle

1./Lara sat up. She leaned back against the plush-padded, velvet -upholstered headboard of the massive bed, & stretched. She was topless and allowed her breasts to jiggle. She knew Debo was watching her in the mirror. She liked the effect the sight of her had on him.
2./ He was getting dressed but she saw him hesitate at the sight of her breasts. Lara smiled a secret “gotcha” smile. 
Debo was cute. . . For a guy his age. She smiled again. He was about the same age as her father but he was not really like her father. He seemed so much younger,
3./ more like her age. His maturity reminded her of her father, but her father was not sophisticated in the way Debo was. 
She looked about her. Should she take some more selfies when she got up? The room (oops - suite) was really nice. Debo told her it was a suite not a room.
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14 Feb
Performance Anxiety

Celebrations are so exhausting.

Performance anxiety is a big deal. I lose sight of the line between trying to please my girl and trying to please her audience.

The audience she feels obliged to advertise my love for her to.

Temi is an amazing girlfriend.
2./ I love her and she loves me too.

But there’s a flaw. She’s been bitten (hard) by the SM Bug. She’s not satisfied to be loved by me. She needs the validation of having the world see how much I love her. This complicates celebrations and festivities.
3./ Because I love her, I buy her the gift that shows her I know her and I love her and I’m sensitive to her needs. Then I swing into performance overdrive. Setting the stage for her audience’s satisfaction.

We’ve been together 3 years now.
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14 Feb
Decisions ❤️💖

Yawn. . . Chinelo curled her toes and smiled. Tomorrow was Valentine’s Day. Thank God she was over that season when she felt pressured to have a guy, any guy on Valentine’s Day.

In uni it seemed like the worst failure not to have someone wowing you on Val’s Day.
2./ Life had moved on. She had other concerns now. Romantic concerns yeah...  but she wasn’t fixated on having someone for the day.  

She burrowed deeper into her duvet wondering at the possible outcome of her current dilemma.
3./ Just then, she heard the gentle “Tap, tap” on her door before it began to creak open quietly. 
Chinelo stiffened on her bed and wondered how to play it.

Feign drowsiness and endure the ensuing rigmarole of her mum speaking to her despite her pretense at being asleep?
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13 Feb
1./ Nigeria is a conundrum.

We know we have a problem.

We’ve all posited what we think the problem is.

The leader is too old.

The leader is from the wrong ethnic group.

We need a young leader.

We need a brave man, one who speaks truth to power.

We need a strong man,
2./ one who isn’t afraid to take hard decisions.

We need youth and vision.

But in various spheres, we’ve given opportunity to all the above alternatives, none has made a real lasting impact.

Is there a reason for this persistent failure? This always missing the mark?
3./ I think so. I think innately we haven’t understood & accepted that power corrupts and that absolute power corrupts anyone.

We haven’t accepted that no one is a messiah. EVERYONE will want something & every leader who is human will have “pets.”

We require systems that work.
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11 Feb
Chop my Money!

Ijay was in stitches. Her Taxify driver was hilarious. He had kept laughing all through the drive. Usually she didn’t like to make small-talk but the traffic was heavy and she had her baby and son with her. She was happy for the diversion of his chat.
2./ As they approached her destination, she noticed the young girl who lived with her Aunt coming towards the gate lugging a heavy suitcase.

Lillian looked beautiful. Her hair was tinted baby pink and styled in a biggish Afro.

She wore an off-shoulder baby pink top,
3./ her ample breasts were loving caged in a bra which emphasised the lush curves. The tops jiggled tenderly in time with her movements. She seemed to have dusted some glittery stuff on the tops of her breasts. They literally begged to be touched.

Lilian’s top was cropped,
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