When western media, US State Department lawyers and the International Criminal Court all conclude that there's insufficient evidence for "genocide" in Xinjiang, it's obvious which people are gullible dupes who uncritically swallow sensationalist/hysterical claims without proof
Many of the above cited pieces claim that while there's insufficient evidence of "genocide," act as if asinine and evidence-free claims of "systematic torture, forced labor, sterilization, rape" from lying charlatan Adrian Zenz and inconsistent "testimonies" are true
Heres a great debunking of the "forced labor" accusation from proven fraud Adrian Zenz by an expat living in China, who visited XJ. Brainwashed westerners will claim that he's being "paid" or "forced" to say this without proof, so you can just ignore them:
The "forced labor" accusations are also brought to you by the same unreliable sources who have an interest in pushing fake atrocity propaganda to support US warmongering, and also, Adrian Zenz:
It's not enough to say that Adrian Zenz is unreliable simply because he's a fundamentalist clown who doesn't speak Mandarin and has never been to XJ. But the Grayzone shows why the mass imprisonment of "million(s)" is based on flawed/unverified methodology
Let's also dispense with this disingenuous "believe Uyghurs" talking point, because there are also Uyghurs who have experienced XJ vocational centers, and specifically deny systematic abuse and genocide, and contradict the "testimonies" in western media
This ridiculous talking point that China "doesn't allow" external visitors to XJ is also false. They've allowed western journalists, delegates from Muslim countries and the World Bank in, no proof has been given the visits were "staged" or "choreographed"
Also, before the pandemic, China literally allowed tourists in to travel around. Here's a testimony from a Chinese-American who traveled all around XJ that goes against the horrific testimony of an "atmosphere of oppression"
Also, we live in the 21st century. We are not disconnected from daily life in XJ, here are a bunch of Uyghurs sharing what it's like in XJ. Obviously curated by Chinese journalists, so be critical, but there's no proof given that they're lying either
If this "genocide" and "mass imprisonment" were really happening, obviously you'd see it manifest in daily life for people who arent imprisoned in "concentration camps", but foreign journalists like France's Maxime Vivas havent seen it reflected in XJ
A Pakistani journalist who has traveled all over XJ (since XJ borders Pakistan) can find no evidence at all of this supposed "genocide" and "concentration camps" reflected in daily life either, and criticized Western propaganda lies
But seeing is believing too, there are YouTube videos by a Chinese-Canadian who has visited XJ and filmed his experiences of daily life disproving absurd claims of Uyghur language being removed:

• • •

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More from @JoshC0301

19 Feb
I feel like one thing I've noticed about coverage of China is the deliberate and dishonest conflation of logical possibility and actual reality. Of course, it's a logical possibility that both China and the US are evil empires, and that China is committing genocide in XJ
It's also a logical possibility for someone to buy an airplane ticket to Costa Rica or to cut their finger slicing an orange. But just because those are logical possibilities doesn't mean that these things actually happened in reality. Plenty of things are logically possible
What discussions of China miss is that we're not discussing mere logical possibilities, which is limited by nothing by what is physically possible, we're discussing actual reality. We're not discussing whether it's possible China is an evil empire committing genocide
Read 6 tweets
18 Feb
Whatever one believes about the situation in Xinjiang, either those who believe there's a "genocide" taking place and those who don't, we should be honest and acknowledge that there ARE testimonies from Uyghurs DENYING there's a genocide, and outside Muslim visitors to XJ as well
It's NOT a matter of "believing Uyghurs" or not. We absolutely should listen. But when they CONTRADICT each other, we have to PICK WHICH UYGHURS we choose to believe and listen to. I'm very skeptical of reports sourcing military-industrial-complex

Again, those who believe the unverified accusations of "genocide" in Xinjiang should admit that there HAVE been external visitors to XJ. They should just admit that they believe western reporters more than foreign diplomats from multiple Muslim countries

Read 6 tweets
18 Feb
The interesting thing about "listening to Uyghurs" is that the same people who spread sensationalist lies about a "genocide" in Xinjiang without proof, also claim that Uyghurs actually living in China are "forced" to deny it simply because they live there, also without any proof.
If one group of Uyghurs are testifying that there's a "genocide," and another group of Uyghurs are testifying that there isn't, both of them can't be true. So, do we believe the testimonies of those who contradict themselves in propaganda outlets funded by the US military or not?
Here's just one famous "witness testimony" that seems to constantly change and contradict themselves in western media. moonofalabama.org/2020/12/uighur…
Read 8 tweets
18 Feb
I feel like one thing left politicians and most writers living in the west are unable to do is challenge the moral goodness of the people living in the imperial core. But frankly, many Americans are incredibly lazy, pompous, selfish, deluded hypocrites complicit in horrific evil.
I encourage people living in the Global South targeted by US imperialism to tell Americans who have the audacity to criticize your country to STFU. Many Americans are morally inferior and have no credibility criticizing your country
To be a westerner is to have a delusional arrogant belief in your moral superiority. Left media outlets need to do a better job instilling a sense of shame and humility among the western left, and remind them that they have no credibility to pass judgments on another country
Read 5 tweets
18 Feb
Suppose Ilhan Omar were to remain silent or deny the sensationalist accusations of "genocide." What do you think western propagandists would do? They would smear her as a "traitor" to Muslims for remaining silent, or a "collaborator" and "genocide denier."
This is not to excuse her complicity with spreading sensationalist propaganda lies, but merely to explain why politicians essentially have no choice but to go along with them, as well as to highlight just how powerful and coercive US media outlets really are.
Perhaps if self-described "left" and "independent" media outlets ran less redundant opinion pieces and dedicated money to actual investigations, and had the courage to challenge hysterical narratives we wouldn't be in this mess where "progressive" politicians support imperialism
Read 4 tweets
17 Feb
I've noticed this trend in corporate propaganda where they try to gaslight you into thinking "young people are choosing to do (insert dystopian thing)" because it's trendy and not because they're broke.
I haven't read any of these articles but here are some of the first results in a google search for "young people are choosing to". Like, without reading, most young people will instantly realize it's because they're broke

Read 6 tweets

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