I’ve noticed this a lot the past few years. People on the right in media/politics just adopting Trump’s weird cadence/vocabulary. It’s so weird to witness.
Not to say that there aren’t a bunch of Democrats who picked up on Obama’s speech cadence in years past as well. (See: Buttigieg, Pete; O’Rourke, Beto) Obviously it’s not necessarily a bad thing, just an interesting cultural quirk that seems to happen.
I feel like part of it might be people actively trying to mimic speech, but a big part could just be that the president is someone who tends to be on TV a bunch and it just wears off on others. Not really my area of expertise, but something I’d love to read more about.

• • •

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22 Feb
So weird how this keeps happening! ImageImage
(You guys all get that they're totally fine with those views, but just responded to negative press to save face, right? Conservatives are a conspiracy cult)
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22 Feb
Is it the guy who loves Hitler? No, wait, he's still on the site...
Oh, wait, I know. It's the guy who called himself "David Duke without the baggage" and spoke to crowds of white supremacists. Right?

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22 Feb
There are few things certain in life, but one of them is this: Bari Weiss will print anything so long as it advances her pre-existing beliefs, even if it's not true. Seems this is another example.
I mean, her resignation letter to the New York Times was almost immediately debunked upon posting it.

Then there was the time she lied about what was being discussed during an internal meeting.
Then there was the time she claimed that she was losing some massive amount of followers that was immediately debunked by looking at SocialBlade.
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22 Feb
kill me now Image
Yes, SNL has taken jabs at Biden since his inauguration. No, they haven't had any sketches where someone is actually *playing* Biden, which probably has to do with the fact that a.) he's not constantly doing goofy crap in public, but also, b.) NO ONE IN THE CAST PLAYS HIM
I really want to know what kind of Biden sketches people at Fox News think there should be. What's an example of something he's done that lends itself to comedy?
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22 Feb
I think this is a great case study in how conservative media outrage culture works and why it's a no-win situation for their targets.

There were 4 ways Disney could have handled this:

1. Put the show up, no disclaimer, no edits
2. Put the show up, with disclaimer, no edits

3. Put the show up, no disclaimer, with edits
4. Put the show up, with disclaimer, with edits

And now I'll tell you why each and every one of those options gives right-wing media the content they need to feed their victimhood complex.

Option 1, which is what Fox is trying to say would be the correct thing to do, would have just led them to find some old episode of that show that had a controversial moment or whatever, and then go, "oh, so THIS is ok, but you fired the actress from Star Wars!?!?"

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22 Feb
Why would anyone care even a little bit about whether Disney adds an additional 5 seconds to the start of an episode? And if they do care, doesn’t that say more about them than it says about Disney?
There are ratings on every TV show, every movie, and they even come with little warnings about what kind of things are in a particular episode/film. I’ve never once found them helpful, but I’ve also never been upset about them, either because who cares? Same here.
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