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20 Feb, 14 tweets, 5 min read
"Summoning the public to understand and accept such measures requires a grown-up discussion among our politicians and citizenry.

But the status quo doesn’t want to change or even entertain a national conversation."
"Even as one variant disrupts a Newfoundland election and other variants silently gather force across the country, most provinces are merrily reopening businesses and schools.

This strategy has been tried twice. And it has failed Canadians twice."
Even McKinsey and Company said:

“Countries on the near-zero-virus path radically reduced viral spread, minimizing the chances of transmission and making it easier to control flare-ups as they occur. Leaders of those countries have built public confidence..."
"Since The Tyee first called for a national debate on this issue, the clamour for decisive action has been growing in both Canada and Europe."

"The Edmonton Independent Hospitality Community has issued a call for the Alberta government “to adopt a COVID Zero plan.” The group notes that “the lack of meaningful government intervention to curb the spread of COVID-19..."
Fallis, in his Globe article, warns the country now stands at a critical crossroad: “There is one path forward that will save lives, minimize medical disability and allow our economy to reopen once and for all: COVID-19 Suppression.”
"Disturbingly, the Ontario government relieved Fallis of his duties as interim medical director of critical care at William Osler Health System after he criticized the government’s response to the pandemic in mid-January."
"In Quebec, a group called COVID-Stop, composed of frontline physicians, has led the fight to get the Quebec government to respect what the research says about aerosol transmission and masks."

"COVID-Stop also supports the Canadian Shield plan to get to zero."

“The decisive issue at stake today is the choice between the yo-yo status quo strategy vs. the COVID-zero strategy,” — Michel Camus, epidemiologist, COVID-Stop
"The Registered Nurses’ Association of Ontario continues their 'call for an aggressive and all-encompassing lockdown, followed by an effective and concerted strategy to snuff out the virus — a ‘COVID-Zero’ strategy.'"

"In Europe, a group of prominent researchers have signed a manifesto calling for a continental elimination strategy based on three pillars: 'Vaccination, green zones, and test, trace and isolate strategies.'"
"A pandemic is viral fire...

In a real fire, citizens expect firefighters to do their job. While battling a blaze, they don’t suddenly roll up the hoses and tell homeowners they’d better learn how to live with this fire for now."

"Operating on the reality principle, firefighters get the job done and save what they can. They stamp out every smoldering ember so there is no more exponential growth. They end the threat.

And that’s what we must do with COVID."

#ZeroCOVID #CanadianShield #COVID19
"The example of Australia and New Zealand says we can do that in five to seven weeks.

The choice should belong to Canadians, and not their politicians. Their passivity has failed us."

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21 Feb
Good morning to everyone except all the people who were gaslighting us in 2019 and 2020 by saying Biden's policies weren't substantially different from Bernie's.
Here's a list of policies we would have right now with President Sanders. Which are all still possible, but Biden is choosing not to do these things. 🧵
1. Keep workers on payroll during the pandemic.

Make sure that every worker in America continues to receive their paycheck during this crisis, retroactive to the beginning of the crisis.
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21 Feb
NYT today: “No other country has counted so many deaths in the pandemic. More Americans have perished from Covid-19 than on the battlefields of World War I, World War II and the Vietnam War combined.”

Vietnam total deaths from the pandemic: 35

From Sen Nguyen:

“Finally, any discussion about the two countries would not be complete if the Vietnam War did not come up eventually. A peculiar phenomenon has taken place...”
“Western journalists and observers have compared American Covid-19 fatalities with the tens of thousands of Americans killed in that war, as if to shame the US’s catastrophic response to the crisis as opposed to the tremendous success of a developing country it once fought.”
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21 Feb
This estimate of October/November is a best-case scenario - hopefully people will pay attention to understand how much we can do to stop infections and suffering over the next year.
Listen to this:

"If we end restrictions in April, we could reach the herd immunity threshold by June. But in that time, 170,000 more people could die from the virus.

Precautions remain especially important as new variants of the virus emerge."
As all the experts have been saying, we can not relax now. If anything we need much stronger precautions:

"If social distancing measures aren’t followed, a stronger virus could rapidly infect and kill hundreds of thousands of people before they can be vaccinated."
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21 Feb
"We need to ask the hard questions that the corporate media fails to ask: who owns America, and who has the political power?

Why, in the richest country in the history of the world are so many Americans living in poverty?"

"In the richest country in the history of the world, 13 million children live in poverty and two-thirds of them are children of color.

This is a moral outrage.

If we raise the minimum wage and invest in education and housing, we can end child poverty."

"More than 65% of the people in county or city jails on any given day in 2016 had not been convicted of a crime, often because they lack the money to pay bail.

In other words, we have criminalized poverty."

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20 Feb
"Settler colonialism seeks to eliminate Indigenous populations in order to monopolize resources for the sake of capital. It operates through laws and racist ideologies, but also through conceptualizations of the natural world as white men’s for the human taking." —@NatalieMAvalos
"Settler colonialism operates from its own metaphysic, producing what I call a settler ecology, which dispossesses peoples but also lands."
"If settlers want to understand how to effectively address environmental crises, then they have to interrogate the logics of settler colonialism—racialization, white supremacy, and myths of development—as structural dimensions of modern life."
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20 Feb
One of the biggest strategic mistakes the US left is making right now is not talking about why Biden continues to use the same pandemic strategy that Trump started in 2020.

It's connected to monthly survival checks, medicare for all, and every other issue we talk about.
Right now the US left has an opportunity to point out Biden's own science advisors have been saying for a year that we need to change pandemic strategies. But he's not doing it.

He said he would listen to science. Why isn't he?
The strategic opportunity the US left is missing is simple, but huge:

Biden said he would listen to science. His science advisors say we should change pandemic strategy. Changing pandemic strategy requires sending everyone monthly checks, expanding healthcare, and more.

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