Yeah corporations have a distinct interest in “social engineering” consumer behaviors by eliminating stigmas so when you see NFL athletes doing Soylent commercials the point is to eliminate the “effeminate” stigma towards vegetarianism etc to drive consumer behavior— obviously
This is what “marketing” really is— the easy game is “capturing an existing market”— but the real professionals “develop emerging markets” or “create new markets”
In order to “create a market” you need to create the motivations of a consumer to enter that market— this is what advertising does— it tells a story with the purpose of convincing you to adopt the perspective of a consumer in this new market— the “early adopter” identity for ex
Obviously you leverage pre-existing or nascent desires as a part of this, but the point is to curate this more abstract desire (“I experience hunger”) into a specific market purchase (“I will buy the new Doritos Rancheros Breakfast Tacos at Taco Bell”).
Part of this is eliminating barriers to the expression of this desire: “I want meal replacement but isn’t Soylent cringe?”
“No, Soylent is actually based & redpilled, according to me, a hologram of Lebron James”
“Wow— you’re right Famous Masculine Celebrity— I will buy Soylent.”
The story of the social engineering itself can be the story of the advertising— this is high level advertising strategy— the response to the ad is contained within the ad & subverted to its own ends— this is a drama to reorient YOUR reaction to the ad
Obviously there are limits to this— people are not molded in a 1-1 fashion like robots— the point is to innundate as many people as possible with these memes in order to change people’s opinions over & over— this is “nudging”— even if you don’t budge, other people will.
It works.

• • •

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23 Feb
Culture war huh like the Council on Books in Wartime?
This is the world we still live in— it runs on OWI propaganda taken as historical reality— wake up Image
Here’s the syllabus of “imperative books”…
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22 Feb
Tired: “How much can you bench?”

Wired: “How many divisions can you employ?”
He has never lifted a weight but he could deploy millions of people to do whatever he says Image
Clout isn’t derived from evopsych darwinian blah blah— clout is a collaborative theatrical performance in the social world— this is why “being famous” makes you famous— you are “performing your importance” & others oblige by paying attention
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22 Feb
Posting face is more revealing than posting physique because you’re stuck with your face from birth, inexorably marked, & there’s only so much you can do to “improve” it. It’s “old money”— old money face > new money physique.
It’s sort of like bragging about “the hustle” to get from middle class to upper middle class to “stunt on the poors”— while the old money rich find “hustling” distasteful & get infinite pussy without any effort— it gets delivered to them.
A man with a handsome face can be a heroin junkie lowlife & end up marrying an heiress.
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22 Feb
This is literally you “QTing a response advertising itself as a troll post to trigger knee jerk responses to share an edited webcomic meme about the very same thing in a spectacle too ironic to be understood by its duped participant, who is too dumb to see how dumb he looks”
Memes have replaced people’s cognition at this point— they have become servomechanisms of “sharing relevant meme” in response to stimuli— feeling compelled to “post relevant meme debunking reply” is no different if it’s 2012 r/srs “snowflake gif” or 2021 “bodybuilder reply”
I am not saying bodybuilding is bad I am saying it is uninteresting. Part of what is uninteresting is that there’s less people like Stud & Landshark than people like — this guy— who just reposts /fit/ edits of webcomics as a replacement for original thought
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22 Feb
Bodybuilders must be really insecure if every single no-effort troll post designed to trigger them goes viral.
I think it’s cool that you work out but it doesn’t make you interesting— & “getting pussy” is extremely boring, entirely uninteresting except to people desperate for pussy.
If work out -> darwinian fitness in female sexual selection -> demonstrative proof of superior genes

you can just “have cocaine” -> profit
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22 Feb
Leftism as a type of day trading in sentiments— investing on long calls like “Bernie is going to get owned” to pay off when he does, investing in “Bernie can win” to ride the pump & dump & sell at the top etc
Aimee got kicked off for short calling Bernie & the DSA types on their pump & dump.
Sentimental Pump & Dump as synonym for “Feminist Masculinity”
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