As Pres. Biden’s immigration plan is released calling for legalization for all undoc immigrants and as opposition is marshaled against it, we face strong possibility of another stalemate. We need a middle ground approach: legalization via restitution.…
2/ Full amnesty will not get 60 votes in the Senate. It might not even get 50 votes. Mass Deportation will never happen. Dems make empty gestures and GOP says NO to everything. Result is millions of families remain stuck in btwn. We need a better way.…
3/ Legalization via Restitution enables those who came here illegally through their own volition years ago to pay a substantial fine to get on a pathway to legalization. Dreamers get through right away since their committed no crime. Details/Principles:…
4/ if we don’t get immigration reform passed this year, it ends up in 2022 election and little gets done. Then, presidential election cycle starts after that. We have 6-9 mos. to address this before it’s basically 2024 again. Please sign support here:…
5/ By the way, Southern Baptists have been calling for legalization via restitution since 2011 and again in 2018. The EIT was partially born out of the 2011 SBC Resolution on Immigration and mirrors its principles. This is not amnesty. It’s a solution.…

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21 Feb
In 2018-19, Planned Parenthood received $616.8M in govt funding.

In 2019-20, PP received $618.1M in govt funding.

Increase of $1.3M in govt funding for PP last yr.

2018-19 abortions by PP = 345,672
2019-20 abortions by PP = 354,871

Increase of 9,199 abortions by PP last yr.

2018-19 PP Annual Report:…

2019-20 PP Annual Report:…

PP Govt funding 2016-17 = $543.7M
PP abortions 2016-17 = 321,384

2020 vs 2017:

$74.4M more in Govt funding for PP in 2020 than 2017

33,487 more abortions performed by PP in 2020 than 2017…
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19 Feb
It’s amazing how so many SBC ldrs refuse to reject this rhetoric of Tom Ascol, Buck, etc. It is fine to disagree w/ VP Harris on issues of theology, morality, and policy. Calling her “Jezebel” dehumanizes/degrades. Condemning to hell those who disagree w/ their rhetoric is wrong.
2/ I mean, if it is so necessary to your moral/policy argument that you have to call first Black female VP “Jezebel” and when told that’s a racial pejorative historically used against Black women and you say those pointing that out and opposing your rhetoric are going to hell...
3/’s hard for me to hear your moral/policy argument, which should be the point. We’ve been told for 5 yrs that all that matters is policy and not personal moral character of the leader. So, why even use a pejorative like “Jezebel” to personally describe? Just talk policy.
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19 Feb
I thought about this when watching too. System that ripped justice parts out of Bible for slaves was affirmed by SBC Founders, who apparently refused to heed those parts as well. Functional liberals. Ironically, those who promote the Founders today seem to have the same struggle.
2/ We can learn from Boyce, Manly, Broadus, etc. They did get parts of theology right. As do liberals today. But, venerating them, keeping their names on buildings, naming ministries after them - we shouldn’t be surprised to then see their legacy of truncated theology continue.
3/ When you have a theological system developed to aid in categorizing people by a false construct of Race and brutalize them, and then that basic construct is defended for over 100 yrs and attempts to correct it are often called Liberal, Marxist, “social gospel,” and godless ...
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2 Feb
I agree w/ @drmoore and @erlc re: saving the Hyde Amendment. GOP losing Senate places Hyde Amendment in grave danger. It would have been nice to have had more focus on gravity of this issue in BOTH GA Senate races instead of the “stop the steal” nonsense.…
2/ Like, if Newsmax, GOP, etc had taken this approach before the Georgia Senate races where Dems won BOTH senate seats in a conservative state, perhaps the GOP could’ve held the Senate and been in a better position to protect the unborn? Conspiracy ideas have consequences, sadly.
3/ But, here we are. Contact your House member and Senators and ask them to save Hyde. If 74 MILLION Americans (just those who voted for Trump), speak out on this, Congress will hear and Hyde will be protected. Here’s how to contact:
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2 Feb
A few years ago, I was about to give a talk on Christianity & Politics. One of my main illustrations was of a Baptist pastor in the South in the 1820s who was an abolitionist. I told one of the organizers of the event, which was SBC, about the abolitionist. He said, “Be careful!”
2/ I laughed. He was joking, right? I said, “Well, he WAS an abolitionist!” The organizer responded again with, “Be careful, Alan!” It might have been a joke, but the implication, the message sent - was that I didn’t need to be too radical, that it might not be well received.
3/ I was on my way to speak and the warning - half joke, half serious? lingered. Was I about to stumble into something? Was talking about abolition too controversial? No. It couldn’t be. It was a joke, right? But, even so, it spoke to what still lies out there beyond recognition.
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2 Feb
SF schools now say “acronyms are a symptom of white supremacy culture.” Because non-native speakers might not know what they mean or how to pronounce them. Native English speakers often don’t know either, tbh. I don’t care about acronyms, but everything isn’t white supremacy.
2/ Lots of non-white groups working for Civil Rights for Black people in the 20th century used acronyms: NAACP, SCLC, SNCC, CORE, etc.
I’ve thought about this more than I should, but the widespread emergence of acronyms seemed to be an early-mid 20th century thing that took off.
3/ Perhaps one could say it’s associated w/ modernism as a linguistic style? I call on my friend, @futuristguy for aid. But, if so, must you then employ a definition of white supremacy here so wide as to basically say everything even tangentially associated w/ modernism is WS???
Read 4 tweets

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