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good morning☀️happy Sunday! Today on #Insiders are murdoch politics editor Samantha Maiden, Saturday Paper journo Karen Middleton and ABC radio host Raf Epstein.
•this thread is not fact-checked.
•I hide/block snitch-tagging.
the interview is with Morrison government health minister Greg Hunt #Insiders
and a reminder: Maiden broke the APH rape story and Middleton has written extensively and courageously on sexual assault and workplace harassment in Canberra. So any interruptions from Speers are a man cutting off their expertise with his confidence. #Insiders
opening spiel: a victims who “felt treated like a political problem”.
NB: she was treated, by Liberal Party operatives, ministers and senior staffers, as a political problem. #Insiders
inevitable false “balance” next. Speers pretends #Jobchurn is “good news” - for the Morrison government, his only perspective, and media outlets write headlines which make it a self-fulfilling prophecy. Casual job churn is bad news for workers. #Insiders
the montage is journalists reporting and politicians commenting on allegations a Liberal Party staffer committed rape in a Liberal Party minister’s office. One clip of Ms Higgins giving her own account of what happened. #Insiders
#WhatThePapersSay is the Morrison government claim about why he is first in line for a Covid vaccine. Followed swiftly by coverage of anti-vax “protests”. #Insiders
it won’t be easy to end the culture of silence, Speers tells us. Not says: because the government prefers secrecy about - or indeed supports - sex offenders in the ranks #Insiders.
first question, to Maidan, is about what “Brittany” said. Maiden, importantly, reminds us that Vivienne Thom (sp?) did an inquiry at the time, and highlights many inconsistencies in the government line. Speers re-frames with the victim-blaming “police complaint” line. #Insiders
next up is Middleton, who points out that keep job/go to police is a binary. Reminds viewers that the #RCIRCSA presented overwhelming evidence that institutions close ranks rather than support victims. And that employers have a duty of care. #Insiders
as per for most males, Speers responds by saying that changing the “culture” is “not easy”. Males not raping is hard? Okay mate. #Insiders
clip of Morrison performing phoney sorrow and citing the wife. Speers says “that comment got cut-through” and throws to Epstein, who straight up says “I hate that language”. #Insiders
“he started out not feeling very sorry for [Ms Higgins]” until it was pointed out by his wife, says Middleton. That is the natural implication, she says. #Insiders
Epstein adds that politicians are trained in this stuff. I do want to come to that, says Speers, for the second time in as many minutes. #Insiders
and Maiden has more on what “doesn’t stack up”. She gives a succinct summary of the nonsensical claims from Liberal Party politicians and staffers - saying go to police about a thing they did not know? How tf? She then centres Ms Higgins bravery and strength👏🏼👏🏼#Insiders
and ofc Speers centres himself. He has spoken to Brittany and her partner, the latter he has known for many years. Then Speers offers the four inquiries announced by Morrison.

Not said: on top of two inquiries two years ago. Total: six. Change so far: none. #Insiders
[the PMO] spent the entire weekend seeking facts for my story, Maiden recounts of breaking it at 8am last Monday. The idea that all this activity was at no time told to Scott Morrison beggars belief, she does not quite say, but communicates as carefully as possible. #Insiders
interview. Asked about TGA approval, Hunt starts off with “safety” and “confidence” for “higher take up” which as he well knows is directly at odds with what members of his own government and Party are doing on social media. #Insiders
administering the vaccines will commence tomorrow and starting today, including the prime minister, Hunt says - clearly setting out the photo opp campaign strategy that has been workshopped by Liberal Party comms teams. #Insiders
heh. Speers asks what Hunt says to criticism that Morrison jumped the queue? And why not the Opposition leader Anthony Albanese? The “research” (probably polling paid for by us for the Liberal Party) shows public confidence will respond to the PM [jumping the queue] #Insiders
next Q is on anti-vaxxers.

Not said: like Liberal Party politician Craig Kelly, suspended by fb for spreading misinformation, quackery and lies.

Hunt responds with “safety safety safety”. #Insiders
feel free to ask your doctor, says Hunt superfluously.
Q: Workplace requirements?
A: At this stage, no.
Q: why not?
Hunt cites the federal health committee (AHPPC?) and state public health orders.

What a dodge. #Insiders
more “confidence” in a “free, universally available vaccine”.

“Universally available” is an extraordinary claim from a government that has imported fewer than half a million doses for a population of 25 million.
the first goal is protection, the longer term goal is herd immunity? asks Speers.
Herd immunity is a longer term goal, says Hunt. He pumps up the global learning from Straya line that his government are so keen on in a range of contexts.
will there be public health advertising on fb?
Apparently not.
Hunt then throws around a bit of “sovereign” slogan that Morrison and his ministers are so fond of.
about the rape allegation in the defence material ministers office.
“Culture and structure are the two changes that have to come out” says Hunt. He locates the problem with parliament, not his party. “Personal evolution, training, growth” he says. The Q was about rape. #Insiders
Hunt then reverts to how “young women feel fear”.

Of what, minister? Rapists in the Liberal Party? A valid fear, on the evidence, no? #Insiders
back to the panel and vaccinations are the discussion point. Too much J-word from Speers, much sensible account of basic facts from Epstein and Middleton. Maiden expresses relief that the PM will wear a tshirt instead of ripping off the biz shirt lmao gross #Insiders
anaphylactic precautions also covered by Maiden. She says there will be some side effects “when you vaccinate millions of people in Australia” a thing which is obviously a very long way off. #Insiders
is Andrews serious about establishing purpose-built facilities? Speers asks Epstein. ABSOLUTELY SERIOUS says Raf unambiguously. #Insiders
and now to the big tech giants, says Speers. “We probably should start with the good news for the government”, he says. Sure, David. That’s exactly what “we” should always start with. #Insiders
what did they expect facebook to do? asks Epstein. They need us more than we need them, he says, of the ABC which um. I may have got that wrong. Was he maybe referring to google not fb? #Insiders
Middleton distinguishes google from fb. She notes the Morrison government strategy of contacting leaders of countries with much larger markets [and trying to big note on the global stage]. #Insiders
do audiences think fb should pay for hosting links to news sites? Epstein says there is a sense among his callers that fb “should pay the ABC when they are giving us access to a broader audience”. #Insiders
#RabbitsAndCoffee showcases Frydenberg telling anyone who will listen that Zuckerberg is stringing him along and pretending that fb is the loser in this scenario. #Insiders
cut back to Speers chuckling appreciatively. “Josh the enforcer I love it” he says, confusingly. #Insiders
#TalkingPictures not up yet.
#FinalObservations 1 is Maiden saying that about 3% of rape complaints end up in a conviction. She says the justice system will be on trial. #Insiders
#FinalObservations 2 is Middleton saying senior Liberal Party ministerial staffer Kate Johnson was dismissed after making a bullying complaint and the stonewalling by Dept Finance says everything about the dysfunctional workplace systems #Insiders
Speers quickly jumps in to re-frame what Middleton knows about systemic failures with his opinion of what the Health Minister said about some future reform which the evidence indicates will never happen. #Insiders
#FinalObservations 3 is Epstein on how the ABC is adapting to the fb block on links to Australian news orgs but I missed the detail sorry #Insiders
this has been another edition of watching #Insiders so you don’t have to👋🏼👋🏼👋🏼
tip jar here🙏🏼🙏🏼
correction: #TalkingPictures was up but out of temporal sequence so I missed it! Link here:
points from Epstein (that I missed) here. Thank you!

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19 Feb
“we at all times, the ministers who had knowledge of this matter, and the senior staff who had knowledge of this matter, sought to have the involvement of the police. But that is not something that we the government can do” - Morrison on the alleged rape in a Ministerial office.
Morrison then asserts that he supported Turnbull in sacking Joyce from cabinet for having a consensual relationship with a staffer.
He does not say why he brought this up.
he spends a few more minutes spreading responsibility for what appears to be a serial rapist in the Liberal Party across all political parties, all workplaces, and “many years”, and fucks off.
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19 Feb
seems to be slowly dawning on the political class that Australian voters are, collectively, slightly less misogynist than the most powerful organisation in the country, which is the Liberal Party.
it will be interesting* to see the torrent of votersplaining now that press gallery journalists are compelled to stop polishing and obscuring basic facts about Scott Morrison and the parties of government he leads.
*tedious and painful.
the least qualified people in the country to report, comment on, or analyse what is happening right now are tory politicians and the client press who backed them into power for the last three elections. Take your votersplaining and shove it, CPG.
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18 Feb
lmao that thicko Josh Frydenberg is on ABC radio trying to pass off text messages to Zucks which went nowhere and achieved nothing as something other than abject failure.
there was also some British commentator mistaking the Morrison government for something or someone that cares about spreading misinformation on fb which yeah they do - as a core campaign strategy.
Scott Morrison at #NPC: don’t get your health advice from facebook.
Morrison government ministers and journalists: chortle chortle.
Facebook: Australians, no more news including health advice from facebook for you.
Politicians and journalists: WTF WTF.
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8 Feb
call corruption and the state deliberately worsening inequality by giving public money to wealthy areas what it actually is challenge 2021.…
this cutesy nicknaming of deeply entrenched corruption and giving our money to their wealthy base serves multiple purposes. It trivialises and minimises the gravity of their corrupted actions, which serves the political interests of the Liberal and National Parties...
using cutesy bullshit language for gross corruption and maladministration also normalises and bothsides their gross corruption and maladministration, which serves the political interests of grossly corrupt Liberal and National Party politicians...
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8 Feb
geez glover could you share the deeply corrupted and indefensible campaign comms that Barilaro jabbered out today for amplification by media outlets on behalf of his political career any more times. I’m up to six times in the last hour.
he just. Keeps. Playing. And Paraphrasing. And. Repeating. Berejiklian. Government. Rhetoric. Over. And. Over. Again.
such a huge part of the problem. Propertied class white journalists who sit ideologically alongside orthodox liberal lies like marketplace of ideas. Veiling and legitimising neocon campaign comms. And on corrupted administration of bushfire money of all things.
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6 Feb
good morning☀️happy Sunday! Today on #Insiders are no fax columnist Jennifer Hewitt, and politics editors at the ABC and murdoch press, Andrew Probyn and Samantha Maiden. The interview is with ALP deputy Richard Marles.
opening spiel: a covid turning point. Should we stay with hotel quarantine given more virulent strains? National leadership is wanting (“bipartisanship is breaking down”). #Insiders
the extremely convenient and very false narrative about Morrison “struggling to rein in” his hard right colleague Craig Kelly is repeated by Speers.

*Reminder that spreading disinformation on fb is core Liberal Party strategy, not some side show. #Insiders
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