Day of Donnie Darko

Frank the Rabbit seems to save Donnie from engine falling into his room

Frank tells Donnie is told to burn down a "Christian fundamentalist" motivational speaker's house & child porn is found
~Lincoln Project~

Donnie was told he had 28d 6hr 42min 6sec left
That many days from now is 3/20/21
Day of the Spring eQUINox

The Day that Q
uetzlcoatl's shadow can be seen at the Chichen Itza pyramid

3/20 was in decode about QUINn in a Sliders Episode where they had to MAKE a DECISION whether to SAVE the CONSTITUTION
Donnie Darko is about his world ending

Material dropped in Q on
2 yr TIME Delta &
3 yr TIME Delta
both have a tone of FINALITY

~23 is pain

RChandler pics
"Actresses" doubling as handlers
Much can be revealed

Nobody escapes this

Donnie Darko's writer Richard Kelly's next film:

Domino HARVEY gave up being an actress to become a bounty hunter but gets mixed up with the Mob while the FBI monitors both Mafia gangs

HARVEY was a 1950 movie about Jimmie Stewart w/ an invisible Rabbit only he could see!
Visionary writer RKelly's last work:

~Coincidence of RKelly's underage trouble but cleared~

Storyline of a couple (w/CHILD) receive BOX that if they open they will get a million $ but will take a life unknown to them

Reminds me of Ferrell's Skit

• • •

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22 Feb
Word of Day

To cross in the form of an X

To mark with a CROSS or X

That means GOLD!

1st auther Quote: GOLDman

DeCUSSis~ a bronze ten-piece coin
~A decade
X is Latin symbol for 10
Reduced form of DECEM

A copper coin or MONETARY UNIT
A penny Image
Entered ENG 2nd half of 17th century~1650

-8 yrs
1st Quote: 6/30/10

The Y was GauDy w/ GOLD
~ AU is GOLD

It (transition) will not be GowDy~ GauDy

Stringer Diff: 49
In ‘49
Mao Zedong placed China on the GOLD Standard
Resolving hyperinflation of that time ImageImageImageImage
China also had many “economic” problems during that time, including millions dead from famine

~NOW think about our situation of Hyperinflation!

O’Biden Regime is printing $ like crazy to satisfy as they have to satisfy previous debts

Quote 1:
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21 Feb
Word of Day
Impressively or overwhelmingly large, luxurious

In Egyptian PR was not the name of a PHARaoh
but the name of his Residence
very like our own
"The White House"

Hebrew: Paroh
of foreign origin

Obiden Regime back in WH to complete NWO
Video above makes use of the WHITE HOrse & 666 connecting all to Obama

The PHARoah is back in WHITE HOUSE

PAR O in Hebrew is Great HOUSE

Great Big PHARMa frightened Trump that time

Bill GATES up all US FARMS forcing Fake BEEF

Many Elites today were probably grown in FARMS
Quote 1:
He retired in 2017 (BO left in '17)
to devote himself to new projects, notably raising funds for a somewhat PHARaonic museum dedicated to East Africa’s ecology and its status as a BIRTH-place of prehistoric man

JL Anderson
Read 9 tweets
20 Feb
Word of Day

a clever, unscrupulous person

Snollygoster is a variant of Snallygaster,
a mythical monster that preys on poultry and children

Reminds me of Senior Staffer email to HRC
~gonna sacrifice a chicken to moloch"
Q connections:
SNOllygoster 1st seen 1845 ~ MARion County
SNallygaster seen 1940 ~ MARyland

Year Diff: 95
SNOw white
~remove SNO leaves WW(World War) HIT E(5th column)

SNOw COVering 73% of US
Worst in 17 yrs

Think how many myths to COVer for SAcrificing to Moloch!
But the people will awaken, and all that will be left of the SNOllygoster will be an unsavory blotch on the history of American politics
Fred L Carr

Unable to find Quote on net

Interesting Q Coincidence found on search:
Wrong guy but:
Military Recruit
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14 Feb
Word of Day
An amorous glance


In Eng for more than 400 yrs but remains UNNATURALized

Third EYE Expand thread into a bigger picture hidden throughout our movie scripts

A Glance that is furtive, conspiratorial, or SECRET ImageImage
Or a glance that is flirting and amorous

Think all the myths so far of Time-Travelling Trump & Baron!

What might that look like?

Prob Military realizing the depths of our LOSS to Luciferians RISKing going back to get us on the right Track Image
OEIL means EYE
~Keeping an EYE on us
~Future military
45 gives us 76

⚡️Concept Captured in 1st Quote⚡️
John Simon
Article '76 ~ now 45 yrs ago
Served in Air Force in '45

Said on TV
He wasn't writing for today saying he was writing for 50 yrs from now ImageImage
Read 14 tweets
13 Feb
Word of Day

A spirit of trust and goodwill among people closely associated in an activity or endeavor

Spanish “chamberful,”

~Think Cellmate

~ Chamber, room
Latin:arched roof, vaulted roof, or ceiling

1st Quote:
Stacey Abrams
The Time is Now, 2020
So what fueled such mass participation in voter fraud?

After failing to succeed race for Gov she wrote book demoning DJT & claimed Voter Suppression

Ironically, her quotes seem oddly relevant to us after witnessing acts of under-table suitcases of ballots gettting counted in GA
1 Quote thats OFF!
w/ Myanmar Coup just witnessed

"Democracies rarely fall today because of military coups or foreign invasion"

Book release 6/9/20
Dropped on SAME DAY

People are waking up [[D] party con]

Attempting to establish new narrative creating 2nd
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13 Feb
Word of Day Decode

Pertaining to or based upon the relations of joint action of the moon & the sun

Western Culture Deplorables taught to ignore Moon Motion

So, Luciferians can use time False Flags

Today is
1st Day of the Chinese New Year

Year of the OX
"China is bad" is a chew toy for Covid consumed/Dualistic Minds still unclear of concept:
"Deep State"

Remem, When Trump visited China he was honored Culturally as a Respected Leader

No such respect to Obama

Their citizens are our friends & want rid of the DS as much as we do!
~It is no accident that luna looks so much like Russian luna~

Zoroastrian~ shining, brilliant, radiant

Chinese Billionaire worked w/ BANNon

Flew BANNers 6/3/20
~Done in 30 ~ +30 is 7/3
New US Republic 7/4/20

"Unnerving stunt, a protest against the CCP"
Read 15 tweets

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