🦋MSGs from Your Person - X, S, L, E, D, M (preferred to check your initials)

~Messages can be reversed though, if you see fit! :)

“I lay awake thinking about our future and this connection, so much to the point where I’ve lost sleep. I worry that if I asked you to stay, or—-
Gave you some sort of offer, you’d reject me and leave. I want to hold you and be near you— this separation is difficult, but right now I am prioritizing my happiness. I am trying to become happier for myself and not for others before I come to you, cause ultimately—
You too make me happy. I have so much desire for you, but I am frightened every time I look at the past that you’ve already moved on. I’ve been struggling, and I need time to release and heal and become more balanced before I can act.”

Advice: You’re being called to find—
Win-win solutions in situations by reframing your state of mind. Be more open towards different solutions and problem solving approaches. Even if you haven’t tried it before, see if it works. Don’t let your ego get the best of you and react instead of respond. In such case,—-
Healing is needed as well as grounding oneself through nature. Give your ego a break and regain your confidence by detaching from your mind.

• • •

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20 Feb
🦋MSGs from Your Person - B, C, J, V, N, Q, P (preferred to check your initials)

~Messages can be reversed though, if you see fit! :)

“In the past, I received wrongful advice because I allowed other people to sway my thoughts and actions. As a result, I didn’t think before—-
I acted because what I thought was right was what I acted on in the moment. I want to be near you and take this relationship to the next level. Can you energetically feel my desire for you? I wish for everything all the time; to grow and to make this relationship work, to be—-
All I can be for you, but I am in pain because I’ve been struggling lately. There’s a lot of things happening that you don’t know about, but know that this journey together hasn’t broken me. I hope it hasn’t broken us. I want things to change.”

Advice: You’re being called to—-
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20 Feb
🦋MSGs from Your Person - O, H, A, Y, Q, T, L (preferred to check your initials)

~Messages can be reversed though, if you see fit! :)

“i worry that you won’t choose me because of what I put you through... Do you even care anymore? I’ve been working on getting professional—-
Help instead of seeking out other people’s opinions because I put use in a third party situation. It influenced my thoughts, actions, and feelings, but know that I am getting the help I need to move forwards. I’m working on apologizing to you and others, as well as—-
Learning how to properly communicate. I want to say sorry but my ego is still in the way. Please give me time to sort out my issues, as I still get caught up when trying to express my truth.”

Advice: You’re being called to understand that criticism on another partner can be—-
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20 Feb
🦋MSGs from Your Person - F, I, Z, W, Q, P (preferred to check your initials)

~Messages can be reversed though, if you see fit! :)

“I am in so much pain right now. I wonder what I could’ve done better... I know I put you through heartbreak because of my actions, and it’s—-
Making me resent myself. My family likes you and I believe yours does too, but I’m worried they’ll start seeing me in a different light when we tell them what we’ve gone through. I’m worried they won’t accept me, but I would do anything for you, even if I’m terrified. I’ve—
Never felt this way about anyone... my life started when I met you and I don’t know what I’d do without you. I scared myself when I think upon that day again and what I said and did. This separation is killing me, but I’ve realized that you’re changing and I’m changing. I—-
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20 Feb
🦋MSGs from Your Person - R, U, N, K, G, T (preferred to check your initials)

~Messages can be reversed though, if you see fit! :)

“I am desiring to reconnect with you, to reach out and communicate all that I feel for you because I have so much desire for you. The sexual—
Energy is heightening each day I’m apart from you. You make my heart full, but I cannot take action quite yet. The divine is stopping me, even though I have so many things I want to tell you. I want to tell you how much you’ve helped me grow, how much I’ve healed and that I am—-
No longer the same person, but I am still trying to forgive others and myself for what I’ve been put through. I understand that the both of us have put each other through pain, but I am wishing for a clean slate.”

Advice: More effort is required on both counterparts ends.—-
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20 Feb
🦋Twin Flames - Communication🦋

DM: The DM is currently working on opening himself up to his emotions to be able to offer and communicate what he’s desiring with the DF. He’s in an extremely vulnerable energy because he’s now realizing how much he feels for his DF, but is—-
Understanding that perhaps other people and opinions have swayed the way he responds and interacts within this connection. He no longer wants this energy to be present because he’s bursting to tell his DF how he feels or that he wants higher commitment, but before a new—-
Beginning can arrive he must get rid of the toxicity and outside influences. DM is mainly focusing on his patterns of staying in autopilot for the thrill of it all. He runs from commitment because of his survival wounds, but this time is allowing for him to understand where he—
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20 Feb
🦋Twin Flames - No Communication

DM: The masculine energy is currently desiring forward movement in his physical environment but the divine is blocking him. There’s impatience here, which may be why the DF is also feeling the same energy. However, the divine is blocking the—-
DM from moving forward, despite the longing and desire to act because he’s still facing his karma. He’s closing out karmic cycles and karmic patterns before he can move towards the DF. Also, there’s still some underlying feelings of loss and un-fulfillment. The—
DM or masculine energy in this connection could’ve walked away because of what wasn’t healed, and is now facing regret. He’s getting rid of the blocks and third parties that influenced how he reacted to his DF before moving forward, as well as the unhealed patterns he’s—-
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