I can’t see everything my followers do bc filtering settings (that everyone should have access to but, Twitter) & I’ve muted some ppl. But AFAIK my followers are mostly thoughtful truth-seeking people & I’m honestly proud of that. I absolutely judge ppl by their followership.
If your followers tend to “go after” people en masse with harassment, threats, or name-calling I think you’re helping actively make the internet a worse place. If there is a such thing as cancel culture it must include people censoring themselves for fear of internet mobs.
If your replies are constantly full of misogyny, racism, anti-semitism, conspiracy theories, misinformation, or other forms of internet pollution you should absolutely take personal responsibility for creating a welcoming home for that.
I’m constantly seeing accounts that dance around bigotry but then their followers say the quiet part out loud and I just think... fucking say it. Say it out loud and defend it OR repudiate it. But don’t be a fucking coward and try to spread hate with plausible deniability.

• • •

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22 Feb
Watching Crime Scene and fuck are police officers lazy. Like they really do not want to be bothered with even trying to actually solve crimes. I remember hearing on @InTheDarkAPM how abysmal America’s police departments’ clearance rates are.
So I looked it up. “The proportion of crimes solved in America is dramatically lower than we realize.” dc.law.utah.edu/cgi/viewconten…
I think I read/heard that asking the public for tips actually makes it less likely you’ll solve a case because cops just end up spending all their time on bullshit. But cops do it to look like they’re doing something. And they only do that if your family manages to enlist media
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21 Feb
Trying to avoid getting fucked by your own cognitive biases is a laudable goal. Pretending your success stems from your superior genes and thinking rather than your relative insulation from the systemic injustices you studiously ignore... less good.
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21 Feb
Is there a non-environmental, non-“I want money printer go burrr,” non-“people are going to lose their shirts” reason to be mad about Bitcoin? I get not buying any but why are people so mad about it? Seems like decentralized competing online currencies are good.
I get why Bitcoin doesn’t and will never work as a currency. I just don’t get the animus.
I don’t have a strong moral opinion on Bitcoin anymore. I strongly support easy, universal access non-governmental competing currencies. I only want Bitcoin to 10x again so I can do activism full-time.
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17 Jan
2019 survey: 86% of white evangelical Protestants & 70% of white mainline Protestants and white Catholics said that the “Confederate flag is more a symbol of Southern pride than of racism.” newyorker.com/books/under-re…
More than 6/10 white Christians disagreed with the statement: “Generations of slavery and discrimination have created conditions that make it difficult for blacks to work their way out of the lower class.”
Robert P. Jones, head of nonpartisan polling and research organization Public Religion Research Institute uses this & other data to lay out a startling case: “The more racist attitudes a person holds, the more likely he or she is to identify as a white Christian.”
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17 Jan
"White supremacists are skilled political organizers, and should never be written off as marginal to the political math in this nation." faraic.medium.com/the-call-to-wh…
Sheriff Joe Arpaio, the first man Trump pardoned, is an example of white supremacy in government, and a model for Trump’s xenophobic, counterfactual and successful attacks on Mexicans to gain followers. "Xenophia and white supremacy sell in politics, and have for centuries."
I love how everyone thinks "the media" exaggerates racism when in reality white editors and publishers cover it up far more often.
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17 Jan
That 1/2+ of the House GOP caucus would endorse “Stop the Steal” after the coup attempt shows how hostile the white Christian nationalist wing is to democracy when it threatens their political power, personal wealth, and established social hierarchies. medium.com/3streams/where…
"A demographic and economic analysis of the constituencies represented by the 139 Republicans who objected to the certification of at least one states’ election results helps to clarify the social and material conditions in which this right wing authoritarianism has taken root."
"The concentration of wealth among older American has allowed the authoritarian right to stoke fears about youth-led political movements challenging their direct and indirect claims on younger Americans’ labor and income as employers, landlords, lenders, and pensioners."
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