mmmmm i have a take:

being anti-microlabels is aphobic.


allos rt for visibility or i’ll steal your femur :)
because no one but aspecs cares about aspecs, i’m gonna have to start with the very basics
first, being aspec isn’t quite about who you’re attracted to but about the nuance of *how* you’re attracted (or not attracted)
second, once again i’m bringing up the fact that a lot of people don’t like us to make the point that many will say that aspec identities are microlabels as a way to oust us from the lgbt+ community but
a) we’re queer sorry if that scares you now shut the fuck up
b) microlabels aren’t actually harmful and have a place in the queer community but that’s a separate thing
c) just because an aspec identity can coexist with other queer identities within one person doesn’t mean
that they’re microlabels
basic number three, lots of people hate aspecs yeah we get it rory you’ve said it a million times
anyway that means that there’s very little awareness of us and our community. there’s a danger to being out even to other queer people
this means many of us don’t have an irl
aspec community. follow that a little further and consider that human beings need connection particularly with people they can see themselves in and what do you get? a thriving online community that gets a lot of hate but is also very active constantly coining new terms and
creating new language for experiences we haven’t yet been able to describe

god i love it it’s so cool that we can just do that 😊

moving on!
now that we’ve covered the basics and we now understand that the aspec community does in fact exist i can get on with it

reminder of what “it” actually is:

honestly with all the basics in mind i think it’s a pretty simple one so here goes
the point i brought up earlier about people calling our identities microlabels to exclude us
that’s more a problem with aphobia and using microlabels as an excuse to be aphobic
HOWEVER normalizing being anti-microlabels gives the aphobes a giant bus with “i hate aspecs” painted down the side of it that they can just pile onto

(for those of you who don’t exclusively speak in metaphors i’m saying you’re giving them an easy access to oppressive behavior)
the second piece is a little more solid:
because we have such a thriving online community with ever evolving language, there tends to be a lot of nuance and specificity in our terms
in other words, we have a lot of microlabels
to call them microlabels is fine because they might be
dismissing them because you think they’re microlabels is not
our community has specific labels like “fraysexual” or “arovague” that aren’t as well-known as say “lesbian” but those who fall under those labels
still have valid experiences and to deny that erases huge parts of both the aspec community and the queer community as a whole
erasing or dismissing someone’s experience because their label isn’t well-known enough for you or it’s “too specific” is queerphobic
doing so when they’re aspec (which happens often due to the nature of our community and our language) is specifically aphobic
being anti-microlabels and normalizing that behavior breeds this kind of bigotry and is therefore queerphobic and aphobic, end of discussion
feel free to ask me any questions!!
i’m down to answer basically anything as long as you’re not an ass
and once again please please please rt for visibility

• • •

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