Ok. Show of hands.

Who's surprised that the Lincoln Project ended up being a conservative grift?
I honestly can't think of another conservative project that received so much funding, support and praise from liberals.
...aside from the war in Afghanistan.

Just... I spent so long amazed at how George Conway amassed any credibility whatsoever on the left.

Like nobody saw sleeping with the enemy as a red flag?
"The propagandist's husband is gonna save us!"


• • •

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21 Feb
America refuses on principle to develop an immune response to white grifters.
That's mostly because America stops listening at "white"

Cause you ALWAYS have to hear white people out before jumping to conclusions.
Even when America outs a white grifter in government, they'll just then hire him as a cable news pundit.

Cause he's white and still has a valid opinion they couldn't find from someone who's not a grifter.
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21 Feb
Let's look at this another way.

Let's say you were born into a secret society that values lineage, bestows wealth upon your family and acquires the money to do so through serial murder and theft, and on your 21st birthday, you are made aware of this.

What do you do?
After all, you can't change the fact that you were born into an ancestral line that this secret society values.

You didn't ask to be born into this society, and you've just now discovered that your whole life has been funded through murder.
You didn't create the secret society.

You didn't designate your family line as one of the important ones.

All that happened generations before you were born.

You can't rip out your DNA or go back in time to change who your parents are.
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21 Feb
I feel like everyone has forgotten exactly how bipartisan the crime bill was from jump and the fact that a larger percentage of Black people supported it than white people.
Ironically, the 1994 Crime bill was supported by almost 60% of the Black community.

Mostly because they'd been abandoned in the most criminogenic environments of poverty and disenfrachisement in the country and had nowhere else to turn.
The Crime Bill was in fact the product of white supremacy but totally not in the way that everyone envisions.
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20 Feb
This headline only seems outrageous until it finally dawns on you that there are no "good" drugs or "bad" drugs and that their ultimate utility to humans is largely dependent on the nature of their use.

Heroin (under the name diamorphine is something folks can get a scrip for)
In America, we do not distinguish between use, abuse, dependency and addiction although these are four ENTIRELY different relationships with drugs.

We equate any use of "bad" drugs with abuse and addiction

Whereas we ignore abuse and addiction to "good" drugs.
This headline wouldn't be worth printing if it was "College professor says he has a glass of wine each night to relax"

Even though we equate alcohol abuse with violence, death and sickness, we don't blink at this description of casual use.
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20 Feb
No. I did. You are making the argument that the news "Just gives the people what they want" except the news has spent decades carefully crafting what people want and expect from them.
The job of the news, by the way is very much NOT to give people what they want to see/hear.

It's to give people the NEWS.

Chasing ratings for cash is not a valid excuse for failing journalistic integrity.
This isn't accidental either.

There used to be regulations around news on television called the Fairness Doctrine

Once they were relaxed, news orgs were able to demand that their news shows prioritize ratings, allowing them to do and say pretty much whatever they wanted.
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20 Feb
Of course their job is to report on white supremacist violence.

However the other part of their job is to contextualize it.

And that they will not do. Because it implicates their entire business model.
To do one part successfully yet fail to do the other distorts the very truth that the news was ostensibly trying to convey, robbing it of the ability to actually provide answers to solving the issue.
The media is a central mechanism by which white supremacy is propagated and replicated throughout society.

News media in particular has spent decades upon decades reinforcing the foundational lies of white supremacy and they're not planning to stop anytime soon.
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