i transitioned to male because i couldn't take wearing pants with those horrible tiny pockets any longer. naturally, cutting my breasts off was the only option
someone will be mad at me for this. i don't know who yet. and i don't know why. but they will. and to that i say: bring it on you kooky kids
another reason i transitioned to male is because women's razors are so shitty in comparison to men's. and they cost so much more. i couldn't handle the agony any more. obviously i just decided change my entire life forever and then the whole dilemma cleared right up!
ANOTHER reason i transitioned to male is because that funsie song "lets hear it for the boys" really inspired me, and i thought, "you know what? i should get a penis."
another reason i transitioned to male is because our family thanksgivings were a little too tame. we desperately needed the ol' "sex change conversation starter" that everyone knows and loves.
another reason i transitioned to male is because blue is the boy color. and thats my favorite color. pink is the girl color. and pink isn't my favorite color. so i knew i needed to talk to a doctor
another reason i transitioned to male is because i desperately wanted more intimate conversation with horrible annoying women on the internet obsessed with who shits in what bathroom. i love when they talk at me. it makes me feel young again
another reason i transitioned to male is because i thought it would be an interesting way to get over my needle phobia. i get a flu shot once a year, and the occasional booster vaccine, but i felt a dose of hormones shot bi-weekly into the ass check would be far more effective.
another reason i transitioned to male is because the heating and insulation in my apartment is poor, and testosterone makes you slightly hairier. i figured this was a good way to warm myself for winter, and save on my utilities bill.
literally how DARE this random stranger. nothing about this is false or obvious satire in any way and it’s honestly disgusting to insinuate.
well hey now. i’m a comedian and also idiot, and also pug owner, so follow me if you want a nice thrill ride. thought i’d answer any invasive DMs here in advance:
...the list continues. all these people are also sexy and geniuses, by the way. all trans people are: @AllanaSmithee @SophieComedian @adrixnsays @transpoetics @imirregulargirl @communoah @Business_Trans @oliver__online @onlinegirlie @unbthered @HereOnNeptune @ayyy_vuh

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21 Feb
love my fans :) <3
guys. you know what this means? they saw me as a guy :) <3
Read 4 tweets
19 Feb
"katharina t."

this trans man, who lived 100 years ago in berlin, had my exact birth name. this photo was on his police-issued "transvestite certificate". i'm german--it really moved me to think that could've been me. i'm so-so at photoshop, but wanted to recreate his portrait.
here's a thread i posted earlier with more information on him, and on these certificates that were issued during the time. it's a story full of melancholy and pain, but also of so many incredible LGBT people and those who fought for us.

anyways, he means a lot to me! it meant the world to learn about him. it honestly made me cry. i wish i could find more information on what became of him, if he evaded the nazis, etc...but i can't. i wish i could say something to him. i wish he could see how far we've come :)
Read 5 tweets
18 Feb
doing thesis research on the "transvestite certificates" of 1930s Berlin, a card police would give trans people to let them "cross-dress" in public, & found a trans man who had my birth name. knocked the wind out of me. my family is from there. that could've been me 100 years ago
these documents sound like good things, and for a while, they did arguably provide some sanctity. they were issued for about 20 years, until 1933, when they were utilized by the nazis to round up trans people for concentration camps. i can't find out what happened to him.
psychology was just beginning to come up with theories on gender-diversive people; the "transvestite certificate" was birthed by magnus hirschfeld, a gay sexologist who gave trans people access to HRT and spent years profiling genderqueer people in berlin.
Read 14 tweets
18 Feb
who wants to guess what he asked me !!!😍
hint: i think there actually may be a slight chance he isn’t straight :)
omg. you guys are being so sweet today :) <3
Read 13 tweets
16 Feb
i just want to add to the joke-y quotes and say...this is profoundly sad. this guy was openly gay with a BF, they broke up, and he’s clearly in a force-myself-back-in-the-closet inner hell. i remember his happy videos. it feels wrong to laugh at this
also...one of the QTs from some girl laughing bc she pegged him!? ok. yes, this is a harmful video/laughing at it is how some cope. but stop equating anal sex to being gay? HE happens to be queer, but it’s not the own you think it is!!! i don’t get how you people can’t see that!
people in both that quote and the original tweet openly mocking qualities of his they perceive as gay? are you guys fucking kidding? that’s homophobia! you’re mocking someone who’s clearly in immense pain and internalized a predatory narrative because he’s vulnerable!
Read 6 tweets
16 Feb
y’all praise men with delicate/pretty features unless he’s a trans guy
harry styles and his nail polish/gender-fluid fashion...somehow unacceptable from us!
this is the same as masculine/androgynous features praised in cis women by the fashion industry, etc. they do the same for feminine qualities in men
Read 6 tweets

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