With the film Judas and the Black Messiah now on HBO max in in theaters, the BS mythology about the Black Panthers and Fred Hampton have kicked into overdrive again.

The PPP were cop killing commies.

Let’s lay down a little truth on Fred Hampton.
First off, let’s be clear that the police did have a warrant to go into the apartment were Fred Hampton and a number of other black panthers were staying. The warrant was issued by Judge Robert Collins.
And as reported by multiple outlets immediately following the shooting in 1969, the Black Panthers had plenty of weapons.

I don’t just throw around the term “commie.” I reserve it for admitted, self described communists and Marxists.

That would apply to black panther attorney Charles Garry. He was also involved heavily after the death of Fred Hampton.

Plus: Jonestown

Let’s quote Fred Hampton:

“we say primarily that the priority of this struggle is class. That Marx, and Lenin, and Che Guevara end Mao Tse-Tung and anybody else that has ever said or knew or practiced anything about revolution, always said that revolution is a class struggle.”
And here's some of the arsenal insided Fred Hampton's apartment when it was raided. 29 guns including a submachine gun and 1000+ rounds of ammo.

I'm sure they were going to freed them to hungry children.
Instantly, Fred Hampron was made star student at Communist Martyr's High School.

Here's a photo gallery from the Chicago Tribune.

Notice they leave out a lot of guns. A lot.

One of the reasons to mention Charles Garry is that part of the plan here wants to sue the city, city officials and anyone else they could think of after the death of Fred Hampton.

Read one of these decisions yourself

When the police went in to the Fred Hampton apartment, the heavily armed BPP members inside open fire and a large gun fight ensued. This is how the revolutionaries wanted it.
One of the things Fred Hampton gets praise for Is forming the “Rainbow Coalition” with Puerto Rican active Cha Cha Jimenez, who like Fred Hampton was a heroin user.

You can read this mostly praiseworthy biography and decide for yourself if he’s a hero.

And Fred Hampton himself was very clear about killing police officers, aka "offing the pigs."

Read what he wrote in the Black Panther magazine.

Clear enough?
They also talk about Fred Hampton and the Black
Panthers “free breakfast for children” campaign.

They don’t mention of the primary point of the program was to promote communism. This is an insult to the Panthers because they were very clear about this.

Here is Hampton himself.
You can read the entire Fred Hampton speech over marxists.org

Read it yourself. It’s some thing that Samuel L Jackson would be saying if he were a communist.

Now, in case you aren't sure whether the Free Breakfast program was about indostrinating children to become violent cop-hating revolutionary communist...

Well, just read the call and response chants they had to do in order to get fed.

Is this ok with you?
Maybe you need to see the Free Breakfast program for yourself.

Here are children chanting for the release of "all politicsal prisoners" including Erica and Bobby, who were in prison for torturing and killing another Black Panther.
Here's the audio of Alex Rackley's torture:

"This tape was the central piece of evidence at a subsequent murder trial of Panther leaders Bobby Seale and Ericka Huggins."

In a number of cases, the food for the Free Breakfast program was stolen, extorted through violence or they used "boycott" as a threat.

• • •

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