If what you love to do happens to be very lucrative, then you should totally do it.

If what you enjoy doesn't pay well, then find something else to enjoy.
If your opinions are popular, then that's fantastic.

If they're unpopular, then learn how to lie.
(I don't abide by this one, but I'm too far gone already and there's no benefit to backpedalling)
If the woman/man you love is suitable wife/husband material, then that's fantastic, get married live happily together.

If they're not, then learn how to press ctrl+z on it and start again.
(So many people screw this up it's not even funny. Young people have ridiculous ideas about what kind of relationships are healthy and appropriate, including me when I was young)
I'm not a nihilist.

I just think that one of the best applications of #rationality with the highest leverage is understanding when you are breaking a foundational rule of reality - a social or economic equivalent of defying gravity - and not doing that.

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20 Feb
Logarithmic fits for the Bitcoin top of the current cycle indicate a top of only $85k.

But we could easily get into the top-zone, correct, and then go back up to $100k+.
Stock-to-flow model implies we are going to about $300k
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19 Feb
There are two things that matter in life:

(1) virtue signalling
(2) making money

People will tell you lies about how there are other things that matter, and how well you do in life will depend on how well you resist those lies.
Why does it work like this?

Virtue is the currency of hunter gatherers. Who is the good person? Who is politically connected? Who do people consider high up in the political hierarchy of the tribe?
Money is the industrial-human currency, the currency of one-off interactions between distrustful strangers.
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19 Feb
Imagine sitting on $10k of #Ethereum whilst #Binance chain explodes...

Trading is hard. Everything you buy immediately dumps, and everything you don't buy goes on an exponential moon rocket. Except until you buy it, at which point it crashes.
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13 Feb
The most important thing that I have learned in #politics over the past ~10 years is that playing negative-sum games makes you weaker and should be avoided except as an absolute last resort.

Any kind of win-win game you can start is a great idea.
Some concrete examples:

- the disputed 2020 US election was a negative sum game that the US right unwisely got itself into. As we can see, it wasn't a "last resort" situation; Biden is president and the sky has not fallen.
- The attitude to women on the political right has been too negative sum until very recently. I think the right is gradually learning that traditional men and traditional women can win 𝘢𝘵 𝘵𝘩𝘦 𝘴𝘢𝘮𝘦 𝘵𝘪𝘮𝘦.
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9 Feb
I am thinking about starting a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) that focuses on life extension funding. I spoke to @DonyChristie about this a bit, but maybe some other people are interested.

Ending aging and death is the most important goal for the human race!
I think that the time might be right to create Schelling Point for the social and financial support for such a goal.

In essence, ending aging is too important to leave in the hands of Boomer Science.
Is anyone else interested?
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4 Feb
The ultimate sexist take: women don't really have any skin in the game of our society because they'll get to reproduce whatever happens.
(Or at least, they execute adaptations which are optimized for winning a game where the overall fate of society is irrelevant to their reproductive success, but individual-level signalling is very important)
Caveat: "women" are a distribution not a point. Our language isn't very good at talking in distributions.

Individually, as a person, broad generalizations are less important than specifics. But when you look at groups, you'll see this pattern clearly.
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