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21 Feb, 12 tweets, 3 min read
I agree with this statement not from my political experience of POV.
But, rather from my experience of what is being done by their govt in context of medicine & science. Egs -
1. gagging science by needing permission to participate in international conferences (why???)
2. By trying to experiment with evidence based medicine at cost of health & safety of people by promoting non MBBS graduates to perform medical procedures that require long term skill development.
3. By promoting pseudoscience cures like Cow urine, coronil (the list is too long.
4. By labeling science & medical experts raising genuine science, medical safety concerns (in context of vaccines more recently) as antinationals, propaganda mongers & what not. (Sorry but science ain't your dog that you can shut up into not barking. It doesn't work like that)
5. By diluting our scientific research, clinical trial process & regulatory frameworks in context of covid related drug eg. pushing HCQ or pushing covaxin without phase 3 data while denying access to better & more efficacious on the pretext of vaccine nationalism
6. In context of covid control they have used misinformation in terms of shifting the narrative of covid19 management to recovery rates & similar jargon which are incorrect parameters to assess covid19 related performance.
7. The govt as well as its ministers have had no qualms in promoting quackery, pseudoscience, curb scientific discussions, dilute rugors of our regulatory frameworks & dishing out absolute rubbish (like cow exams) in relation to medicine & science
8. While Russian & Chinese vaccines see rise in global demands, thanks to Indian political interference in the name of nationalism covaxin is hardly being talked about, because the data that was supposed to be made available in a week's time is nowhere in sight after 2 months.
9. The results of our own NFHS survey in context of malnutrition have been ignored & denied. This has serious consequences in terms of long term health of our children, mothers & general population.
So purely from a scientific, evidence based, logical POV deriving conclusions from the actual actions of this govt (irrespective of what it may have to say) it is really hard to not come to conclusions that Indian science & medicine is being forced back into time.
You cannot label scientific community or science related inquiries as some antinational or ideological conspiracy.

Science functions on open curiosity, it thrives through its ability to be questioned, it evolves through critique.
Anyone who lables questioning or curiosity as far as science is concerned, limits discussions & debates when it comes to science irrespective of who they are or whatever they claim their motives be, their integrity & commitment towards science is questionable.
Erosion of India's scientific & health care credibility especially during the present time when India had all the odds in its favour to attract global science & healthcare investment & turn into a quality global research & development centre is a great disservice to all of us.

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20 Feb
Dear Indian News channels, please hire health reporters to do your reporting as far as covid19 is concerned.

The standard of your existing reporting is pathetic & that this hasn't struck home to even 1 editor goes to highlight your health related illiteracy.
From a seriously frustrated medical expert. #kthanxbye
I am saying this quite literally. There is zero educated perspective. Na infectious diseases ka, na spread ka pata h,na efficacy ka na R0, na efficiency ka, na data analysis, ka clinical trail ka, na vaccine ya drug development ka, na local procedure & laws relating to these.
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19 Feb
This guy who migrated to US of A 8 years back cuz India used to be such a horrible country then, & would spend time dissing US while he was in US & India while he would vacation here, tried lecturing me how Modi has revolutionized India.
Me - Sure, When are you homecoming bro?
Him - What does my returning back or not to India has to do anything with what great achievements have been made here?
Me - Since you are so proud of the achievements why wouldn't you have want to contribute or enjoy them? Wouldn't it better than just being a green card holder!!
Him - Yaar, you really don't know how much things have changed.
Me - Dude, what's the catch, I happen to be living in the country. But you applied for Canadian citizenship, why not return to India instead?
Him - Wo yaar I can't, you know my daughter gets Asthma in pollution
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19 Feb
What is even the bloody point in outraging about Coronil today, when EBM practioners were cools with using HCQ without evidence & despite evidence. When many EBM practioners have actually supposed Indian govt's Ayush experiments & mixopathy directives.
This bunch who who doesn't understand why phase1/2 data is not equivalent to phase 3. That why 25 subject studies are not initially significant to be relevant. That why data sanctity is crucial to results of any trial & hence any ethics violation compromises a study etc etc
These folks for whom their personal egos, national pride, political affiliations are more important than their duty towards science will never have consensus. They will prefer to keep their mediocrity & continue with their petty infighting rather than doing anything substantial.
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19 Feb
The problem with most Indian tech based start ups is that they lack innovation. What they effectively do is become intermediaries by identifying a niche area where there exists an unfulfilled need & the using tech to create platforms thus acting as connecting agents.
They don't bother to study the problem indepth, the underlying perspectives that are leading to the problems or focus on solutions that address these problems collectively or individually or to collaborate to do this.
You pick any random start up & this summarizes them.
Having interacted with folks involved in education, nutrition & health space, this is my broad conclusion.

Ask them to identify 5 problems (they identify 2 or 3), ask them reasons (usually lack research on this aspect), ask for solutions (none except let's use the internet).
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19 Feb
Knowledge dissemination has suffered a massive dent globally going by the level of insane takes that one comes across everyday from people in context of economy, science, socio-cultural aspects, environment, laws & rights etc etc etc
We should seriously deliberate what went wrong
Twitter is like a live experiment where you can see how exactly the same set of facts & scenarios is processed & understood extremely differently by people. Universal agreement on anything fundamental is fast becoming an extinct phenomenon.
Education has got no role what soever in influencing these variations in understanding, infact we would not see some of the really absurd opinions if at all education had any role because these extremely qualified people would have ability to construct rational reasoning
Read 4 tweets

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