modern au where extremely near sighted wwx accidentally sits on his glasses (bc he leaves them on his black-sheeted bed and they disappear) and crushes his glasses. He goes to check his contact inventory and realizes they're all expired. No choice but to rely on his roommate lwj!
You may be thinking, would these things happen? I absolutely did not sit on my glasses 4 minutes ago. ANYWAY.

Wwx is shite as checking up on expiration dates, he's usually too lazy for contacts bc who enjoys poking their eyeballs anyway. So! he is not seein much rn!
Making his way into the living room where lwj is doing some work on his laptop, or rather, the fuzzy outline of lwj is doing some work on....his....probably laptop? Not their cat. Probably.

"Hey, Lan Zhan you won't believe what I've just done."
Wwx waddles over till he can stand uncomfortably close to lwj so that he can see his eyebrows pulled together on his forehead.

"Well, I uh, sat on my last pair of glasses...and I'm out of contacts...." wwx starts. "I'm gonna order new ones, but they'll probably take a few-
days to come in, so like, not to be a huge pain in the neck or anything, but would you be willing to help this lowly roommate of yours commute to campus...and stuff?"

Lwj doesn't respond instantly so wwx's nerves tell him to keep talking.

"I know! It's dumb, I'm sorry for-
asking, but like, my eyesight is awful and--"

Lwj finally cuts him off with a polite clearing of his throat.

"It's not dumb. Of course I will help you, Wei Ying," lwj says in that honeyed tone of his and wwx wants to melt bc wow, whatta guy!
So like, wwx can survive inside their apartment, he doesn't /need/ to see far away things while they're home. So he makes due mostly like usual. Seeing lwj's facial expressions is harder so he keeps squeezing up into lwj's personal space to read him and lwj gets all stiff.
Just bros leaning in super close to read each other's faces bc one bro broke his glasses! No need to be so stiff about it wwx grumbles.

Conveniently, their schedules work out, so wwx trails closely next to lwj to walk to school. After getting jostled a few times he grabs-
-onto the sleeve of lwj's jacket to stick closer. Just to not get jostled!!! That's all!! Lwj doesn't seem to mind, just looks down at where wwx is tugging the fabric and doesn't say anything. When wwx squints to see the cross-walk sigh and takes a step forward, lwj places-
a very large hand on wwx's waist, pulling him against his body.

"The light is red," lwj says, head far too close to wwx's ear.

"O-oh! Right, haha. Sorry, Lan Zhan. Thanks."

Lwj doesn't remove his hand however, and it feels like a brand on wwx's skin.
They walk like that to school, wwx super jumpy bc everything's a fuzzy mess and he can only focus on the feeling of lwj at his side.

Lwj even walks him to class and asks, "Will you be alright from here?"

They are literally at the doorway.
"Yeah! Thanks, Lan Zhan, you're the best. I'll treat you to some boba after class?"

Lwj's lips quirk up in an almost-there smile. "Your class ends at 12:05, right?"

Wwx blinks. Yeah they both posted their schedules on the fridge, but lwj actually /read/ it?
"Yeah," wwx replies and lwj nods.

"I will pick you up, then."

Wwx blinks again, nodding his head for lack of a response. Woah, lwj's being super sweet! What gives!!! What's a man supposed to do with your roommate is doting on you while you're visually impaired??
Class is okay enough. Wwx writes quick enough that he doesn't /really/ need to see the powerpoint slides, he just jots down any relevant info he hears from the prof. When the class ends a few classmates call his name and wave and wwx waves back and thinks, who the fuck was that?
When he exits, there's lwj (probably, it's an all white blob)! When wwx gets closer he checks lwj out. He's leaning against the corridor wall, looking, like a tall glass of water (Thinking your roommate looks like a tall glass of water is a normal, straight thought! Thank you!)
"Lan Zhan!" wwx calls, waving his hands, he rushes forward and then the white blob is also rushing forward saying, "excuse me," to some folks that wwx totally didn't almost just collide with.

Once they meet in the middle lwj steadies wwx by the shoulders.
And, huh, were lwj's hands always this big? They're so big. . . wwx thinks.

"Wei Ying."

Wwx snaps his head up with a tilt in question.

"You need to be more aware of your surroundings," lwj says and wwx pouts. He doesn't wanna be chastised!
"Aii, Lan Zhan, I didn't see them," wwx says with a silly grin (🤪)

Lwj blinks slowly at him and wwx rolls his eyes "Right, yes, of course, mighty Lan Zhan. I will listen to all you say, my master."

Wwx blinks up to lwj's face when he feels a sudden squeeze on his shoulders.
He's giving wwx a look he's only seen briefly once before when wwx forgot his clothes after his shower and sprinted back to his room with only a tiny hand towel covering his bits. Wwx shrugs, must be anger!
"Okay, okay. Let's go," wwx says, leading the way and tugging lwj along with him.

Lwj catches up and places a hand on wwx's elbow this time to guide him.

Elbows aren't particularly sensitive so like why his elbow feelin like this right now...
Then make it to the boba shop in one piece and wwx orders for them both, however, lwj taps his phone to pay before wwx can.

"Ah! Lan Zhan! I said it was /my/ treat! To thank you!" wwx whines.

"There's no need to thank me," lwj responds smoothly.
"That's so not true. Just you wait, I'll find a way to show my thanks when you least expect it!" wwx says, waggling a finger at lwj who's mouth softens into a small smile. And oh, that's quite a sight isn't it? Who knew lwj was so cute when he smiled. . .
They drink their boba in peace, wwx chattering away like usual, then lwj drops him off at his next class. However, lwj's class ends two hours before wwx's does (it's one of those 4 hour straight math classes, you know, those ones) so wwx turns and says, "Ah, see you at home."
Not gonna lie! Wwx is pretty sad about it, getting home in slow motion so he doesn't DIE by car or bike is gonna be miserable, and it's supposed to rain later!!

Lwj tilts his head. "I will pick you up," he says again and wwx waves his hands.

"Ah, no no! I couldn't ask you to-
wait. Seriously, that's so many hours. There's really no need, Lan Zhan; I'll be fine!" Before wwx allows lwj to respond he rushes into class (and another student, woops, sorry wn).

After a grueling 4 hours wwx slimes his way out of the classroom. Despondent and tired.
He doesn't even look up as he exits until he hears a, "Wei Ying."

Wwx blinks in confusion, that sounds a lot like his angelic roommate lan wangji. Once lwj gets closer wwx realizes it IS his angelic roommate lan wangji!!

"Ah, Lan Zhan," wwx sighs. "You really. . ."
Wwx shakes his head. "What am I gonna do with you, huh?"

Lwj inclines his head but doesn't answer the question. "Let's go home."

Wwx nods, all the energy sapped out of him. Squinting for the entire day fucking SUCKS. He just wants to turn his brain off and not exist for a sec.
Wwx slumps against lwj's side. He's allowed to! And lwj is quick to offer a supporting arm around his waist again for wwx to lean into as they walk. Gee, lwj sure is nice to his friends!

It has begun to rain and when lwj snaps open a big umbrella, wwx shouldn't be surprised,-
but he laughs in shock anyway. "You really are prepared for anything, huh?"

Lwj gives him a long look, then says, "Not everything."

Wwx has no clue what that means, but he shrugs it off as they splash their way back home.
Back at their apartment, wwx kicks off his shoes messily and shakes his head like a wet dog. Despite the umbrella, it was windy so his hair has a layer of wet to it. Lwj disappears as wwx peels off his layers with a fluffy blue towel and begins to towel off wwx's hair.
"Ah, Lan Zhan, I can do that. That totally has nothing to do with my eyesight." Wwx grabs for the towel but lwj holds it out of reach in a rare moment of childish. There's a stubborn set to his face that wwx only sees once in a while.

"Let me," lwj says.
And what's wwx supposed to do? Wrestle the towel out of his doting roommate's hands? No. So he lets lwj pat and fluff his hair until he's satisfied and makes a content hum.

Wwx raises an eyebrow. "Lan Zhan, if you spoil me too much, I'll latch on like a limpet and never let go"
Lwj just hums, "Mn," which /isn't/ a response, but he doesn't explain further so wwx lets it go. What's so bad about being spoiled every now and then?

They continue like that. But then lwj starts helping wwx with things he can /see/. And the excuse falls away.
Neither of them mention it, though. Wwx doesn't need help tying his sneakers, but lwj is already on one knee tying them for him. Wwx doesn't need help braiding his hair, but lwj is already behind him plaiting it gently. And, well, the list goes on.
After three days, wwx is becoming /quite/ spoiled by lwj's behavior. But he can't bring himself to say anything! He's never been spoiled before, it's absolutely incredible! And lwj is so /willing/! He never complains, never makes wwx seem like a burden! It's maddening!
Once lwj starts cooking breakfast for wwx, he loses it. It also happens to be the same day that his replacement glasses arrive.

He lovingly slips them onto his face and SEES!!! HE CAN SEE! And then says to lwj, "Alright, you don't have to go out of your way any longer!"
Lwj looks over his shoulder from where he stands in front of the stove scrambling some tofu with a raised brow. Says nothing. Then turns back to continue cooking.

"Hey, hello? Did you hear me? I got my glasses, Lan Zhan. I don't have to bother you anymore."
Lwj doesn't turn again, but he does say, "Wei Ying is never a bother."

Wwx scoffs at that. "Pssh, yeah, okay. Lan Zhan you've done literally /everything/ for me these last few days. Of /course/ I've been a bother." Logical argument he thinks! Needing help is a HUGE bother!
Lwj switches off the flame and plates two breakfasts, setting them on the table with an aggressive clatter. Lwj never does things loudly, what gives?

"I said, Wei Ying is never a bother."

Wwx blinks at him. Something in the tone tells him not to argue. He does grumble tho.
After that, lwj doesn't relent! He continues to really just, do anything and everything with wwx. They spend every waking moment together, eat meals together, blowdry each other's hair, watch movies together. Basically everything but sleep in the same bed at this point!
And it's totally, like normal, to spend every waking moment with your roommate and cuddle while you watch movies! It is! (It's not). Lwj even massages his legs while he rests them in his lap! How sweet. He sure wishes he could find a gf as loving as lwj--
Wait. . . hold up. . .but what if. . ./lwj/. . .was his. . .gf? No, no. Boyfriend? Could they be. . .boyfriend?!

Wwx fidgets with the thoughts and lwj clamps a hand down on his ankle and looks at him.

"Wei Ying? Is something wrong?" And he's so caring. . .

Wwx is in trouble.
Wwx squeaks out a, "Nothing! Nothing." But he can't even think thoughts any longer with lwj's hand around his ankle in a vice grip.

Lwj doesn't believe it, tho. Damn, he knows wwx's face too well.

"You can tell me," lwj says with an earnest expression.

"I--I can't. . ."
Lwj makes an expression like someone's just yeeted their beloved shared cat, suiban, out of the window.

"Ah, Lan Zhan, don't make that face at me. I'm too weak to it," wwx says, feeling his resolve crumble.

Lwj turns it up a notch he does, 🥺and wwx's heart fractures.
"Listen, I'm not like, into guys or anything, but uh, I was thinking, like maybe we could be boyfriends? Or something? Like I don't know! I just really enjoy spending time together and uh, like, /really/ like when you grab me--" He clamps a hand over his mouth, eyes frantic.
Lwj blinks at him. Once. Twice. Three times. Then the hand around wwx's ankle gets /tighter/ and wwx whimpers.

"Lan Zhan! Too hard. Don't. . ."

In the next moment lwj has crawled across wwx's body on the couch.

"Wei Ying, I want--" lwj starts, then stops, then swallows.
"Do you know what it means to be with another man?" lwj asks, face solemn, like wwx might start back-peddling at any second now.

Wwx nods hesitantly. "I mean, like, yeah. I've seen Brokeback Mountain."

Lwj runs a hand through his hair and sighs softly.
"You said you don't like men," lwj says.

Wwx shakes his head. "I don't! I totally don't."

Lwj raises a brow. "Am I not a man?

"Yeah! But you're Lan Zhan! You're special!"

"Special?" lwj echoes.
Wwx nods. "Yeah, special. I've never wanted to. . .you know. . ." Wwx trails off.

"Yes?" lwj breathes, inching closer.

After a steadying breath and squinching his eyes shut, wwx says, "Never wanted to h-hold someone's hand so badly before!! There! I said it!"
Lwj breathes out an actual /laugh/ against wwx's neck where he's buried his head after that bold statement. After a moment he pops back up and knocks their foreheads together.

"Just hold hands?" lwj asks and wwx flushes.

"Lan Zhan!" he wails, pushing against lwj's chest.
"Gods, who thought you were so forward!" wwx grumbles. "I haven't even had my first kiss yet, you really think I've got that kind of imagination?"

"You haven't?" lwj asks.

Wwx frowns. "I haven't! So what, there's plenty of folks who haven't been kissed at 21. . ." Wwx pouts.
Lwj slides a hand to rest against wwx's jaw, rubbing his thumb over it.

"I haven't either," lwj says.

Wwx blinks up at him. "What, no way. But you're so cool, and hot, and smart, and talented, and generous, and sweet--"

Wwx is cut off by a press of lips against his.
It's well, lwj's lips are /soft/. Wow, what brand of chapstick does he use--wwx's thoughts are abruptly cut off by the slide of lwj's mouth against his which does something to his brain, setting his entire body on edge.

When lwj pulls away, his cheeks are flushed.
Wwx rubs his thumb against lwj's warm cheeks, mesmerized. Then, "Lan Zhan, what chapstick do you use? Your lips are so soft. I use blistex but they're never quite--"

Wwx is cut off with another incessant press of lips.

"Wei Ying talks too much," lwj says against his mouth.
And well, wwx doesn't talk much after that. To be fair, he's quite distracted with lwj's roaming hands and needy mouth to do much other than sit there and be loved by his new boyfriend (tm).
~ The End ~

Haha, enjoy this thread spurred on by me almost body slamming my glasses which I left on my bed!!!! I hope you enjoyed!

Here's my ko-fi if you'd like!

• • •

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