#GeoRebekah boasts that she is “sorta” in @TheLancet,a prestigious medical journal.
Fact check ❌ FALSE. “World Socialist WebSite” wrote about a Lancet article & mentioned her.

Reminder: Rebekah has only 1 peer reviewed publication, from 2015... it’s not about health/medicine.
Here’s the article in @TheLancet that @WSWS_Updates was referring to. No mention of Rebekah. thelancet.com/action/showPdf…
So... who wants to break the news to Randy?
Lewis advises #GeoRebekah not to lie on her resume. Our favorite #insubordinate #scientist scoffs at such a bourgeois suggestion!

• • •

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22 Feb
THREAD: We've covered many of #GeoRebekah's exaggerations & lies about her career. But as each lie is debunked, another emerges: LIE-ception! How does #GeoGrifter keep her stories straight? (Narrator: "She doesn't.")

This is just the beginning of a Greatest Hits compilation:
1. In 2012, a young #GeoRebekah announced on her blog: "Amazon.com has published my short fiction story," as though she'd gotten a book deal from a major publisher. But anyone can publish anything on Amazon Kindle. It's self publishing.
2. In 2013, a 23/24 year old #GeoRebekah in the midst of her Master's degree studies at @LSU wrote a letter to the @SCENewspaper in Wiggins, Mississippi, identifying herself as an "atmospheric physicist and climate expert" with a M.S. She was arrested by LSUPD on campus in 2016.
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21 Feb
#GeoRebekah is not an #epidemiologist. She was never an #epi. Being a geographer doesn’t automatically qualify you to be an epidemiologist.

Rebekah is not a professor & never has been.

She doesn’t have a PhD and isn’t working on it.

#dataheroAward #dataheroes
This may be my favorite #GeoRebekah quote ever
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20 Feb
THREAD: I've covered #GeoRebekah's abuse of her public platform to defame,silence, bully & cancel everyone she disagrees w/ -especially ppl who correct her mistakes. [e.g. Dean, Oster, Garrett, Caputo, Roberson, etc.] Another target of her rage is Jon Taylor, PhD student at @FAU
1. CONTEXT: Not long after #GeoRebekah was fired from FL DOH in May 2020, she started her first @gofundme grift & her alternative-facts dashboard: FloridaCovidAction (FCA). FCA uses the same data as FL DOH but manipulates it in ways that no #epi would do. polimath.substack.com/p/same-data-di…
2. There is no super-secret data source with “REAL numbers”, despite the lies #GeoRebekah has told her followers to raise money in her various #GoFraudMe's. (If FLDOH data is wrong, according to Rebekah, why does she use it for her FCA dashboard?) #DataHeroAward #Florida #Grifter
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19 Feb
I don’t know who needs to hear this but Ron Filipkowski(aka GOPVet4Biden)is an aspiring politician, trying to ride #GeoRebekah’s coattails to fame & fortune. If he, a lawyer, truly believes the search warrant (affirmed by 2 judges!) wasn’t validated, I question his legal aptitude
As usual, brought #receipts. Cooper is a judge in #tallahassee who was not appointed by Desantis and is apolitical. Elected since 2002. Other 2 screenshots are of the warrant. @fdlepio subpoenaed Comcast to confirm the IP address was #GeoRebekah’s
Between #GeoRebekah, Filipkowski, and the Grim Grifter who just started a Twitter Super PAC... it looks like when Trump became Florida man, Florida became the epicenter of #ResistanceGrifting ?
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19 Feb
#GeoRebekah: "I've never called myself Dr."

...except to @nikkifried,prompting her to send this embarrassing letter to #desantis, AND on a fake VOGUE cover you made of yourself, which u introduced in a keynote speech! So #insubordinate, much #scientist! [see bottom right corner]
H/t @MaxNordau . "You're a PhD in geography right?" / #geoRebekah: "Yes."
also, obviously, she was never a professor. she was a grad instructor, teaching undergrads for a couple of semesters at FSU. got fired and BANNED from campus after hooking up with, then violating a no-contact order against, her former student.
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19 Feb
#GeoRebekah is REALLY UPSET, you guys. A journalist, @MarcACaputo from @politico, debunked her cv19 #misinfo, also debunked her ludicrous ~book teaser~ about @FLSERT / @JaredEMoskowitz asking her to interfere in the presidential primaries (lol wut?).
Perhaps lesser #florida media activists walk on eggshells around her, because this is her ~totally sane and justified~ when a journalist....actually does his job?
By the way, #GeoRebekah hasn't offered any evidence to back up her allegations of @MarcACaputo sexism or misogyny, because.... drumroll....IT NEVER HAPPENED. She's just mad that someone finally called her out. If it was a woman,Rebekah would call her a "seditionist altright hack"
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