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21 Feb, 5 tweets, 2 min read
talking about me singularly? prof. @samvaknin

~ it takes time to tweak my tweets - I wish language wasn’t necessary;
~ the world is v. hostile, it’s a horror show of unreliable, flimsy, unempathic human algorithms -- i can spend all my time with another #actuallyautistic
~ one topic -- at a time, i can handle many at a time;
an autistic patient?
excuse me, is that what you regard me as, i am no patient, i am not some drooling imbecile wheeled in by white uniformed staff and followed by anxious relatives..[sic]

i am saying nothing, round one to Ai..
yes, it’s been going on for four years during which he’s been projecting his brokenness onto me:

v. helpful video, prof. Vaknin :)
#narcissists or cluster-b are not lying, they are telling confabulated truths to heal the gab between dissociated self-states, to keep a cohesive self reporting (usually victim hood) --
that’s the tweet;

• • •

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22 Feb
y’kno, this isn’t that there are no answers to questions, in fact in the actual reality (the one i live in), all questions have definitive answers --

it is that in your alternate reality the answers are unacceptable, largely due to the prevailing doctrine of uncertainty..
yes, it is that simple

q: is there god/afterlife?
a: definitively no

because this is the most obvious answer, and the most healthy answer..
next q: are we alone in the universe?
a: first, this is not a universe, wrong word, and two, no we are not alone - -
there are many planets like ours, at least one per galaxy, with humans like us on them in different phases of evolution..

very simple, and most logical..
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16 Feb
in this thread earlier

in essence:

liberalism is the politics of humanism (empathy)
conservatism is the politics of sociopathy (hate)
we know this because:

1) the politics of sociopathy are all anti-human (see this thread)
2) the average conservative voter is the *rapinae neurotype

* absence of human emotions, presence of predatory instincts
* in singularity terms (your alternate reality) a sociopath
that we even tolerate the Republican Party with its anti-social politics is a sad outcome of
~ your alternate reality of human sameness #sss
~ legacy of Christianity or human specialness #sss
~ liberal (blind) humanism (empathy)

otherwise, there is no raison d’etre for it
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12 Feb
the first amendment was created in times of inequality of public expression by minorities, and women before gender equality, in times of slavery - -
the first amendment: free speech was not installed as the first law of the land to protect speech inciting to violence;
in times of repression of free speech of minorities and women, in times of violence against them, the first amendment intended to change that reality - - it was revolutionary..

today the violent white suprematist equate freedom of speech with freedom to incite violence — again..
Glenn Greenwald, equates shutting down of white suprematist violent speech (often against women and minorities) on social media with censorship - -

trampling on the initial legal intent of the first amendment..
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12 Feb
rapinae republican defense team are making a farce out of a morbid event ..
#ImpeachmentTrial2 #CapitolInsurrection #GOPComplicitTraitors #MAGATerrorists
predictably, they are victim blaming - - the victims (Democratic legislators) falsified evidence, in ten years they will say Democrats hired actors to implicate the pious, Christian party of the law & order for the white and white only people..
the party of law & order, quote: the purpose of prosecuting a criminal is to shame it, unquote —

— as a result the victim becomes the criminal
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8 Feb
Liberalism is a political and moral philosophy based on liberty, consent of the governed and equality before the law.
en.m.wikipedia.org › wiki › Liberali...

says nothing about living in New York, and having certain profession, income or social status, etc
liberalism is humanism in action (the politics of humanism) - -

this means that some liberals may admit cringeworthy or sus humans, like Liz Cheney, and give them a chance simply because they are human (humanism);
(personally i wouldn’t because miss Cheney is very sus);
there is a healthy skepticism on the left and among *O.R. scientists whether the right wing mob should be given full human rights, free speech included..

i am most skeptical of giving the microphone to the rapinae human who never acts out of good faith in politics..
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6 Feb
here is thread on why the theory of #narcissism is inaccurate
1) the cause:
shifted signified (object) in alternate reality
singularity - narcissist: a selfish person
objective - predator: predatory neurotype

the meaning, the content has been shifted & erased
2) the source of #narcissism has also been shifted from obj. neurodivergence to an unsubstantiated, lacking evidence: childhood abuse, trauma, stressors etc

there is no evidence for the shifted theory of the revenge of purple baby, none whatsoever but it holds in singularity r.
3) because both the object & the source of the object (in linked causality) had been shifted, the traits of a narcissist are inaccurate:
the theory of narcissism unwittingly describes the human condition of all human beings -> every human falls under these human criteria;
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