A note re:spikes in violence against Asian diaspora in the US and elsewhere as related to China analysts, esp ones like me who aren't at risk. An interlocutor alerted me to the fact that Ive been rather silent. I frankly had no idea how bad it has gotten. nbcnews.com/politics/congr…
That is entirely on me. A group in the above article estimates almost 3,000 anti-Asian hate crimes in the US since March. Even the NYPD's extremely conservative estimates show 29 attacks on Asian Americans in 2020, almost a *ten times more* than 2019. abc7ny.com/asian-hate-cri…
The immediate cause of the spike in violence by all accounts I have read is COVID, because COVID originated in China and Trump along with many others on the right gleefully called it the “Wuhan Virus” etc. But there are a host of permissive conditions at play—
—which implicate this field. Others besides Trump are slightly less blatantly racist, preferring to view COVID as a CCP plot, complete with mandates that bind the American Hero with a face mask & force him to not cough in other's faces. some of those people are in think tanks!
But beyond that, there is a tendency I think to forget the ugly realities of racism by white analysts like myself, most notably embodied in my complete ignorance of the violence mentioned above. It also permeates wider discourse. E.g. in the context of discussion of Xinjiang—
—where the role of Han privilege and supremacy is inextricably linked to mass repression and internment in the region, I think we have a tendency to forget that Han supremacy is very much not a thing on this side of the Pacific and the Anglosphere. Han are more vulnerable here.
I will end this thread before I meander any more and get too preachy/depressed, but note this is far from confined to the US. I have no solutions, but I figure at least trying to pop the bubble I was apparently inside of might be a good first step. news.sky.com/story/coronavi…
and thank you to @miss_enxi and others for reaching out and doing the work of raising this issue with me. While I'm rather embarrassed that I of the Woke Global Times, of all esteemed publications, have dropped the ball on this front.
Actually I’ll add—annoyed I forgot this—that on 2 occasions I can recall been a Chinese person in the west has DM’d me about some tweet of mine (typically challenging more liberal-hawkish views in the Chinasphere) saying they’d be finished if they said what I did. What the fuck.

• • •

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6 Feb
to pick up here, I will continue a few notes on this conversation happening in Clubhouse about Xinjiang (letters do not correspond with real names; I am excluding or generalizing any specifically identifiable biographical information) (not all speakers here/all in order)
A, Han—Talking about how Han can sympathize with the fear Uyghurs feel when the speak out, citing what he argues is something many have felt: the sense of unease or fear when they talk about or are confronted with a “sensitive” facts/circumstances.
B, Han—Talks about hearing others use “civilization” and “education” to justify the camps. Asks—but what are these things? As the majority, who are we to decide versus others what is a worthy culture? B is uncomf w/people relying on ethnic integration—reminds her of Han-ization
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1 Jan
I'll bite, Mr. Gray. We can even play by your rather finicky rules.

Let's begin with some of the things you have said about Xinjiang, notably absent from your more recent media appearances, but still present in your blog about your 2014 biking trip.
The following is taken from an ongoing list I keep of people who have been to Xinjiang and written/spoken about their experiences. It is separate from the testimony of detainees and their relatives I also keep. Jerry is on this list.
Jerry, your article for CGTN, as well as your various Medium pieces, belabor themselves to emphasize the smoothness of your time in Xinjiang. Why did you leave out so many details from your log of your 2014 trip? They seem relevant. crazyguyonabike.com/doc/?o=1mr&doc…
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9 Dec 20
am losing my damn mind reading this interview of david p. goldman
tfw u kno chinese can’t really have friends because they aren’t familiar with Aristotle
when u definitely know what chinese people are worried about
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8 Dec 20
one of the most glaring gaps in PRC propaganda re: Xinjiang is the sparsity of “see, the ‘detainee’ you named is fine!” pieces. I’ve seen 2. Yet databases like this list 1000s of names, IDs., etc. Should be easy for CCTV to just go out and show us all the definitely free people!
外交部/中宣部 if you’re listening: it would be extremely compelling if you took these names and showed they were all totally fine and not detained! I’m sure you have funding for that. You did it for a single alleged detainee that one time! Why not more? 🙃
(spoiler alert: it’s because they can’t. Xinjiang is by all measures of evidence a region wrought with mass incarceration of specific ethnoreligious groups. You cannot claim to be of the left and make excuses for what’s going on there.)
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7 Dec 20
apropos of absolutely nothing: Beijing is not a monolithic robot and can be held accountable and criticized for choices it makes. Also, Beijing is powerful, and it is entirely reasonable to make note of that fact when discussing a smaller nation’s foreign policy.
That entails compromises, and those compromises will be not fun. they will not be fair. You can complain about that all you want, but Beijing will not really care, because that’s not how things work. That sucks. But your choices are: be smart about it, or be indignant.
Take Taiwan: is it fair that Taiwan has to maintain an ROC façade even if the majority of its population doesn’t want to, just to stave off invasion? No. It’s not. That sucks. But if your policy solution just stops at “this sucks and is unfair” it’s bad policy.
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7 Dec 20
the stock you should put in "some intelligence official said X" is zero absent other evidence. rob spalding was an intelligence official and he, like many others, is prone to reading the maximally scary thing into whatever context they want
like the STEALTH WAR shtick comes from two random PLAN colonels, if I remember right. So much of the USFG is ignorant about China that all gotta do is write "here is something [tangentially] said in Qiushi, the OFFICIAL CPC journal" and they will 100% believe you, it's absurd
i will 100% bet that underlying "intel" here cites somthing like this, an op-ed in the PLA Daily that comes up on page when 1 you google 生物技术战争 (biotechnology war). it mentions creating "supermen." it's by some random researcher. has a stupid graphic. the Pentagon is shook ImageImage
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