Life is very small and it works in specific order, that specific Order calls "Karma" and we get good or bad in our life according to the Karma.

We may be seeing thousands of innocent killing, death, poor getting sudden rich and many magical instances
and sometimes being sorrow or sometime surprised because of it but it is all about Karma.

There are thousands of Regression session exposed the incarnation mystery and successfully resolved the mental disorders.
Before a decade even today many of people and specific Religion don't believe it but incarnation and Karma Siddhanta does not care what you think.

It works very specific under Tit for tat methodology
It's very important for all of us to understand the Dharma and live the life accordingly.

To better understand dharma, there may be thousands of books in market but "Geeta" is only one which can make you aware about it.
Speaking lie for own benefit, beating own father and mother, cheating own husband or wife, doing unethical activity to earn money it all being responded by nature very brutally.
Here are some concquences;

1) Those people who mislead and take advantage of father and mother love in negative way to enjoy life and spend time and money in lust they suffer the same and sometime more worse by their own children.
2) Those who misbehaves with other girls, their daughters or sister getting punished in the same way or more worse.
( We generally says that the girl was very gentle then why God did that) but it is all built by us for our own future.
Their are lots of more examples but rather than going with example, we should talk on prevention and action plan.
Life is to enjoy the nature positively with full of energy and enlightenment
but because of movies and programs we have been Hypnotized and these days living life like animals and punishing ourselves, families, relatives and friends
We should learn the art of life and living to enjoy it in right way,
Foriegners are leaving those lust lifestyle and trying to love in Sanatan Dharma way then why we are not?
Why we are addicted to follow the old, bad, skipped, failed, dump methodology for living.
This is the only one question you, me, we have to realize and reunion the India for our and our coming generation. It's our responsibility.

• • •

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23 Feb
There were many temples in India which were center of devotion by locals.

They received huge amount of money and donations which was used for public welfare.
One such temple was near Nagarkot fort. Image
This temple hosted huge fair every year and millions of devotees gathered for the worship.
There was enormous amount of jewellery and money stored in the temple. Thousands of cows were there who were worshipped by locals. Image
Akbar sent his commander Hussain quli khan to attack this fort and the temple. These invaders killed millions of Hindu devotees and they didn't even spared the cows.
They destroyed whole temple and looted as much wealth as they could.
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22 Feb
In our previous threads, we have conclusively shown that Arjuna was certainly a great warrior than Karna.

In fact Arjuna was form of Bhagwan Vishnu, so there is no competition between him and that Asur, Karna.

But let's see briefly how Yuddhisthir was as compared to Karna. Image
Yuddhisthir was elder Pandav after we leave Karna aside.

He was born after blessings of Dharmaraj, so he is considered son of Dharma too. He was also an exceptional warrior on ground.

He always led Pandavas to the path of righteousness.

Let's look at some instances. Image
In Gurukul of Acharya Drona, Karna also studied along with Pandavas, Kauravas and other princes from Panchal, Mathura etc.

Karna always looked for ways to tease little Pandavas specially Bhim.

He was jealous of Arjuna since childhood due to his fame. Image
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20 Feb
Queen Gaidinliu

There was a time when North East was home to many vibrant and nature loving Hindu tribal communities.

Today they are on the verge of extinction and missionaries have occupied the entire area.
Whatever was remaining feels resistance from illegal immigrants from Bangladesh and Myanmar.

But this wasn't always the case.
The tribes had fought with Valor against the British missionaries.
One such tribal leader is Queen Gaidinliu.
She had been a famous Naga warrior who not only fought against British colonialism but gave her whole life to oppose conversion.
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18 Feb
Millet ( बाजरा ) has been a essential diet for our households.
Gradually it was reduced to exist as a Poor's food or animals fodder.
People started to shift on breads and rice. Now again, it is returning as high nutrition supplement.
Didn't we not already knew about millet and it's importance?

Let's see few common uses of millet.


It's components slow down the digestion process.

Millet helps Control the sugar levels in diabetic patients.
It's consumption helps in easy and painless delivery of child in mothers.

Millet helps in high blood pressure, heart related issues, Asthma patients.

Regular consumption of millet reduces chances of malnutrition and TB.
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17 Feb
People think of going near mother Ganga or Baneras & die to get liberated but no it doesn't work that way always, there are people who die near ganga thirsty & there were devotees like Saint Ravidas whose devotion made mother ganga appeared in his pot .
which was used for washing leather for fixing shoes.
Shri Krishna too says that the intention of your work is more important, work & don't bother for the results that you get, pefrorm your duties selflessly.
Similar actions can have diffrent consequences, it completely depends on what context the action was performed.

There was a Dharamvyad who sold meat as a family tradition & was still untouched by any sinful act & acheived Deva
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17 Feb
Mahabhrata between the war time both army used to do sandhya stoppingbthe war.
Was very necessary but now nobody follows due to ruining of vedic education system.

We hindus are practicing From early morning to sun rise is first sandhya.
From 12 noon to 1 is noon sandhya and evening to sunset is 3rd sandhya.

Only Gurukul system or someone who follows a particular sampradaya caa follow these norms

What's nithyakarmas ?

Which is as important as food...more important, which we do without fail.
Like pouring water to sun God, to tulsi, prayers,Sandhya gayarti etc.

3 time prayer cycle is sandhya vandanam, we chant the Gayatri, guru Gayatri, and the secret mantras given by gurudev.
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