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tk au where jeongguk is a casual busker who’s accustomed to taking song requests from strangers in the crowd—but he’s taken by surprise when a little girl tugs at his sleeve and asks him to play a song for her dad +
“—can you please play it for him?”

jeongguk immediately recognizes the title—it’s a vintage song, and he’s slightly impressed that a little girl, who looks no older than six, would know it.

“of course, angel.”
a boxy grin breaks out on her face before it softens—her voice dropping to a whisper, “appa has been a little sad lately, but i think playing his favorite song can cheer him up.”

there’s an unfamiliar tug at jeongguk’s heart and he offers her a smile, “sounds like a plan.”
and with that, the little girl spins on her heel and weaves herself through the crowd of people—her mind set on bringing her dad over.

jeongguk strums his guitar, the sound amplifying nicely through the mic that was set up in the middle of the plaza.
people gather as they hear the sounds spill from his guitar—then he sees the little girl emerge from the sea of people, and holding her hand was a man clad in slacks and a long brown coat—he supposes he’s the father.

he looked young—and quite the stunner.
but jeongguk sees his eyes brimming with a kind of tiredness that a long night’s sleep could bring no consolation to—he sees the smile that doesn’t quite reach them either when his daughter speaks to him words that jeongguk couldn’t hear.
but as the busker sings, the man listens.

and at one point, his daughter is pulling him to the center of the plaza—ignoring the hushed pleas from her father, begging her to just watch and listen.
stumbling a few meters in front of the busker, he makes eye contact with jeongguk and the latter gives him a look that says ‘dance like no one’s watching.’

he pauses briefly—then he’s dancing under the street lights, and the crowd is washed over with awe—including jeongguk.
he watches the man twirl the little girl and by the end of the song, he crouches down to her level—a satisfied look on both their faces.

it’s a warm scenario, in contrast to the chilly night.

“cute,” jeongguk accidentally whispers into the mic.
it’s an honest slip of the tongue, and embarassment is quick to flood his senses—but just as fast as it came, it disappears when the little girl flashes him a thumbs up.

and behind her, the beautiful man mouths a ‘thank you’ with a sparkle in his eyes that wasn’t there before.
the thing jeongguk loved about busking was that all feelings of embarassment or nervousness are thrown out the window because most of the time, the crowd is full of tourists or people he’ll never encounter again.

most of the time.
“it’s you!”

the same little girl—soomin—ends up coincidentally signing up for the private guitar lessons that jeongguk teaches.

she tells him that she persuaded her father to let her take lessons because she wanted to ‘make people happy, just like the busker from that night’
so he teaches her—and taehyung, her single father, watches their progression with tenderness.

but what jeongguk doesn’t know was that the first lesson he taught was to the very same man—he taught him that night, that he can dance to a song he once cried to.
jeongguk has two students—one, he teaches how to play the guitar and the other, how to live again.

one evening, over a meal at a fast food restaurant after practice—with soomin dozing against taehyung’s side—jeongguk points out, “you look a lot happier lately.”
and honestly, taehyung noticed too—in the way his skin glows brighter when he looks in the mirror, to the smile that lingers after jeongguk takes him and soomin out to eat.

taehyung was happy before—with soomin being the source of it—but there was always something missing.
he didn’t understand why he failed at marriage but he learns that despite not being able to control what you lose, you can control how you survive the loss.

and he chooses to hold soomin’s small fingers with one hand, and a calloused musicians’ in the other.
because the two would play him songs that echo in the empty spaces of his heart, and they also fill the ridges of his hands with warmth—how could he not be happier?

jeongguk points out a lot of other things too, almost daily.
from how taehyung makes cute fists when he’s excited, or the way his hair tends to stick in endearing directions in the morning, to the way his eyes hold a galaxy.

“i don’t someone laid their eyes on you, before me, and didn’t see what i see.”
taehyung is blushing feverishly, eyes darting back to soomin who was busy playing in the park a distance away from the bench the two men sat on.

jeongguk nudges his shoulder against taehyung’s to make him look over and meet his eyes.
“but you know, a part of me is happy they didn’t look deep enough, because if they did...i would’ve never had the chance to.”

and though taehyung isn’t the musician between them, his heart sings.

his hand finds jeongguk’s and he lets out a content sigh, “yeah, i’m happy too.”
two years later, jeongguk continues to play the guitar with soomin, but not as a teacher—rather as her father’s boyfriend who had a soft spot for the two of them.

“appa! there’s a song jeonggukkie wants to sing for you.”
she drags her dad to the balcony of their home, where jeongguk sits on a bench—guitar propped in his arms and a blanket laid out in front of him where he supposes that him and soomin were to sit on.

so they settle down and jeongguk sings to him, just as he had always done.
but this time, the message is different—it’s not a song, but a promise.

it’s a self-composed serenade that ends with him on one knee, asking the words that tae has heard once already.

but this time, there’s a sincerity—a sense of security—unlike anything he’s known before.
“kim taehyung, will you marry me?” he says, the words dripping with passion.

soomin will squeal with glee beside her father as he clutches her hand, and taehyung’s eyes are brimming with tears as a “yes” leaves his lips like a mantra.

—like jeongguk’s favorite song.
started w tae’s fave song and ended w jk’s :,] i’ve been wanting to write a single dad au so i gave it a shot, i hope you liked it <3

• • •

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30 Jan
taekook au where taehyung is a ghostwriter, publishing works for others to claim as their own but he doesn’t mind, it pays the bills and he can stay out of the limelight—but he never expected his first love to ask him to write his wedding vows. +
taehyung hated drawing too much attention—eyes watching his every move. that’s why he had chosen this kind of job.

but what he hated more was the fact that those insecurities were the reasons why his first and only relationship fell out.
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