From a primal standpoint, men are meant to be polygamous.

Should they exercise being polygamous? Probably not.


Destabilizes single men in society.
Fragments relationship with family.
Selects weak, insecure women to mate with.

When a man cheats, he is acting polygamous.
When a man cheats, he is simply giving in to his primal urges. It's called "cheating" because to avoid emotional turmoil, he chooses to hide it from his partner.

I see cheating and seeking polygamy the same.

The difference is consent & informing the partner.
Its in EVERY mans mind; the experience of being with multiple women.

But not every man acts on it. They have refined themselves to civility and evolved from their animal instinct.

I think men who can suppress this natural desire have a strong character.
If my son cheats tomorrow, I will not shame & condemn him.
I will first, prevent the mother from ever knowing. Then I would tell him to make sure his partner would never find out.

Then I will ask him what he wants in life now that he has experienced being with multiple women:
If he can't help himself & enjoyed the experience, then I will tell him to break up with his partner and to truthfully communicate with woman; that you can't commit.

If he wants to refine himself & cares about family, then he will never experience this again.

A buried secret.
Cheating for men is primal, linked to polygamy.

Cheating for women is NOT primal.

I condemn cheating for anyone, but these are facts and it is why men cheat more than women,

and also why it's easier to forgive men than women.
The origination of cheating is the reason why

men can cheat and still love their woman.

But when women cheat, the love is over with their man.

It's part of the natural urges for men. And those with impulse control and a well developed neocortex,

will commit to one woman.

• • •

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18 Feb
I’ll always advocate for a career over a good husband.

Whether it’s my daughter, or girlfriend.

Your statistical probability of finding a good husband is far lower than the probability of having a career that can provide you a degree of independence.
This is common sense that conservatives and the red pill fail to understand.

You are outright taking a chance on destroying your daughters life by putting her at the mercy of a man without any foot to stand on.

Without any means to look after herself.
I would like to think that there are more good men out there than there are bad,

but none of us know anything about ourselves unless we are in a position of power to exploit and abuse.

That’s not a chance i’m willing to take.
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An effective leader never sets out to assume a title. He simply sets out to make a difference.

The effectiveness of your leadership is determined by two metrics;

who you are and what you do.

The former tells others whether you’re fit to follow.

The latter tells them the benefits of following you.

Character & Competence are irreplaceable qualities.
There are only two types of powerful leaders.

Those who are hated.

And those who are admired.

Only these two types end up having an impact,

for better or worse.

Leaders in between make no impact and therefore are irrelevant.
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10 Feb
You are only admired if you are successful.

That's the cost of being a man.

Thread. Image
Your uselessness as a man is excused right up until the ages 15 to 18.
In some countries you're expected to be accountable by the age of 5.

Women are born with value, & preserve it throughout their existence.
Men are born with no value. They become valuable only when successful.
If you don't at least attempt to reach the top half of the socio-economic hierarchy,

the world becomes your enemy.

Society will deem you irrelevant.

Women will be repulsed by you.

You'll enter a stage of self-contempt until your existence becomes unbearable.
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5 Feb
Money & women are very strong pointers that determine a man's character by exposing his ability to control his impulses.

If you want to know what a man is made up of, look at how he responds to an opportunity that would make him money,

or when he encounters a woman.
It's always useful to vet the quality of the man you become friends with.

Men of integrity make no sacrifices in the presence of women. They certainly don't put other men down to impress them.

Nor do they sacrifice integrity for a quick buck.
Relationships developed on the basis of value exchange is of high importance to men with integrity.

They are not willing to sabotage their relationship with you for a woman.

They also care about providing value. You won't see them acting like a desperate salesman for money.
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What to do in uncertain times.

There's a repetitive cycle that is part of life which not many people accept;

The fact that we shift between good times and hard times.

This constant transition in inevitable.

And it's balanced between two political ideologies designed to keep what we call life, functional.
But people rather be in denial of the transition, or blame the progressive political extremists for the degeneration and instability of society.

They express their opinion as if they can do a better job if they were in a position of power.

Beware of anyone who thinks this.
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3 Feb
Words reduce your value.

Especially when you engage in dialogue with disrespectful people.

Here's how you deal with them.

If people observe your interaction with someone rude, rarely will you look like a mature man of high status.

The person with a character always gets dragged down to a degenerates level.

It's never the other way around.

Nothing excites society more than smearing reputation.
This means when someone rude or disrespectful engages you, you're already at a disadvantage.

People are watching. Every word counts.

Rarely do rude people respond to calm dialogue. Engaging with them will come at the cost of your reputation.
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