A seminal moment in my life came at University when the students' union at Sunderland Poly banned its Jewish society under its No Platform for racism policy on the grounds that Zionism is racism. As students we fought a long and at times bruising battle to reverse that decision/1
The culmination of our campaign occured at NUS conference the following spring at which the vote was to suspend Sunderland until J Soc was reinstated. The decision came after months of persuasion that so far from supporting the Palestinian cause this was overtly antisemitic/2
My recollection of that 'victory' is one of relief. Any joy was tempered by the poison it unleashed towards jews coupled with the inescapable fact that the vote was far from resounding (if memory serves 60-40). Difficult to imagine such a close vote were the victims not jews/3
Even then I remember thinking that this was an omen which did not augur well for the future; that despite 'adult' scoffing at student politics the whole saga had profound implications. After all today's students, tomorrow's opinion formers and leaders as the old saying goes/4
Ironically, the whole campaign waged to support the ban which raged in student unions up and down the land, had the effect of strengthening the Zionism of so many as it dawned on us that the episode was confirmation of the logic of what Herzl et al had argued.
I am still struck by the number of my contemporaries who moved to Israel. When Corbyn became leader of the party I had joined in my teens and supported all my adult life it was as if time had gone back 30 years to those days. Indeed many of the same personalities were involved./6
By then I had made the decision to make aliyah. In September 2015 I said to my wife that if she ever had doubts about that which we were doing or was looking for a sign, this was it. Nothing that has occured since has caused me to doubt that judgement./7
I did a thread the day after the election in which I warned that the defeat of Corbyn was far from the end of the story and that the antisemitic 'genie' was now out of the bottle and wasn't going back. Such would be Corbyn's legacy; the mainstreaming of antisemitism/8
Making it acceptable again in 'polite' company rather than confined to the fringes; which takes us to the case of Professor David Miller. It is clear to those involved in the fight against contemporary antisemitism that the main battleground is once again on campus/9
The difference now is that the battle is not confined to students but the academics who teach them. It is difficult to imagine how unsettling even frightening it must be to be a young jewish student knowing that a professor is espousing such crude Soviet style antisemitism/10
This therefore is this generation's Sunderland Poly moment. It is a battle that can not be shirked. As predicted all the 'usual suspects' have reared their heads in support of this grotesquely antisemitic man. This is no longer about one man alone./11
He merely symbolises the struggle against antisemitism and represents its latest mutation. He has been protected over many years by an indifferent institution which has thus far demonstrated a structural racism in failing to protect students in its care./12
In addition he now attracts the worst antisemites the left has to offer. He is a litmus test. His antisemitism is clear and grotesque. He and those like him must be taught the lesson that harassment of jews, the spreading of lies and incitement of hatred come at a price/13
It falls once again to Jewish students supported by the community to lead the fight. The great and the good once again remain shtum. Leaving aside those who have declared support for Miller where is the opposition? Whither those on the left who boast they would have our backs?/14
Have I missed the top down chorus of condemnation from @UKLabour? The institutions of state? Here is a senior academic spewing venom at young students on his own campus denouncing them as racists and agents of a foreign power and all I seem to hear are jewish voices protesting/15
There are exceptions but sadly they are notable for their scarcity.
Bottom line:
If you can't recognise the antisemitism in what Miller says and/or fail to denounce it you are not antiracist.
If you defend it you are actively antisemitic.
Pick a side. Pick the right side. /end

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16 Feb
A thread.
How often does one read on here the statement that antizionism is not antisemitism; that the two are entirely separate and distinct concepts. The far left wrap the mantra around themselves like a comfort blanket. Does it hold water? (1)
I am not talking about the antizionism of today's chasidim like Satmar. Although nominally antizionist for religious reasons they are neither opposed in principle to a jewish state (on the contrary once Mashiach comes!) nor in practice. They do not support the end of the state(2)
Nor am I concerned with pre war philosophical differences between the Bund and the Zionists in the Heim.
Tragically that argument ended in Auschwitz.
My issue is with the far left whose antizionism is manifested in calls to 'Free Palestine' 'From the River to the sea..' etc (3)
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KEN LOACH....a thread.
So Ken Loach is trending and the subject of a hashtag of solidarity by "antiracists". The claim goes that it is his support for the Palestinians which has caused a campaign to "silence" him.
It is untrue and ignores the reality of the man and his history/1
Too many commenting are too young/ignorant to remember Perdition back in 1987. I remember it well and was active in the campaign against it. I even tangled personally with Loach over it. From that day to this I have never been in the slightest doubt the man is an antisemite/2
Perdition was a play written by Manchester writer Jim Allen to whom Loach was close. Allen wasn't a member of the Labour Party but a follower of Gerry Healey and the WRP. Their claim to infamy was the belief in a 'World Zionist Conspiracy' which didn't seem to trouble our Ken! /3
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9 Feb
@AyoCaesar @AaronBastani
and the Novara crew were at the forefront of the rancid Corbyn project. They served as outriders whose purpose was to spread the word. At best they ALL denied, excused or minimised the antisemitism at its rotten core. At worst they propagated it. (1)
At no stage did any of them have an epiphany and turn their back on the project. Nor were they unbiased reporters. They were enthusiastic propagandists to the end. Since the debacle of the election there has been a concerted attempt by all of them to reposition themselves. (2)
As @LordIanAustin put it, they were "all in the resistance" now. It simply does not wash and no quarter should be given to their weasel words now. What matters is what was said and done at the time. (3)
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27 Jan
A thread.
I have always been ambivalent at best about HMD. I have never participated in it. I avoid the use of the word holocaust ('burnt offering' suggestive of a sacrifice) in favour of the Hebrew Shoah (destruction).
For me it smacks too much of the "and all forms of racism" approach to antisemitism ie it does not merit specific or indeed any attention unless incorporated into a wider campaign. Similarly the price of commemoration of our murdered 6 million is "and all genocides" approach. (2)
I stress that I am not seeking to minimise the suffering of others rather questioning the need/desirability of them being rolled up with a day chosen as it coincides with the liberation of Auschwitz. The problem with this approach is that the Shoah becomes part of a continuum (3)
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22 Jan
ZIONISM. A thread (continued)
The USA was little better. Voted in favour and recognised the state but declined to offer any practical assistance. Ironically, in light of what was to follow, it was the USSR through its Czech satellite which armed the nascent Jewish state. (26)
In the aftermath of the War of Independence Stalin expected that the gratitude of Israel and its left wing government would combine to create a client state in the middle east. Ben Gurion however was far too canny to back himself into such a corner. Stalin took this amiss (27)
And so the Soviet campaign to discredit and demonise Zionism was launched in revenge and as part of a simultaneous campaign to woo the Arab world. It can not be stressed enough that many of the themes seen on here from the far left emanate from the 'Zionologists' of the USSR.(28)
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22 Jan
ZIONISM. A thread.
I am 55 years old. In my 1st year at primary school I was introduced to Israel by my first Hebrew teachers, an Israeli couple brought over to head the Jewish studies dept at the newly established school. It began a love affair which has endured ever since.(1)
Aged 10 I began cheder(a sort of jewish sunday school) where I began to learn about Zionism, the ideology behind the state. I have spent 50 years studying Zionism, Israel and the Shoah. My bookcases are filled with the great texts on the subject by the world's greatest experts(2)
5 years ago I fulfilled a lifelong yearning and made aliyah to live in Israel.
I think it not unfair to claim a degree of knowledge even expertise on the subject and the issues involved.
18 months or so ago I joined Twitter....(3)
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