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21 Feb, 41 tweets, 21 min read
lets say you wanted to make a clone and you had the gene tech but for some reason they weren't all there so you realize that in order to imbue a soul into your lab bodies you need to create a fractal attractor of life force energy on an earth ley line node for....
[thought train]
maximum ensoulment... so you enlist a team and you set up front companies to acquire real estate in your desired earth ley line node location at a fair price and so no one in the neighborhood knows that one entity is buying up all the land in the neighborhood...
now that you've successfully bought all the land around your energy vortex thanks to your dowsing scouts, the next step is to start building in a manner that doesn't upset the natural magnetic labyrinth of energy too much as to limit the capacity of the local field modality...
but what exactly are you building? well a labyrinth that generates bliss... So You Decide To Endeavor Right to it... a place where a gaggle of life force in the form of people can gather and go about their day in a carefree manner to generate maximum bliss with little resistance
You design a series of thematic experiences in a hyperbolic aesthetic that helps transport the observer into a dream trance like state and you meter and time these experiences using similar dynamics to transcendental psychedelic experiences, in fact you place little clues...
about mushrooms and plant medicines and use familiar story structures to ancient mythos, Epic Poems, and dynamic heroic story arcs, to keep everyone in a familiar like dream state throughout their entire experience... to propagate natural bliss, you also ensure it's kid friendly
you have plenty of plants and trees and water features to keep the fun flowing while in the very heart of the vortex you set out to do the real work, the human genetic replicant laboratory of your wildest dreams, but of course it's the heart of the labyrinth so you keep this...
part a closely guarded secret of the highest order... you set up an insanely exclusive club as a front establishment covering the entrance to your super secret laboratory but even most of the people in the club dont know what's beneath their feet...
the best way to hide this place is to have it on private property with private security and all of the general public pay admission fees to gain access to the above ground amusement park area the idea is to get as many people using the facilities as possible to generate the..
amount of energy required to create a life force vortex that connects to the earth grid ley line nodes that creates an attractive fractal field that summons souls from The Noosphere that wish to encarnate into which ever experience is in the heart of the labyrinth... and if you..
have a corporeal body without a captain awaiting in the center of the vortex then the soul can inhabit said body and you wont have any more problems with your clones not working properly... and then they live out a lifetime in this fantastic flesh vessel that youve grown with...
the power of science and alchemy and sex magick rituals not to mention pulling a fast one on the general public making them think that someone built them a childrens friendly easy rider rollercoaster cartoon land theme park for their own enjoyment when in reality all you were...
doing was occulted mad science the whole time... What's a good mascot for a secret underground labyrinth, A F$%&ing MOUSE brilliant! lets name him after a chloroform roofie M I C K E Y M O U S E..
Inside of A Cell For Juxtaposition ImageImageImage
word on the street is you can do particular rituals in a well controlled numerological chronological astrological constraint to summon particular Entities from TheNoosphere perhaps some reincarnates but so too manifestations of collective imagination into these corporeal vessels
From The Opening Of Club 33 to The Clone of Elizabeth Ann The Black Footed Ferret (1) And To The Clone Of Kurt The Horse ImageImageImage
From the DL Grand Opening To Kurt And Elizabeth Ann ImageImageImageImage
From The First Birthday of The Order Skull & Bones To The Pirates of The Caribbean Ride, This Year Being the 188th Year. ImageImageImageImage
many 1812s at play on the world stage; From Walts Birthday 119y3m2w2d to the 3 2 1 countdown to necromancy... ImageImageImage
lolol i totally didn't mean to leave it at 33 tweets here's a 34th for you.. ImageImage
Article Updated 3/3/2020 >>> 1y18d, 12m18d,or 383d >>> 1218 Is already proving itself to be the number of the year... ImageImage
From The Date of His Alleged Cremation To 3.21.21, 54y13w3d ImageImage
From Walts Frozen Head To 2/28 is 1y11m2w3d From Walts Frozen Head To 3/21/21is 741d 'Beelzebub'=741 ImageImageImageImage
I Have Reason To Believe The Ritual Is Summoning The Spirit of Edward Kelly To Be Imbued Into A Body 'Human Cloning'=1771 He Was One of The Original "007's" ImageImage
From Edward Kelly's Birth To Walt Disney's Death ImageImageImageImage

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