(A/B/O fluff thoughts)
Pack-Beta Jin is really bad at taking care of himself whenever he's sick. The constant, instinctive need to regularly go check up on the younger cubs makes bed rest near-impossible for Jin, even when he's dead on his feet and running a fever.
Much to their dismay, no amount of gentle persuasion or concerned fussing from the hyung-line will corral their Beta into bed, and ordering him is out of the question; Namjoon might be pack-Alpha, but Jin won't hesitate to give him a chiding nip if he thinks Joon is getting pushy
It's actually worsened over the years, as their platonic pack-bonds have grown and solidified into something deeper and more intimate. Jin has always been their unflappable Beta-hyung, but whenever he gets sick that cheerful mask of calm begins to slip a little, and Jin *frets*.
And the pack understands. Jin takes his role as pack-Beta very seriously, and the man is clearly worried about overlooking some small but important detail and neglecting his pups' needs in his state of feverish fatigue. So he overcompensates by trying to be even *more* attentive.
He'll flit between the pups and the hyung-line restlessly, making sure they're safe, settled, and adequately scent-marked. Have they eaten yet? Hyung can bring snacks. Are they thirsty? Hyung will fetch them a drink. Are they happy? Hyung's here to talk if they need him.
It's often his increased attentiveness that raises the first red flags - the maknaes sharing quiet, worried looks when Jin finally leaves them alone for a brief period. After a very short debate, they inevitably make a unanimous decision to send out an SOS to the other hyungs.
However, trying to convince the Beta that he's sick and needs to rest is a difficult task - Jin tends to dismiss their concerns with a soft, easy smile that doesn't quite reach his tired, bloodshot eyes, and a painfully cheerful "I'm fine", even as he sways a bit on his feet.
In the past, when gentle persuasion and encouragement hadn't worked, the Alphas' worry and frustration had occasionally culminated in frayed tempers and short, terse arguments.
Very short, in fact - because, feverish or not, Jin had been more than happy to remind them that he was willing to take any of the Alphas over his knee if they dared to mouth off to him. Yoongi had called Jin a "stubborn-headed bastard" to his face once, and lived to regret it.
So they'd changed tactics. Logical reasoning was ineffective. Shouting at him definitely didn't work (and usually ended badly for whichever foolish, worried Alpha lost his temper). So the hyungs had resorted to fighting dirty, and sent in the maknaes.

It worked *beautifully*.
Jin won't budge if one of the Alphas tries to *tell* him what he needs to do, but if the maknaes go to him, all pouty and rubbing at their eyes, asking if they can snuggle in bed? The Beta will happily oblige, spooning around the 'sleepy' cubs and promptly passing out.
It's been their go-to way of handling a sick, tired, instinct-fretful Beta these past few years. The maknaes are expert Jin-wranglers; as soon as their eldest hyung starts showing signs of illness, they're on him - an irresistibly cute pouting trio, whining about needing cuddles.
The hyung-line will quietly join them in the bedroom once Jin has passed out, knowing from previous experience that the Beta won't sleep for long if he senses their absence. The pack will make themselves comfortable, laptops and tablets and phones in hand, happy to let Jin sleep.

• • •

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