Hey @Bell @Twitter @311Toronto @TorontoHydro do you think you can convince everyone to stop stalking me for like ever and remove the 4 switch Bell business box in the basement near the sewers & look at any business here who needs one?

Your traffic is in my home all day & night
Also, stop fucking around with my auto-suggest hackers. I mean what I say. You know, Tamera... Mommy.
Btw, guess what traffic I get through my devices ? Porn, dark web, Classroom, CLUBHOUSE, XBOX

Listen MILLENIAL assholes. SHUT THE FUCK UP and unplug your devices.

These are your bosses you're fucking with. Great voice now eh?

MONTREAL pls talk to @KimDotcom
Revenge porn and Proud Boys are illegal up here.

@Bell tell your @VirginMobileCan members while you're at it.

You too @Rogers
Btw @NickKristof someone sent your complaint about web hosting to me. Well done.
Also again, umm, thanks everyone for disregarding the #MMIWG2S
Who told you every country doesn't have the dark web? Do you even know what that is?
Now luckily I just get to watch you run around Poirot and Clue while I try and earn a living.

Welcome to the QCollective.
@Eminem does not live downstairs on the ground level and @dredre is not locked in his basement.
Now how with your insatiable desire to fame whore (oops , sorry, working)....
By the by @KimDotcom would love to have a chat without a large data packet full of stuff moving through a family neighborhood.
Now, as I was saying about the Landlord Tenant Board, Microsoft Teams, Virtual Courtrooms, Virtual Schools, WFH & Maintaining Balance, missing Federal funds.

Fun times. (Sarcasm font)
Add in YouTube, gamers, streaming music etc and it's always a good day.
Anyone able to make this call? Ya know, I've tried to call police.... Recorded. Etc etc etc.
You put lives in danger you not wits. Countries.

Also, Kevin Semande works for BlueCat and all your miraculous new jobs.

Enjoying yourselves on the world stage with your sock Mommy moments?
@threadreaderapp unroll please

Also everyone else shut up too.
You have heard of masturbation or sex alone huh? Well good luck with that.
Imagine my surprise when a Police Division in Toronto was targeted for knowing me upstairs with the 24/7 recordings.
Have you heard of Major Crimes investigations?
Well, there are a few. How about the disdain the 55 Division police feel for me and my #TWINJAS FOR LIFE. But love the mimic K Semande's thirst for life.
Someone I used to know
Now. @TPSChrisBoddy @ToCouncil did we, in #EastDanforth authorize a Hydro home where the Emory/Comeau post shop was? Blend HRM now?
How would you feel living in this 24/7? Would you be able to sleep? Raise kids? Do anything to stop it?
@threadreaderapp unroll please

• • •

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More from @tamera

21 Feb
Still no @311Toronto @TorontoPolice @TorontoHydro or like, ummm.

Ya know, no biggie East York, JESUS CHRIST.

I'd click on the link. Took a 30min nap and my iPad Pro just tried to electrocute me again.

I do live here right? Schools, @MGHToronto a Mosque, Baptist Church, Little Ethiopia.

@BillBlair @GenMhayden
Sorry for trying to report the dude downstairs and his terrorism. Sorry for my girls being abused by their hacker 'dad', sorry for not wanting voices all over her devices from a totally stupid iOS app Clubhouse et al that I've told adults machine learns ++
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12 Feb
Still wondering why @TorontoPolice fail to act on multiple calls for assistance against my neighbor downstairs. I suppose the single woman with the open police reports should feel terrorized in her own home. Hell, there's someone next door that should be empty - nice knocking too
I can't even change my WiFi because there are hard-coded issues + leaving myself open to a new hack and then complicity.

Anthony downstairs appears to know all about my girls and Kevin. He said so yesterday outside before I called 911 etc.

Then there's the possibility of phone spoofing. Which could be why police keep hanging up on me and also why they were popping up for noise complaints no one but me or Anthony could make - Sugar Maple can't even hear anything from the back, I checked. It's so loud all day etc.
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10 Feb
So it's impeach the guy who isn't President anymore and umm can't be removed from office day. Okay.
Just reporting more terrorism over here. @Apple @iCloud - @Google search process and properties assists. There's so much more. ImageImageImage
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9 Feb
Strangely enough, I don't own an iPad Mini or an iPhone 6. Nicole Comeau and her kids do. They moved August 1, 2020. Remember, my texts I posted here about my WiFi. Her @Rogers internet was on my iPad Pro (removed long ago) - see Twitter. cc @TorontoPolice Major Crimes & @Apple
Dear @Bell the criminals continue to throttle my ability to post from my phone 📱 to my @googledrive
Oops, here are the screenshots. I've removed them of course. So much hacking *I* have to try & FIX. Had to take a photo of them on my new phone when they should be auto on @googlephotos
cc @TorontoPolice @Bell @Apple @AppleTV @AppleMusic @ApplePodcasts @appledevs @googledrive .. ImageImageImage
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18 Jan
Love waking up and doing my "Amazon, start my day" routine to find @CBCNews either actively participating in the hack in my home or they are hacked (part of my routine along with Enya, now playing). Up on GDrive. Wow Canada. @johntory was speaking about something too.
FYI, just so we're ALL clear. I have committed no crimes, have never been arrested, and umm am the on-going victim of the police force as well as Mr. Wood and Mr. Semande's crimes.

End of that part of any story. File closed after I most def did have a PTSD triggered anxiety eps
Of course my children (not the girls anymore Isabelle is a they) are the main victims. They aren't allowed to see mommy because of CAST & TPS and now all this nonsense Mr. Semande is active within. (still all on audio on my GDrive - Peter Kremer & @orchestramktg have access)...
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