I have absolutely no idea where Pierre Poilievre is getting his numbers, because even the Frappuccino Institute has just indicated that Canada's debt-to-GDP, ***federal + provincial***, is less than 100%. #cdnpoli
From the Government of Canada's Debt Management Strategy report, 2020-2021... Note the mention of Canada's (federal) debt-to-GDP rising to 49%, which is hardly 387%. Mr. Poilievre is seemingly in the business of gross misinformation...
Furthermore, the cost of servicing the federal debt as a % of GDP is declining because the government has issued long-term debt at historically low interest rates. From the same report...
I have been informed that Mr. Poilievre plucked the 387% number from a Star article. That article is about *non-financial debt*, meaning debt held by governments, individuals, and companies not in the financial sector. /2
2/ That number includes, for example, credit-card debt. Either Mr. Poilievre didn't understand what he was reading or he purposely misled his followers by conflating two entirely different metrics.

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21 Feb
In fact, the contracts contain ND clauses. Canada would not be seen as a reliable contractee if it routinely ignored the terms and conditions of a contract it was party to. In the case of AZ UK/EU, AZ agreed because it found itself in the middle of a EU/UK dispute. /2 #cdnpoli
2/ And if Canada were so regarded, it would be at risk of litigation at taxpayers' expense, having to pay a risk premium, and perhaps become a less-favoured nation with which to do business with. /3
3/ All I can see that is useful information in the analysis of the two AZ contracts is that the UK was more skilled in protecting its national interests. But, that was already evident and was the cause of the dispute to begin with.
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20 Feb
This is the official website giving data on vaccines delivered to provinces and vaccines administered. Even with the temporarily reduced deliveries, provinces still have more vaccines than they’ve injected. /2 #cdnpoli covid19tracker.ca/vaccinationtra…
2/ Now, I predict that the spread will widen and increasingly so. Perhaps not in all the provinces, but with the usual suspects. What then? I predict that some provinces will suddenly have difficulty with vaccines-administered data. I hope not, but it’s hard not to be cynical. /3
3/ Because, that spread will be indicative of provincial failure to plan and execute despite having months to prepare. So, the spread will be hidden behind data-gathering/sharing problems. I hope I’m wrong.
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19 Feb
Ugh, CBC's At Issue. On the matter of Chinese genocide, Althia Raj asserts that the government looks weak and indecisive because it's being cautious on calling the Chinese government genocidal. /2 #cdnpoli
2/ If the Chinese decided to inflict ultimate punishment on the two Michaels, what would she then have to say? That the government's diplomacy had failed? In fact, the federal government has to tread very carefully until the matter of Menz Wanzhou is resolved. /3
3/ It easy for the Conservatives to complain about the incarceration of the two Michaels and then demand that the Liberal government put them at risk over a word. Canada needs to seek international cover, as it did with the 57-nation condemnation of hostage diplomacy. /4
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16 Feb
Amanda Lang in an interview with Brad Sorensen of Providence Therapeutics asserted that the federal government has not supported Providence's vaccine efforts. He did not correct her. In fact, the National Research Council has given Providence $4.7M for Phase I trial. /2 #cdnpoli
2/ That trial is underway. As for Manitoba, it has ordered doses from Providence that it might receive in 2022, well after vaccines from actual producers (Providence does not manufacture) have adequately supplied Manitoba. /3
3/ Mr. Sorensen says that if Manitoba doesn't need Providence's vaccine, assuming that it is successful, he hopes to export into the global market, at which point MB will recoup its investment. Details about that unclear. /4
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14 Feb
Well, whatever I thought of Joe Clark, it has been reduced by this interview. What a disappointment. #cdnpoli cbc.ca/news/canada/ca…
Alberta wallows in its stereotype. Furthermore, even as the Harper government completely ignored Alberta, the current government has taken AB's interests into account. See political capital spent on TMX, for example.
And what political party does not focus its resources on possibly fruitful districts?
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13 Feb
The Star errs in this article. It says that MB is "breaking" from the national vaccine procurement process. MB is doing nothing of the kind. It will receive vaccines from the federal government over the next many months. /2 thestar.com/news/canada/20… #cdnpoli #mbpoli
2/ It will receive them while its speculative deal with Providence might hit pay-dirt in 2022. Providence is in Phase I trial, testing about 65 volunteers as to side effects, etc., but not efficacy against the virus. Phases II and III remain after that. /3
3/ Whatever Premier Pallister claims, Providence has stated on its own website that it *might* be able to apply to Health Canada for emergency approval of its vaccine in December/21. Approval is not going to happen in one day. Then there's manufacturing. /4
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