You know how some people will tie weights to their foreskins to try to stretch them out?

I wonder if there are people who try the same thing with their tongues, and if they are the same people or at least know each other
"Damnit steve where's my fucking tongue weight. Oh no. You better not have. Goddamnit."
Someone after decades of dangling increasingly heavy weights on his tongue and foreskin, finally is able to tie them together
Michael abram should test this out

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21 Feb
I wonder if a year of people wearing shoes less often than usual has changed people's foot geometry
WFH people, and the masses of unemployed people, people who ordered delivery rather than going out shopping, etc.

Lotta barefooting over the course of a year
I wonder what effect that had on foot/knee/back health. Or if any effect was hidden under other things (say, spending more time sitting than usual)
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21 Feb
In 2019 the US air force bought $4.9 billion in fuel.

This one branch of the military spent, on fuel alone, about a fifth of NASA's total budget.
Each branch of the US military, combined, emits more pollution than 140 other countries.
The US military is a mindbogglingly vast waste of money and resources by people who deserve to be executed for war crimes.
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21 Feb
Tribal People Try is a thing of wholesomeness, and everyone loves Mustafa, the curmudgeonly old man who distrusts everything.

There's a newer channel, the Common Man Show, with the anti-Mustafa.

This guy's eyes roll back in pleasure as he eats. He goes into a deep trance with each bite of poutine.

And then they have the young guy who seems genetically tailored to break your heart, regardless of your sexual orientation or gender.
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20 Feb
Hm. The ACA went into effect in 2010, 11 years ago.

Which is just about the lifespan of many pets, which people would probably have finally been able to afford to get with that extra stability it allowed.

10 years later, many of those pets are dying.
Tons of people who finally had that little bit of extra security and stability in life, were able to get pets.

That would have lasted for a few years, people in 2015 being able to support that cat they always wanted, etc
And now, those ACA pets are dying off, in the middle of a catastrophically mishandled public health crisis.

They're facing a failure of public healthcare just like their human owners.
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20 Feb
Spend your friday night reading about the history of scheming eunuchs around the world
What's interesting is that pretty much everyone, at some point, thought that castrating dudes was a smart idea.

And, without fail, it backfired *disastrously* as those dudes went on to basically take over everything in absurdly elaborate schemes.
Just thousands of years of shocked pikachu faces as trusted eunuch advisors took over your whole kingdom for centuries at a time via elaborate schemes that make heist movies look dull.
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20 Feb
Fun fact: Qin Shi Huang, the founder of the Qin dynasty, used to consume mercury as a medicine.

When he died, his eunuch advisors knew they had to cover up his death to prevent civil disorder. Image
He died around 2 months travel away from the capital.

They pulled an Uncle Bernie with his corpse. First, his wagon was accompanied by carts of rotten fish to cover up the scent of decomposition.
Then, they would pretend to deliver his food, and fake having conversations with him.

For two months, during the heat of summer, they managed to hide the fact that the emperor was actually a decomposing corpse until they arrived at the capital.
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