Vax vs Fiction? Or... COVID Doublespeak?

What follows is a log (mainly video) of the COVID psychological campaign against the human population...

Propaganda Rule 1: Most big media must speak with one voice. It looks like this 👇
(and note: "food is medicine" = nutty)
Here the "one voice" technique is explained, as well as how omission of information and dubious data reporting can be used to create fear/concern in the population...
Doublespeak: everything is inverted.

In one voice, it is important to propagandise the population into believing any information not in line with the narrative is "misinformation", "hate speech" and is "poisoning people's minds", and those spreading it must be deprogrammed 🤦‍♂️
The Shock Doctrine on a global scale: The Great Reset

Creating the illusion of a unified fight against an invisible enemy allows other big agendas to be pushed forward. It is an "opportunity".
The primary requirement for control is FEAR. Pump the fear. Death is a good place to start. How to define those who are mercilessly killed by the invisible enemy? Well... they have told us, but they'd rather you didn't think about what this actually means.
But wait, it gets more farcical...
So these deaths of people who previously had COVID really means people who tested positive (or were assumed to have it). Are they accurate tests? No. We know they aren't. False positives are a known fact. Is this an issue?
No-one with a vested interest in the narrative likes having their tests questioned... do they have any good reason why not?
Those defending the PCR test might not like this...
Pump the fear... the only way out is the vaccine, lockdowns, and masks. Other treatments? It's no good if there are actual treatments, as that would reduce the fear and cut into profits... but that's just a silly conspiracy, and a kind of insanity, eh Bill? 😉
Masks? To wear or not to wear? Whoops – it took a while to get everyone on board with one voice, but thankfully Bill's mate, Fauci, is here to set the record straight... 🤔😳
Apparently masks are so effective that police should be employed to hunt down those who don't wear them...
Stop confusing people!! If you tell them muzzles can cause problems, the draconian measures used to coerce and enforce their use look a tad totalitarian...
But in order to stop the unprecedented death rates globally – meaning some countries jumped from ~0.9 deaths per 100 people to ~1.0 deaths per 100, but the vast majority of countries saw nothing unusual – the vaccine will save the day. Phew!!
Use soothing words to ease concerns that might pop the narrative bubble.

Don't worry, it's just a little prick. You'll barely feel it. Fainting might look bad, but is totally normal in some people, it means the vaccine is "working".
Remember, this is NOT about making a profit, but they are going to vaccinate the WHOLE WORLD. And Bill thinks that would be at least 3 doses now...
Perhaps some people only need a special 0.1 mL vaccine dose... 👀🤣 Be sure to put on a good show for the folks at home.
A bit of Doublespeak and vague promises. Pump the fear. Don't worry, our guardians in government will monitor the situation and let us know when we can feel safe again...
Hey, stop confusing people, you pesky medical expert!
Killing the elderly by forcing them to take the vaccine is OK, because it protects the vulnerable.
You NEED the vaccine, because there are no good treatments... well, not after fake studies were used to vilify them.
Those pesky treatments.
Coercion is fishy?

Is something wrong?

What's going on?
The media does an excellent job of vilifying, with one voice, those who speak out. This Australian politician repeated the sentiments of a top immunologist... bad idea.
But people are waking up to the BS... all of it! 👊

• • •

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